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Mundane Utility: Anime And Manga
  • Esdeath of Akame ga Kiru! developed and honed the ability to use her freezing powers to literally freeze time and space, stopping all motion everywhere for one reason. So her Love Interest, the main character Tatsumi, who she has a Villainous Crush on wouldn't be able to run away from her anymore.
  • Stocking in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt can turn her stockings into katanas. She uses it in one episode to help her make a sandwich.
  • Digimon Xros Wars involves using Digimon attacks...for cooking!
  • Mai Tokiha of Mai-Otome uses her ability to create flaming rings to...cook. Meanwhile, the robot warrior Miyu doubles as a spiffy eggbeater.
    • Which was a Shout-Out to Mai-HiME's Cooking Duel episode, where Miyu whipped up eggs in less than two seconds, much to Mai and Shiho's surprise.
    • Not to mention the ending scene of Mai-HiME has Akira using her awesome Ninja skills to slice an apple.
  • In Fushigi Yuugi, Tasuke's asked to burn some hairs with his fire powers, so he goes into his usual warm-up pose before tossing a tiny flame. Later, despite his protests that his fire-spewing steel fan is a weapon and not merely a handy device to ward off the cold, he can be seen in the background, lightly fanning Nuriko after the latter complains about the cold.
  • In Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, Yuna uses her superpowerful battlesuit to make sunnyside up eggs, by the heat of atmospheric re-entry!
    "If I'd known you wanted to use the most powerful combat unit in the Universe to cook eggs, I might not have let you!" El-Line.
  • The Absurdly Powerful Student Council in Code Geass pulls out an old Humongous Mecha to...make the World's Largest Pizza.
    • In R2 episode 12, Anya (a Knight of Rounds, no less) uses her mech to aid in what is essentially a massive, school-wide game of tag-your-crush. She nearly calls in the army to help, too.
    • Lelouch and Rolo both made ample use of their magical eye powers in the same game Anya busted out her mecha for. Apparently, tag-your-crush is important enough to justify the use of a power that gets harder to control every time it's used...
    • In one of the side novels, Lelouch recalls that his mother once used a mech to fend off nobles who were picking on her children. Lucky for those nobles, Knightmare Frames weren't as advanced back then.
    • Lelouch uses one of the world's most advanced Knightmare Frames, capable of destroying hundreds of lesser machines in his personal vehicle. Admittedly, he was traveling secretly between countries on business (said Knightmare Frame can fly and travel underwater), but still.
      • It Gets Better when you factor in the distances and speed required. It's not just a short jump over from Japan to China. To follow the schedule that Sayoko sets for him, Lelouch's Knightmare, the Shinkiro, has to have a cruise speed faster than a supersonic jet. And that's at a relaxed pace, on autopilot (as can be surmised due to the fact that Lelouch has to change clothes in the cockpit.)
  • The Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid OVA has Mao researching Arm Slave operation patterns with the objective of making them capable of performing complex maneuvers while unmanned... by programming two M9s to dance tango. And it actually works - until during a spin the leading M9 accidentally lets go of its partner's hand, sending said partner flying into a wall.
  • One of the hallmarks of Naruto filler is the characters turning their fantastic ninja powers to boring everyday tasks — Naruto using his absurdly powerful Rasengan jutsu to mix noodles or power a boat, for example.
    • In canon, there's the Byakugan's potential to cheat at card games.
    • Also see D-rank missions, which consist almost entirely of this trope. To put it simply, kids that are trained with years of ninjutsu put their skills to... finding a lost cat.
    • In the Forest of Death, Naruto jumps into the river with Shadow Clone Jutsu, and forces several fish to the surface. Sasuke tosses kunai at them, and starts a fire with Fire Ball Jutsu.
      • And before that, in the written exam Sasuke used his Sharingan to cheat on the Chunin Exams written test while Neji used his Byakugan, and nearly everyone else used some variation of their skills.
