"On the Next Episode of..." Catch Phrase

Usually, a TV series will will try to find a way to distinguish itself from the rest of the crowd. One of the ways is to build audience anticipation for the next episode. But how do they keep it? Add a Catch Phrase, of course. Usually after the preview of the show's next episode, we're treated with somewhere along the line "Next! On (insert show name here)! (insert episode title here)!". Afterward, there's that one phrase that this show keeps repeating in the end of every preview just once. And it's this trope. Sometimes, they pick a certain character to say the phrase, though sometimes the speaker changes.

A Sister Trope to Signing Off Catch Phrase.

See also On the Next.

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  • "Look forward to it" or "Otanoshimi (ni)" is a phrase that is commonly used in anime or Japanese live action previews.
    • So does "Jikai (Next time on), (Show title), (Episode name)!" Most anime and toku will use this.

Live-Action TV

  • The Lone Ranger: "Will the Lone Ranger triumph as he fights on for justice, law and order? Tune in next week when General Mills brings you another exciting episode of The Lone Ranger!"

Web Original
  • Epic Meal Time: "Next time, we eat X." (Harley)
  • Game Grumps: Where either Egoraptor or JonTron scream "NEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS!", only to either mumble incomprehensibly or spout a Non Sequitur, never really describing what might happen on the next episode. In-fact, when they actually do have something to say for the next episode, they point it out. Since he took on the role of Not-so-grump, Danny's been using this to express his increasingly large amount of pessimism at Arin's skill at games.
  • Achievement Hunter: "LLLLLL Lets Stop!"

Western Animation