Lightning Bruiser: Fan Works

  • In the Mass Effect/Command & Conquer Fusion Fic Renegade, GDI soldiers — particular Zone Troopers — are tremendously heavy-hitters and mobile thanks to strength-enhancers and jetpacks. There's also the Scrin Intruders, and on top of that, Locke, a massive slab of humanity who is described as moving as smoothly and swiftly as if he were naked, not clad in a half-ton of massive power-armor.
  • ChaosGallantmon, Daemon, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, the Nightmare and Terriermon from the Tamers Forever Series are all lightning fast Mega digimon capable of some of the most utterly devastating attacks in the series.
  • From The Wizard in the Shadows Emrys falls into this category. He moves like lightning, kills trolls in less than five seconds, but he can take hits too.
  • In Child Of The Storm, Sif and Fandral are this.
    • So is Diana, who can fly, match a large Asgardian boy two years older than her for strength while outmanoeuvring him, which only makes sense since she's an eleven year old Wonder Woman.
    • Thor, naturally, who is regularly noted to be capable of moving far faster than most believe possible.
    • Among many other things, the Winter Soldier is extremely fast.
  • Ogres from XCOM Second Contact are stronger, tougher and faster than even Wrex, who is himself this to most of his comrades.
  • Zephus-Hassan from The Legacy Of The Blood Ravens is a ten thousand year old assassin. With power armor and an already enhanced biology, he is considered the most dangerous enemy the Blood Ravens Space Marines face in the story. Common battlefield strategy when facing Zephus-Hassan is a general withdrawal.
  • John Freeman, in Halflife Full Life Consequences, is revealed as one of these in Free Man. He is capable of "killing combines with bear hands," withstanding "masheen gun" fire, and can "walk fast like the speed of light."