    • In Shippuden, Naruto's Shadow Clone Jutsu is an inversion. It was originally created to help the user train, study, or spy, since everything they learn is instantly learned by their creator. Naruto was able to use them in straight up fights due to his abundance of chakra.
    • Deidara frequently uses his explosive clay creatures as transport.
    • Naruto's Super Mode which calls on the uncorrupted Ninetails chakra is used as a flashlight, which is then properly lampshaded.
  • In Codename: Sailor V, the prequel to Sailor Moon, Minako's pen and mirror show the truth. Minako uses said pen on all her tests to churn out expert essays on things she knows absolutely nothing about. Needless to say, her Guardian Cat Artemis is livid.
    • This pops up in its sister series, Sailor Moon. Usagi tends to use the disguise pen for mundane things, such as turning into an adult to sneak into a bar or a camera woman to sneak onto a boat, much to Luna's horror. Strangely, each time she uses it for something mundane it ends up being someplace she needs to get into to stop the baddies, though it's possible she's used it off screen without this happening.
  • Rurouni Kenshin:
    • Kenshin has been seen using the sharp edge of his one-of-a-kind reverse-blade sword to cut firewood on occasion.
    • This trope is also subverted when he goes looking for the heir of the sword's maker: he uses one of the man's kitchen knives to slice up a daikon in the most Mundane Made Awesome way possible, and then reveals that he was testing the blade.
    • In the anime Kenshin at one point finds himself attending a fancy dinner party. Rather than use his nigh-unbeatable swordplay in battle, he picks up a knife and performs the: Hiten Mitsurugui Rui - Steak style- to cut up a steak.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed and Al may use alchemy for saving Adventure Towns and fighting homunculi, but they can also use it to repair broken household items. Of course, this is probably why most people become alchemists. This how alchemy is introduced in the Pilot, with Al fixing a radio he broke by accident.
    • Ed and Al's teacher, Izumi, however, frowns upon such uses, as when some of the neighborhood children bring her a broken toy to fix with her alchemy, she proceeds to just fix it the old-fashioned way instead while explaining that alchemy should only be used for things that can't be done with your own hands.
    • In the movie, a disgruntled physicist rants that alchemists have made his occupation worthless.
    • At least once Havoc has asked Mustang to use his flame alchemy to light up a cigarette.
  • At the start of Fate/stay night, Shirou uses his powers to see patterns to sense where broken appliances need fixing. But then, at that point he doesn't know how to do anything else.
    • Rin's first order to Archer after he's summoned? "Clean up this mess". The next morning, the first thing Archer does is make tea. Damn good tea according to Rin, but still...
    • Its prequel, Fate/Zero, reveals that Gilgamesh not only uses his Gate of Babylon as a storage for all the Noble Phantasm prototypes, he also keeps a first-rate wine cellar.
    • Meanwhile, Fate/hollow ataraxia has Lancer using Gae Bolg in his job as a florist.
  • In both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop, flamethrowers are repurposed as the world's most dangerous (and wasteful) cigarette lighters. The latter also has it used to broil (well, burn) meat.
    • Also in Trigun, a machine gun was once used to light a cigarette.
    • Cowboy Bebop also proves that Kill Sats can be repurposed to draw doodles.
  • Similarly, in Super Dimension Fortress Macross a soldier once lit a Zentraedi's giant cigarette with a Valkyrie's gunpod.
    • The penultimate episode had the Macross being used as the world's biggest Christmas tree. Read that again: a spaceship Humongous Mecha decorated with Christmas lights.
  • Suggested by Vita in one of the Sound Stages of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's when Shamal forgot to heat the water of their bath. Alas, Signum was quite vehemently against the idea of using her Laevantein as an impromptu water heater. Hayate suggests doing the same with the Book of Darkness' magic, but they agree that if they can't control it, they'll start a fire. (Given the type of spells Hayate uses later in the story, it's fairly obvious that this wouldn't have worked.)
