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Just another normal day at Hebijo Academy.

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    Portrait of Girls 

    Deep Crimson 
  • Yomi's and Hikage's tag team super in Deep Crimson has sped-up Yomi talk about bean sprouts to Hikage as the enemy is pummelled in the background by bean sprouts.
    • Daidouji's and Rin's tag team super is both awesome and this. They are butting heads and fighting each other, the damage done to the enemy is collateral damage. By the time this super ends after a cross-kick attack, they finally realize they have an opponent to finish, one that may already be finished afterward.
  • Deep Crimson allows you to select a girl as the system voice, the hilarity comes from everyone having random lines used if the player remains idle for a bit:
    • Daidouji complains about her parents asking non stop when she will get a job or get married.

    Shinovi Versus 
  • Haruka's story in Shinovi Versus. ALL OF IT. If you want to get specific...
    • Haruka's little mantra at the beginning:
    • Haruka using her "Enslaving Drug" on people who need a little "extra persuasion." Like Homura. Or Ikaruga.
    • Ryona taking the drug and the result being... nothing different.
      Haruka: "Should'a seen that coming."
    • Finally, the drug's side effects turning all of the girls into sadistic beasts. Including Ryona. Haruka doesn't even seem to mind that much!
  • Also from Shinovi Versus, we have Katsuragi's story. The entire thing comes about because she's bored, due to all of the girls at Hanzo becoming used to her groping them. Thus, she sets off on an epic quest to find more boobs to grab.
    • Her first two opponents are Mirai and Ryobi; because Katsuragi is so focused on finding large breasts, she barely even notices that they're even there, even while fighting them. The fight with Ryobi takes it a step further, with Katsuragi surprised when a pair of large breasts "suddenly shows up" when Ryobi transforms, then she's equally perplexed when they "suddenly disappear" (presumably due to her reverting to normal after being defeated).
    • She then goes up against Miyabi, expressing surprise that such a "pretty boy" has such an impressive pair, then having to leave due to pissing off all of her fans. Then she goes up against Ryona, who is a bit too eager for Katsuragi to "bully" her for her to find it satisfying.
    • Last but not least, she faces off against Haruka, basically ending up in an epic battle with her to see which of them is the bigger pervert. It lasts for three days, with both of them only stopping because they've collapsed from exhaustion. Katsuragi admits that Haruka is the better molester, but quickly hypes herself up, making a declaration that she won't graduate until she's surpassed Haruka in "The Path of Squeezed Booby". What really sells it is that the entire thing is played out like something out of a shounen manga.
  • A nice subversion of Roaring Rampage of Revenge in the Crimson Squad's story of Shinovi Versus: After Homura learns that Gessen had defeated Hanzo, she leads an infiltration of Gessen, win, and report to Asuka. Asuka calmly explains that Hanzo lost the initial skirmish but won the Battle Royale. Homura is not amused.
    Homura: "Shut up! Just show some appreciation already!"
    Hikage: "Their actions and reactions stand in direct contrast to their real feelings. I don't get it at all."
    • Also poor Homura having to be the one to deal with Haruka and Ryona's first meeting.
    • Again, Homura continuing to deny her fondness of Asuka and the Hanzo girls in general, claiming that "I just don't like those Gessen girls, that's all! This has NOTHING to do with Asuka!" Even Haruka notices how silly it is.
  • When Murakumo has trouble with drawing action scenes in her manga, she asks Shiki to help her.
    Murakumo: The truth is...I can't draw action manga. I hope for your collaboration in this.
    Shiki: About manga you can't draw? Was it end of the century metrosexual man action?
    Murakumo: Yeah. Only I'm troubled that the intensity of the action is not enough.
  • Mirai's assumption that Shiki is a foreigner because of her valley girl lingo. Mirai then proceeds to speak Engrish.
    Shiki: Ha ha ha! What?! No, seriously, what? You are so hilarious!
    Mirai: W-wait, you're... not a foreigner?
    Shiki: Okay, so like, you think you can beat me? Aren't you, like, being totally bumptious?
    Shiki: Huh? Like, you don't know what I said? That's totes cray-cray!
    Mirai: D-Dammit! TALK NORMALLY!!! You're gonna drive me nuts!
    Shiki: Whoa, Mirai. That's like, totally uncalled for. Like, oh my god, I might have to, like, totally get serious.
  • The whole exchange between Katsuragi and the "new and improved" Hikage is nothing but hilarious. She even calls her baby doll of all things.

