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Lightning Bruiser: Web Original
  • Several examples from Fate Nuovo Guerra, but a notable one is Uther Pendragon: he has top-level endurance, a Dragon Affinity that boosts that endurance even further as well as protects against status-lowering effects, a Rank-A holy sword that specializes in armor piercing, and AGI to throw it down with the rest of them. His main problem is his limited range, and the off-chance that somebody might come equipped with an Anti-Dragon Noble Phantasm.
    • Another is Mordred, who hefts a Rank A++ Wave Motion Sword that has a secondary ability of slowing down enemies by making their weapons heavier with each stroke they exchange, has enough speed to keep up with most speedsters, and reasonable defense. As the war progresses, however, she grows closer to Mighty Glacier Saber Alter, due to the growing power of the corrupted Grail.
    • As mentioned, several Servants (like Odysseus and El Cid) have top-level AGI paired with superior defense and strength.
  • The SCP Foundation Documents several instances:
  • In Tribe Twelve "Mary Asher's Phone Call", Slendy reveals that the reason he can be anywhere, everywhere, no matter what isn't because he somehow teleports. He's just really fast. Especially unnerving since he's usually motionless.
  • In Homestuck Bec Noir is able to destroy a universe, is fast enough to surprise John before the battle even starts, and can take hits from Vriska when she was most powerful.
  • Most of the freelancers in Red vs. Blue qualify as this, but special mention goes to Agent Texas and Carolina - like most freelancers, they just look like normal soldiers (albeit in armour) but are exceptionally fast and hard-hitting, even amongst their fellows.
    • Red vs. Blue has Agent Maine/The Meta, which despite being exceptionally large and wearing some heavy power-armour, can move at lightning speeds.
  • Aries, at Whateley Academy in the Whateley Universe. As strong as the tougher bricks, as fast as the faster speedsters. But he's a Dragon for the school's Big Bad.
  • Darwin's Soldiers, Alfred is noted to be much faster than almost everyone else. In addition, he is the second strongest person in their group.
  • several characters from the fantasy crossover RPG Dark Clouds Gathering on Rplegacy, but particularly Marth of the Legion of Light

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