  • In an omake for Bleach 6th Squad Captain Byakuya Kuchiki jokes that he uses his Senbon Zakura, an attack known to reduce opponents to a status where their bodies can't be identified as human, in order to give himself a haircut.
    • Another character, Ishida Uryuu, appears to use hyper-speed for sewing and handicrafts.
    • Post-timeskip, Ichigo uses his advanced combat skills, speed, strength, and reflexes (though not his actual superpowers) developed due to war to beat up common thugs and dominate sports... for money.
    • In a filler episode, Hitsugaya uses his shikai ability, a humongous ice dragon known to freeze anything within its vicinity, to make ice on their visit to the beach (at the request of Ichigo for Ill Boy Ukitake who'd almost passed out from heat stroke).
    • In another omake Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto used his sword Ryūjin Jakka - the most powerful Zanpakutō in all of Soul Society - to heat up ovens, stay warm and bake sweet potatoes. Shunsui Kyōraku speculated that Ryūjin Jakka resented being used for such purposes, allowing Muramasa to take control of it.
  • Essentially the point of Patlabor. It's a Real Robot show where Humongous Mecha are more commonly used for heavy industrial work (e.g. construction and demolitions) than in military applications.
  • Season 3 of Ojamajo Doremi (Mo~tto) had the girls baking goods on the side.
  • Sena in Eyeshield 21 once used his special move, the Devil Bat Ghost, to steal a letter a girl had sent to him from a teasing friend. It was even remarked as "the world's number one useless way to use a technique."
    • Another time this happened was when Kurita wanted to give his teammates a bone-crushing hug after several days of training alone, and Hiruma put a big roll of bubble-wrap in his path. He hugged the bubble wrap instead, and popped every single bubble. Suzuna's response: "Completely useless, that kind of training."
    • Hiruma himself uses his throwing accuracy to set off explosives and generally harass people.
    • And then there was the All-Star Uselessly Badass...pillow fight.
  • One InuYasha episode involved our heroes using all their awesome power to clean house, do the laundry, and go on a booze run. Miroku's Wind Tunnel does not actually get applied to vacuum-cleaner duty, but Kagome was considering it. A bit heartless if you consider that it will consume him if he overuses it.
  • Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z also has a similar house cleaning episode in which the girls (at least one or two of them) use their magical transformations to get the job done in a hurry.
  • In the first Slayers movie, Lina uses fire magic to light a campfire. Also, in the first series she heats a pool of water with a fireball so she can have a bath. This backfires, though, when her traveling companions hear the blast, think she's under attack, and come running to her rescue only to find her completely naked. Lina, being Lina, reacts as expected and they get a fireball in the face for their trouble.
    • Lina uses magic like this a lot – a special spell to catch more fish, for instance (which she warns the reader not to use because it's so effective that if too many people do it too often all of the world's fish will go the way of the dinosaur).
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has several examples of this, the most notable being Kaede's introduction. She reveals that she's a Ninja by summoning a bunch of clones to make the search for food go faster and using her throwing knives to catch fish.
    • Later on, she does the classic "Ninja-Quick-Change" bit to switch to her school uniform and get a student discount at the theater. Unfortunately the fact that she is six foot tall and rather well endowed for a 15 year old caused the ticket seller to dismiss her efforts as 'cosplay'.
    • Haruna uses her artifact to create multiple copies of herself so she can finish her doujinshi before the deadline.
    • Heck, Negi uses this almost continuously early on, he constantly infuses himself with magic so he can keep up with the girls as they sprint to school. It's more obvious after he temporarily seals his powers which makes him totally unathletic. He also tried to help Asuna do her paper route faster by giving her a lift on his flying staff, but it didn't quite work out, as her latent Anti-Magic ability screwed it up.
    • The whole Library Island arc took place because the Baka Rangers wanted to find a magic book that increases the intelligence of whoever is holding they could pass their finals without having to study.
    • Then there was the time that Chisame used her Artifact to make herself the #1 Internet Idol.
