Quotes: Senran Kagura

"The Hyper Battle'' of Bursting Breasts!"note 
The official genre classification.

"Kagura Director Thought Of Nintendo 3DS; 3D Breasts 30 Seconds Later"
Siliconera news title

"The developers report the trailer caused so much interest that their company Internet connection slowed to a crawl and they had to begin directing the eager one-handed masses to externally hosted versions."
Sankaku Complex, report upon the trailer's release

"But... I thought we already localized TitS!"
Xseed Games, in response to people requesting the game's localization.

"Oh my god thank you so much. Seriously I'm dying to know when i can buy this I'll put down money right now for the super special awesome booby-bounce edition with artbook on Blu-ray."