Funny: Senran Kagura

Just another normal day at Hebijo Academy.

  • This YouTube comment on the subbed version of Episode 3 of the anime (uploaded by Funimation):
    BioYuGi: Oh my god thank you so much. Seriously I'm dying to know when i can buy this I'll put down money right now for the super special awesome booby-bounce edition with artbook on Blu-ray.
  • When Murakumo has trouble with drawing action scenes in her manga, she asks Shiki to help her.
    Murakumo: The truth is...I can't draw action manga. I hope for your collaboration in this.
    Shiki: About manga you can't draw? Was it end of the century metrosexual man action?
    Murakumo: Yeah. Only I'm troubled that the intensity of the action is not enough.
  • In the anime, Katsuragi tells Ikaruga that her breasts are so huge they should have their own zip code.
  • Mirai's assumption that Shiki is a foreigner because of her valley girl lingo. Mirai then proceeds to speak Engrish.
    Shiki: Huh? Like, you don't know what I said? That's totes cray-cray!
  • The whole exchange between Katsuragi and the "new and improved" Hikage is nothing but hilarious. She even calls her baby doll of all things.
  • Ryōna's growling sounds less like GRRRRR and more like GADUDUDUDU.
  • Bon Appetit is a long string of CMOF. Some highlights:
    Asuka's talk about "big and thick"note  across her whole story.
    Daidouji raging at a giraffe at the zoonote , and her reason for going to the zoo: To challenge a dragon to battle.
    Katsuragi becoming the "Hooters Harem Queen"note 
    Daidouji wanting to be a little sister to Yagyuu. Especially since her idea for playing "Kick the Can" involves using an oil drum as the can.
    Rin having a mid life crisis and doing anything (like imitating Ryouna) to feel young againnote 
    Yozakura acting like a robot after being defeated by Murakumo.
    Ikaruga's rendition of Yomi and Katsuraginote , along with her conversation with Haruka.
  • A few weeks after Shinovi Versus came out in America, players discovered quite possibly the most hilarious Game-Breaking Bug ever: A glitch when downloading the Rainbow Panties DLC caused the game to fail to boot up, rendering it unplayable. While this may sound like bad news, what puts it into C Mo F territory is XSeed's official response to the issue.
  • One of the special episodes has some Bathtub Bonding with Ikaruga and Katsuragi, with Ikaruga asking for some advice. She needs help thinking of lyrics for a song for her brother, trying to fix her relationship with him. Katsuragi agrees, and asks to hear what she has so far. It turns out, the song is a rap. What then commences is Ikaruga rapping, making strange poses, while naked. All with a straight face. Katsuragi can't believe it.
  • Haruka's story in Shinovi Versus. ALL OF IT. If you want to get specific...
    • Haruka's little mantra at the beginning:
    • Haruka using her "Enslaving Drug" on people who need a little "extra persuasion." Like Homura. Or Ikaruga.
    • Ryona taking the drug and the result being... nothing different.
      Haruka: "Should'a seen that coming."
    • Finally, the drug's side effects turning all of the girls into sadistic beasts. Including Ryona. Haruka doesn't even seem to mind that much!