Funny / Senko no Ronde

  • During the Story Mode there were two instances where Changpo and Cuilan pushes Sakurako's Berserk Button for comedic effect.
    • In Cuilan's Scenario-A ending, he and Changpo were enjoying cakes they believed was mailed to Changpo the morning after completing their mission. After Sakurako examines the mailed cakes, it turns out the cakes were labeled to "Sanjo". She didn't take having her subordinates eating her cakes so well... Changpo storms out of the room, leaving poor Cuilan to feel Sakurako's wrath.
    • Changpo also suffered Corporal Punishment in Sakurako's Scenario-A ending. After leaving Karel to the authorities, Changpo and Cuilan were discussing with Sakurako about her relationship with Karel the night before. This led to Cuilan mentioning that Changpo said "she would be coming late" in front of Sakurako after sending Karel off, followed by an "Oh, Crap!!" and "This Is Gonna Suck" reaction from Changpo. Sakurako then takes Changpo for some "joint-breaking training".