    Bon Appetit 
  • As a whole, Bon Appetit combines Flanderization with Rule of Funny and delivers some great results:
  • Asuka's talk about "big and thick"note  across her whole story.
  • Daidouji raging at a giraffe at the zoo,note  and her reason for going to the zoo: To challenge a dragon to battle.
  • Katsuragi becoming the "Hooters Harem Queen".note 
  • Daidouji wanting to be a little sister to Yagyuu. Especially since her idea for playing "Kick the Can" involves using an oil drum as the can.
  • Rin having a mid life crisis and doing anything (like imitating Ryouna) to feel young again.note 
  • Yozakura acting like a robot after being defeated by Murakumo.
  • Ikaruga's impressions of Yomi and Katsuragi,note  along with her conversation with Haruka.

    Estival Versus 
  • Estival Versus has a stage where Katsuragi kicks the snot out of the entire Hebijo team so she can fondle their chests. What follows is The Comically Serious Miyabi having the hilarious Non Sequitur Thud:
    Miyabi: "I lost again? What is this? I've never lost so many battles! Except when we were playing rock-paper-scissors for seating arrangements in grade school. I wanted to sit next to my friend Sakura, but instead I sat next to the cleaning cupboard. That was how I met Mop and Floorcloth. I haven't seen them in so long. I should organize a school reunion..."
    Imu: "Earth to Miyabi! Snap out of it!"
  • The Purupuru finishes in Estival Versus manage to turn Clothing Damage, Defeat by Modesty and the Gag Censor into an art form in itself. Highlights include girls getting stripped and launched into a basketball hoop butt-first, into a pole with enough speed to spin around it like a stripper, or even into a pile of Senran Kagura dakimakuras.
    • Even better is when the girls have a Medium Awareness conversation about the Gag Censor, as even they don't know where it's coming from.
    • This specific Purupuru Finish has the girls crash right through a window of a house, where inside are two shinobi grunts having lunch with one another. The reaction from one of the grunts is priceless as she slowly hands over a rice ball to the girl with her arms shaking from the shock, while the other has the look of "WTF just happened?".
  • Another from Estival, one of the patch updates states that Sayuri, Asuka's grandmother, while playable, is not subject to the fanservice shenanigans the rest of the cast is. It's then followed by this line:
    You can thank us later.
  • Daidoujiís attempt to get stronger through femininity, as Rin advised, in her Shinobi Girlís Heart scenario in Estival has her getting advice from Yumi, Ryouki and Jasmine, Hikage, and (sort-of) Katsuragi. What she got in the end was Baby Talk, Cool Big Sis, Emotionless Girl, and Skinship Grope all rolled into one. Naturally, Rin is freaked out when Daidouji presents this to her:
    Daidouji: "Tee hee, Iím the cute Ďní wovely Daidouji. I donít weawwy get it, thinthe I got no feewings. Boobs go thqueezy! Butt is thmooth as thilk.Ē
    Rin "S-someone call an ambulance! Daidouji's...! Daidouji's...! My brain!I think I'm going insane! S-someone HEEEELP!"
    • The kicker is, at the end, Rin decides to get into the act when defeated, thinking Daidouji's attempt at femininity is how to get stronger as well.
  • During her Heart storyline, Yumi narrates with absolute seriousness: "I have already established that cuteness is justice..." It's funny with or without context.
  • One of the Dual Hearts Shinobi scenarios has Minori and Hibari drink one of Haruka's potions to become more mature. Their poise and voices change just as Yagyuu and Yozakura arrive to let them know they have new Mr. Bunny panties for them. Minori and Hibari decline, stating how they've outgrown such things and now look forward to more adult forms of entertainment such as paying bills. Yagyuu and Yozakura fight the two to try and get them to spit out the medicine after they find out, only to fail. But, because it's one of Haruka's medicines, Minori and Hibari end up sounding like old ladies, then reverting to baby talk. Yagyuu and Yozakura decide to let the medicine's effects wear off naturally and offer to cheer them up with the Mr. Bunny panties. Minori is not amused as the scenario ends.
  • Ryobi's Shinobi Hearts story has her begin a campaign to take over the series and replace the focus on large boobs with a focus on butts. It even gets a Continuity Nod in Ryoki's story with Ryobi telling her she's been, "Leading the start of a revolution."
  • Yomi's Shinobi Hearts story has her "confiscating" expensive outfits from the other girls due to her strict belief that shinobi should not be living in excess. It comes to a head when she meets up with Ikaruga and the latter asks if it's true that she's been robbing people.
  • Early on in the game, Homura calls Asuka's grandmother, Sayuri, senile and recommend Asuka's family gets her a caregiver. Sayuri's response is pure gold:
    Sayuri: Oh thank you for the thought, sweetie...but call me senile again, and I'll shove this wrinkly old foot right up your bahonkas!
  • At the end of her Shinobi Hearts story, a maskless Murakumo passes out due to lack of oxygen (long story) and Yomi saves her by giving her a makeshift mask made out of bean sprout bags. In an effort to repay her, Murakumo plays the villain in Yomi's hero stage show for the children in the slums. The bean sprout mask gets torn off during the fighting, however. Murakumo panics and, in a last-ditch effort to cover her face, decides to take off her panties and wear those on her face instead.
    The crowd... reacts appropriately, to say the least. I really should carry my mask around all the time... I've made up my mind about that now.

