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Literature: Petals On The Wind
Petals on The Wind, written by V. C. Andrews, is the sequel to Flowers in the Attic, published in 1980. Adapted into a TV move of the same name by The Lifetime Network in 2014. The plot picks up immediately after the events of the first novel and follows the Dollengangers after their escape from the attic.

Tropes associated with the novel include:

  • Awesome Mc Cool Name : Madame Zolta Korovenskov. Cathy doesn't think so, however, especially when the dance teacher criticizes her chosen stage name of Catherine Doll.
  • Boarding School of Horrors : Carrie's school, where she's mercilessly hazed by her roommate.
  • Brother-Sister Incest : Cathy struggles to fend off Chris' advances and sort out her own feelings for her brother.
  • Domestic Abuse : Since most of V. C. Andrews' work examines this trope, it's not surprising that the relationships within the novel have explicit or implicit troubles with abuse of varying levels. Julian (whose pickup line is "What are you worried about? I won't rape you") is emotionally and physically abusive toward Cathy, including a memorable scene where, in a fit of rage, he jumps on her feet, breaking her toes, effectively ending her dance career.. It's heavily implied that Paul Sheffield was at least emotionally abusive toward his wife. In addition, Paul begins creeping on Cathy when she's just fifteen.
  • Driven to Suicide : Paul's late wife. Carrie after her mother rejects her, and Julian, after a car accident leaves him paralyzed.
  • "Friends" Rent Control : Cathy manages to have nice apartments in both New York City (even with two rommates) and Paris, on a ballet dancer's salary.
  • Freudian Excuse : Perhaps the root of Chris' obsession with Cathy.
  • Generation Xerox : Cathy fights against being this, but she's quite manipulative (especially toward men). Her son Jory also grows up to be a talented ballet dancer in a later book, he's paralyzed like his father. It's revealed in a later book that Corinne and Chris Sr. were brother and sister, not half-uncle and niece., so Cathy's relationship with her brother is a copy of this.
  • Good Adultery, Bad Adultery : As dramatic and messy as every other relationship in the novel. Paul seduces Cathy by telling her about his relationship with his late wife. He cheated on her, but hey it was ok because she was mentally ill and unresponsive. He's the kind-hearted doctor who took them in, then it's OK for him to sleep with his sixteen year old charge. Later, Yolanda becomes a rival for the affections of both Chris and Julian. Cathy doesn't care much that Julian sleeps with Yolanda, but gets very jealous that Chris is dating Yolanda. Later, Cathy seduces her mother's husband, Bart Winslow as part of her revenge plot.
  • Incest Subtext : In addition to the complicated relationship between Chris and Cathy, Paul is the children's foster parent and legal guardian, who later adopts them. He begins lusting after Cathy almost immediately.
  • It's All About Me : Cathy is extremely self-involved.
  • Mammy : "Henny" personifies this trope. She's a huge Southern black lady, although the sass is missing because she's mute. She also exemplifies Happiness in Slavery, as she takes care of the house and family with no complaints, and is overjoyed at her "doctor sons" and other charges' successes.
  • Mary Sue : Cathy is beautiful and perfect and all the men can't keep their eyes off her and so on...The men are also all impossibly good looking and successful.
  • No Periods, Period : Zig-zagged. After years of malnutrition and other health-related issues from being locked up, Cathy understandably has trouble with her periods. It seems to have stopped entirely, until one memorable scene when it all comes gushing back. During a dance audition.
  • Portmanteau : In this case, not a romantic Portmanteau Couple Name. Julian + Cory = Jory.
  • The Dog Bites Back : Cathy has sworn revenge upon her mother, resulting in several attempts throughout the novel. Most of them seem to end up badly, although they're good examples of revenge tropes, including The Chain of Harm. Corinne was poorly treated by her father, so she ran off with Chris Sr., resulting in Olivia taking it out on her children, which led to all of them being messed up, which led to Cathy wanting revenge and her revenge harming more, and so on. The victim of Cathy's Misplaced Retribution is Bart Winslow. Whom she sleeps with and who is the child of her second son, Bart. All of this without ever Winslow the truth until it's too late. Later, Cathy attempts a Reunion Revenge at Foxworth Hall.
  • Wife Husbandry : Cathy is fifteen or sixteen when Paul becomes their guardian. He lusts after her from the start and eventually she marries him.
  • The Vamp : Yolanda. Also acts as Veronica to Cathy's Betty, for both Chris and Julian.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy : All Carrie wants is for her mother to acknowledge her when she meets the latter on the street. She doesn't get her wish.

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