  • An episode of Ryuusei no Rockman entitled "Rockman Delivery Service" is pretty much that. Subaru mistakenly receives a giant pile of packages in the mail and uses his Rockman powers to set it all right.
    • Also, in the second video game to the series Geo/Subaru uses his powers to open a locked door from the other side.
  • Canti in FLCL: He (it?) is the sole character capable of defeating all of the Humongous Mecha that come out of Naota's head. What does Canti do when not fighting giant robots? Laundry. Moving boxes. Cooking. Buying groceries (and porno mags for Shigekuni...). Or, if there's no housework to be done, why not just fly with the birds?
  • In Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuki is able to manipulate the fabric of reality. What do they use it for? Cheating at baseball. Admittedly, they are doing this to try and save the world. Through baseball. Yes, really. Another time she used her ability was during the track meet, where she annihilated the competition in the 4x400m relay. Haruhi doesn't question how Yuki can move in a blink of an eye.
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, when you discover you can travel through time what do you use this awesome power for? Making sure your sister doesn't eat your pudding. The actual owner of the time-jumping device says that he was relieved that she found it and not someone else, because he knew she would use it on frivolous things and not to severely muck up the timeline.
  • Basquash! rides the line between this and Serious Business with the sport of Bigfoot Basketball, which is what happens when you decide to play basketball with giant mecha.
  • Loran does this a fair bit in Turn A Gundam, he's used the Turn A to do clothes washing, and to help out on a farm. For reference the Turn A can fully regenerate itself and its pilot, while its' most powerful attack spans a distance of 600 million miles, destroying any advanced technology on the way.
    • This is referenced in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden when he and Milia use their mecha to wash everyone's laundry. Then Kouji comes and tries to use the Mazinger's Breast Fire to dry them, which ends up burning some of them.
  • The Mazinkaiser Beach Episode, where Kouji and Sayaka bring their 'bots to the beach. Sayaka even takes hers swimming, and doubles up on an Armor-Piercing Slap by face-planting the most powerful robot on the planet halfway into the ocean floor. With its legs sticking out.
  • In Darker Than Black, Hei's first onscreen use of his Shock and Awe powers are for the sake of fixing his landlady's TV under the guise of Percussive Maintenance.
    • Another guy used telekinetic Razor Floss to open his boss's beer bottle from across the room, and there's a child Contractor in the interquel manga series who used her teleportation ability to collect junk and build a secret hideout.
  • In Shina Dark, a mage uses an ice-based attack spell to conjure a giant pointy ice it can be chipped apart to make sno-cones. He even complains afterward, "It's not like I studied magic for something like this, you know..."
  • In Ranma 1/2, Saffron, The Phoenix King, is given unbelievable fire- and light-emitting powers because he's supposed to function as his subjects' "power plant," providing them with heat and light so they can carry on with their everyday lives (while he perches quietly on his throne.) Unfortunately, the latest incarnation is quite the Spoiled Brat, and interrupting his maturation process resulted in a psychotic personality with zero control over his powers and is all too happy to use them destructively.
    • Possibly lampshaded, in that Ranma points out, after hearing about this, that the Phoenix People could just get ordinary heating and lighting installed, what with their considerable wealth and bevy of magical eggs that reduce people to mindlessly obedient slaves. Then again, he could have simply been venting, due to believing that his chance at a cure was being threatened with destruction over something so mundane.
  • In One Piece, Zoro vigorously complains about using his swords to drop a heated rock into a soup pot. At one point he also uses santoryuu to clean the floor with three mops. Robin uses her extra limbs to read more easily and carry pieces of Island Cloud out while digging a hole in Skypiea, Luffy's rubber powers allow him to eat more by stretching his stomach, Ace lights Sanji's cigarette, Magellan's favorite food is poison, and Wapol's cover story shows he made a living by using his powers to turn trash into toys and selling them, becoming a millionaire in the process.
    • Invoked with the Clima Tact, a Weather Control Machine built for Nami by Usopp. On top of the far more useful weather control aspects, Usopp also packed it full of useless gimmicks to be used for party tricks, and the manual even describes the more useful aspects in a party trick context.