  • In the anime, Katsuragi tells Ikaruga that her breasts are so huge they should have their own zip code.
  • One of the special episodes has some Bathtub Bonding with Ikaruga and Katsuragi, with Ikaruga asking for some advice. She needs help thinking of lyrics for a song for her brother, trying to fix her relationship with him. Katsuragi agrees, and asks to hear what she has so far. It turns out, the song is a rap. What then commences is Ikaruga rapping, making strange poses, while naked. All with a straight face. Katsuragi can't believe it.

  • The Dressing Room and its wide array of different outfits and accessories has been a source for this since Burst It has gotten so bad that since Deep Crimson Tamsoft added the option to enable custom outfits and costume damage in story cutscenes.
    • Burst had a bunch of oversized mascot outfits custom-tailored for each of the Hanzo girls. Is hard to not laugh at the story cutscenes when your girl is dressed like a huge fox.
    • Since Burst The Eyepatch of Power is an unlockable accessory that can be equipped to anybody. But equip it on Yagyū and Mirai, who already have an Eyepatch of Power, and you're essentially making them blind. Which makes fighting with them all the more absurd because you have to wonder how they can still hold their own so well against enemies without seeing them. Even funnier in Estival Versus because you can also dress them in a Pirate costume for good measure.
    • Another design-based one. You can also dress anyone as Murasaki's surrogate companion Bebeby. Yes, you heard right. Just watching the girls fight as an oversized purple stuffed bear is guaranteed to get in a few laughs.
  • Some fans managed to find hilarity in the whole temporary Twitch ban by making jokes about how Senran Kagura's fanservice was enough to break Twitch.
  • This YouTube comment on the subbed version of Episode 3 of the anime (uploaded by Funimation):
    BioYuGi: Oh my god thank you so much. Seriously I'm dying to know when i can buy this I'll put down money right now for the super special awesome booby-bounce edition with artbook on Blu-ray.
  • A few weeks after Shinovi Versus came out in America, players discovered quite possibly the most hilarious Game-Breaking Bug ever: A glitch when downloading the Rainbow Panties DLC caused the game to fail to boot up, rendering it unplayable. While this may sound like bad news, what puts it into CMoF territory is XSeed's official response to the issue:
    We're aware of the Rainbow Panties issue and are currently looking into it. Such colorful undergarments are too much for the world...
  • Ryōna's growling sounds less like GRRRRR and more like GADUDUDUDU.
  • Muramasa's remark on how Seimei could easily win a sleeping tournament without even trying.
  • In New Wave's Tower Events, losing all your stamina during the running sequence will cause the player to trip and fall. What makes it even funnier is the fact that the camera continues to move even after they've fallen.
  • Ayame's Ultimate Ninja Art has her opening a street vendor stand on the spot and then throwing bunch of random stuff including rubber ducks, shurikens, balls, heart-shaped confetti cases, cardboard boxes, the panty lottery box and finally the drawers where she keeps her underwear.