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Lightning Bruiser: Western Animation
  • The Scotsman from Samurai Jack is about three times Jack's size and tough as nails but is easily capable of matching Jack's speed and strength, fighting him to a standstill for three days and nights.
  • Code Lyoko:
    • Ulrich is a speedster, but also the heaviest hitter of the group and has excellent defense with his katana.
    • William count too, as he's even faster than Ulrich with his Super Smoke power, and wield his BFS with terrible power and speed.
  • Aang by the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although you would expect the short-statured and physically-unimposing airbender to be more of a Fragile Speedster, mastering the other three elements really shores up his weak points. Being able to summon a shield of earth or ice or a blast of fire boosts his effective offense and defense considerably.
    • His successor, Korra, is even more of one, which shouldn't be surprising given that she's the result of the world's most intrinsically-talented bender being raised from childhood in multiple forms of martial arts. Even without the Avatar State, she's able to overpower just about everyone, and one she starts learning airbending, she becomes just as adept at evasion as she is at tanking hits.
  • Optimus Prime in Transformers Generation One, if the tech specs are anything to go by. Compared to the rest of the Ark crew, he matches or outpaces other characters who are considered specialists - among other things, he's stronger and tougher than Brawn, just behind Bluestreak in firepower, and every bit as fast as Windcharger. When you're a truck and the only character who can outrun you is a jet fighter, you know you're lightning-fast.

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