  • In Zone of the Enders: Dolores, i, Dolores and James spend time Locked in a Base in a Snowstorm with an enemy pilot they shot down. Honest to a fault, they decide to pay for the power and resources used during their time there with a necklace worn by the pilot. Dolores decides she should get a job to pay the pilot back for the pendant. Incidentally, Dolores is a Humongous Mecha. She's a sweetie.
  • The fourth part of Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure includes a couple of Stands that are primarily utility: Pearl Jam (allows the body to undo its maladies with ingested food much more rapidly than normal; not a birth or Arrow Stand, but just awakened by Tonio's culinary zeal), and Cinderella (alters someone's features in a sort of psychic cosmetic surgery, and amplifies that someone's luck in the process).
    • Part 4 also has Josuke befriend someone with shapeshifting powers claiming to be an alien. One of the first things he does after that is use his newfound friend's powers to cheat at gambling.
    • In the third part, Jotaro confines himself to a prison cell out of fear of what his Stand can do (he doesn't understand it yet). While in it, he uses his Stand to pick things up for him to make it more comfortable, like beer and a radio. Ever-increasingly terrifying the other prisoners.
    • Part 7: Steel Balls and Spin are fearsome weapons used by Naples' Royal Guard. Men of the Zeppeli household, however, use them together with the Golden Ratio in their work as surgeons and executioners. Once Johnny learns how to use Golden Ratio together with his stand power he can not only do more damage in battle, he also uses it to grate cheese and brush his teeth.
  • In Dragon Ball Master Roshi seems to possess several fantastical items, many of which he doesn't even realize. One was the Bashousen, a magical fan that could summon wind and rain, which Chi Chi wanted to put out the flames of Frypan Mountain. It turned out he unwittingly used the magical artifact as a coaster only to throw it out when it became dirty.
    • And later, Yamcha used his super powers to become a major league baseball player. Not that they were really useful for anything else by that point of the series anyway.
    • Another example, the Dragon Balls themselves, at least early on. Except for Emperor Pilaf, who wants to Take Over the World, the others wanted the balls and their powers for completely silly things; Oolong wanted some panties (which he got), Bulma wanted a "super-cute boyfriend", (originally it was a lifetime supply of strawberries) and Yamcha wanted them to get rid of his fear of girls. (Bulma & Yamcha later helped each other with their respective wishes, at least, until a certain Saiyan prince came along).
    • Oolong only wished for panties because Emperor Pilaf was about to make his wish, and they needed to stop him. By yelling it out before Pilaf could finish, it used up the dragon's wish and scattered the dragonballs again. It was just the first thing he thought of since he is a pervert.
    • A minor example is seen in the 7th Dragon Ball Z Movie, "Super Android 13". Goku and Gohan are seen shopping with Chi chi and Goku is seen carrying enough boxes of merchandise and clothes that would crush a man.
  • Celty from Durarara!! has the ability to manipulate shadow and give it physical form. Her most common display of her powers? Using them to type faster.
    • She also uses the said powers for practical, but still fairly mundane purposes, such as creating a shadow-helmet for her passengers, in the rare times she takes any. Considerate and safe.
    • Shinra stopped her from using her shadow powers to prepare food, though.
    • In one of the novels, Shinra is restrained for several hours after accidentally getting caught in one of Celty's shadow webs. He managed to pass the time by thinking of ways that they could use said webs for S&M.
  • V1046-R MAHORO and other characters from Mahoromatic stop being combat robots yet they still use their powers to cook, clean and search for ecchi (to trash it) because "Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu" (roughly "I think that dirty thoughts are bad").
  • Pokémon has Meowth's Running Gag of Imagine Spots of trying to impress Team Rocket's boss, Giovanni. In these fantasies, the best "use" Meowth can come up with with their prey-for-the-week would be, one of many examples (or else it will take all day to list them all), Meowth once imagined a Bagon, known for its hard head, to be used for breaking coconuts open.
    • Brock's Croagunk is an impressive fighter, all right; not that it was involved in many battles. Its Signature Move Poison Jab saw more use as a way for Croagunk to stop Brock from hitting on girls.
    • Tracey, on the other hand, had Pokémon that are better suited for his hobby as a watcher (Venonat and Marill, who are sensitive to sight and sound, respectively).
    • In Get Along, Little Pokémon, we have a guy who use his pack of Magnemite as a power supply for nearby cities and his Jolteon as their watchdog.
    • Pokémon are frequently seen being used for non-combat related purposes, thanks to their variety of skills. In one of the earliest episodes in the series, we see a Pokémon Center running on a Pikachu-powered generator. Not to mention that every Pokémon center has Chanseys on the staff, whose Healing Shiv powers make them perfect nurses.
    • One episode featured a Zorua that used her illusionary powers to masquerade as a human actress in a movie her Trainer was filming.
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, it's established that America has super strength. However, the only times we see this are when he's a kid and he swings a full grown buffalo over his head, and later when he drags a full sized SUV with ease in order to ask if he could borrow it.
  • One of the omake yonkoma in the Inazuma Eleven Special manga has Endou using his God Hand technique to smack a fly, and again in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to throw a really big "Paper".
  • Eve from Black Cat turns her fingers into eating utensils when she needs to eat. She also made handpuppets when she got bored.
  • Most of the cards in Cardcaptor Sakura are either very versatile or designed specifically for combat. However there is also The Flower which Sakura uses to make bouquets, The Bubble which is used for washing, and The Sweet which makes things taste sweet.
    • This actually gets lampshaded in-story, as The Bubble was created by Clow Reed for that specific use. More exactly, to give Kerberos (a huge winged feline in his unsealed form) his daily bath without working out too much.
  • Gundam SEED DELTA Astray introduces the Gundam Astray Out Frame, whose pilot Jess Rabble uses it for photojournalism. What really pushes it into this territory is that it was built off of the abandoned frame of the ZAFT prototype X12A, making it the sibling to the Freedom, Justice, and Providence from Gundam SEED proper.
  • Magical Girl Ureshiko from Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo likes to use her powers for various tasks. Among other things, she uses them to start a troublesome vacuum cleaner. It doesn't go quite so well. Later she stops an ice cream from falling to the ground.
  • Zettai Karen Children
    • In a supplemental 4-panel strip, Mio, who has an ability to create a Portal Door wherever she wants, shows how she often uses her ability to teleport her arms and face behind her head so that she can fix the back side of her hairdo.
    • Also shown when Minamoto is getting Kaoru to help him cook, and she's cutting onions with Psychokinesis so her eyes don't water. Discussed when they discover that Kaoru is actually in good physical shape, despite being a Psychokinetic, and therefor not really needing to exercise much in daily life.
  • Shizuku from Omamori Himari is a water-demon, capable of extensive control over water. In her first appearances, she uses her abilities to perform nigh-undetectable espionage (since she can 'blend in' to any amount of water), create a torrential downpour from previously-clear skies, summon powerful whirlpools, and create spikes of ice for combat. Her enormous strength, and the titular Cat Girl's fear of water, meant that she was able to overpower the protagonists easily. If Yuuto's charisma hadn't made her think twice, she could've ended the entire series in the second episode. In her next appearance, she's using her water-control to cook, clean, and do the laundry with inhuman speed and skill to impress Yuuto.
    • Amusingly, it seems fairly likely that this Mundane Utility causes Himari more pain and consternation than any of her whirlpools or jagged ice-spike attacks.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kyouko uses her magic to enhance a pair of binoculars so she can spy on Sayaka. Either that, or she just wanted to change their appearance to this, it's a bit unclear.
  • Toriko introduces the Melk knife, which is capable of cutting mountains in half. It is mainly used for cooking. Since this whole series revolves around food, that doesn't qualify by itself, but Komatsu has been seen using it to julienne cabbage and cut the poison out of fish, which definitely doesn't require that sharp a knife.
  • My Lovely Ghost Kana is at one point seen chilling a beer in her cleavage.
  • In A Certain Scientific Railgun, the cast wants to make curry but don't have any kind of heater. So they have Misaka cook the food with her electricity.
    • Accelerator has been seen using his abilities to block soundwaves whenever he wishes not to be bothered.
    • Kinuho Wannai can use her water control to clean the swimming pool. It is hinted that she and her partner Maaya Awatsuki, who can control buoyancy, use their abilities to swim faster.
    • Shizuri Mugino, who can generate Meltdowner energy that disintegrates anything it touches, can conjure up a tiny ball of it to light her path.
  • In Night Wizard, Eris uses her Lunar Robe to carry her lunch.
  • Mion, of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, is a yakuza heiress who's extremely wealthy. We see her using this money for two things: making a reward for the winner of a gaming competition and getting pizzas for her friends when they stay out late. (She offers to buy her disowned sister, Shion, furniture at one point, but Shion turns her down.)
  • In chapter 12 of Bloody Cross Tsukimiya uses her blood manipulation powers to make darts out of her blood to throw at a dart board.
  • It turns out that Attack on Titan's 3D Maneuver Gear, intended for reaching the weak points of man-eating giants, is also very useful for washing windows.
    • After unsuccessfully trying to use his ability of transforming into a Titan, Eren drops a teaspoon. As he reaches out for it, he unintentionally transforms his hand into a Titan one, which picks it up. His colleague concludes that in order to use his ability, he must have a clear goal in mind.
  • In Freezing, Pandoras typically use the Volt Texture technique to materialize their uniforms and weapons. They can also use it to instantly repair their outfits when they are damaged and even conjure clothes like gym outfits onto themselves so they don't have to waste time changing. Rana didn't know about this aspect of Volt Texture at first and instantly says it is quite convenient when she is taught how to do it. Pandoras also use their Super Strength and Super Speed for activities like soccer.
  • In Shakugan no Shana, Shana says that she hardly ever bothers with bathing or changing clothes because Alastor's flames can instantly cleanse her body and clothes without any harm to her. However, when Yuji's mother draws her a bath, she finds that bathing the old fashioned way is more enjoyable. Similarly, Margery has Marchosias cure her hangover with his powers. At one point, Marchosias refuses to cure her hangover to teach her to stop using him as an excuse to get drunk.
  • Ryu from Shaman King at one point uses his Over Soul to form a giant thumb to hitchhike with.
  • Rather than using his phenomenal cosmic powers for anything especially useful ("Do you want me to die of boredom?"), Baccano!'s Ronnie Schiatto tends to employ his omniscience and omnipotence for absurdly minor tasks such as saving himself the price of a train ticket or correcting the FBI's spelling errors.
  • Allen of D.Gray-Man uses his left hand, imbued with a weapon capable of wiping evil from the earth possibly granted directly by cheat at cards.
  • In episode 9 of Kyoukai no Kanata Mirai uses her blood manipulation powers to pick a lock. In the same episode Izumi uses her force field power to create a series of small box shaped force fields along a dark path at night to use the glow from the force fields to illuminate the path.
  • In The Circumstances Leading To Waltraute's Marriage, Waltraute, Frigg, and Freyja use The Gjallarhorn, the horn that blows to signal Ragnarok, like a telescope. Heimdallr is appalled, but he can't do anything about it.
  • In High School D×D, Issei's Dress Break technique can be used to peel potatoes instantly.
  • In HeartCatch Pretty Cure!, Erika transforms into Cure Marine so that she can use her monster-cleansing powers... to clean her room. Her fairy partner Coffret is furious.
  • Chaika of Coffin Princess Chaika uses her magic rifle to heat a bathtub and cook a chunk of meat. Well, technically she made the chunk of meat explode, but she was trying to cook it.
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