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YMMV: Senran Kagura
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Due to the fanservice consisting of busty girls and Clothing Damage, there are gamers that refuse to give the series a second look.
  • Broken Base: The first game's framerate. Either it's bad or it's fine.
    • The game being localized also received this treatment from Beat 'em Up fans, as many saw it as a pointless fanservice game while some actually like the story and characters and either appreciate or ignore the fanservice.
    • The announcement of male player characters being added to Senran Kagura 2 (starting with Ikaruga's brother, which some feel has its own issues due to his character), since some see it like ruining the franchise's appeal while others think than it could do wonders for the series reputation.
    • Senran Kagura 2 was hit with this within its first week of release (in Japan). The fans were split between those who say that its increased difficulty (compared to the first game) and new mechanics are terrible and wish it was more like Shinovi Versus, and those who welcome the changes as attempts to make the game less like it was solely made as a vehicle for fanservice.
  • Critical Backlash: Most reviewers often bash the game rather harshly and give it low scores, or flat out say it's not worth the price. However, looking at the much more positive user reviews and 4.5 star average on the eShop quickly turns this into a case of...
  • Critical Dissonance: Western critics were mixed or really negative about this game, while audiences thought it was a really fun brawler. Heck, most of the ratings on the Nintendo eShop are 4/5 or 5/5 stars.
    • Shinovi Versus has surprisingly averted this with critics generally giving the game lukewarm scores.
  • Demonic Spiders: The crossbow-wielding shinobi in French Meido outfits. Their shots will cause you to flinch, ruin your combo, and cause you to be left at the mercy of the entire mob you'd just been attacking. Oh, and a single string of shots from them is enough to make you as good as dead in Frantic mode.
    • There's also the fire/poison spewing shinobi. They don't do much damage, but they ruin your clothes so fast that you won't know what hit you. In Crimson Girls, the designers put these guys in the worst possible locations, such as Haruka's (a character who's dependent on the status of her clothes) timed run in Chapter 2 and of course, her battle against Homura in Chapter 4.
    • EVERYTHING is this on Frantic Mode, specially on Hebijo's story in Burst.
    • Greater shinobi and Assassin shinobi in Shinovi Versus.
  • Earworm: The theme song to Bon Appetit.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Yumi from Shinovi Versus.
    • Out of all the New Wave shinobi, we have Bashou.
  • Even Better Sequel: Deep Crimson to Burst.
    • Estival Versus is shaping up to be this from Shinovi Versus.
  • Foe Yay: All of the rival pairs have this. Mirai vs. Yagyuu, Asuka vs. Homura, and then there is Yomi vs. Ikaruga, which takes the trope to its own whole new level.
    • Not to mention Haruka, who is a little too obsessed with turning Hibari into one of her dolls... It even gets reversed a little in Burst where it's possible to talk to Hibari and find out she's actually looking forward to going out on another date with Haruka! (Though she is Brainwashed and Crazy, but not by Haruka, at the time.)
    • After the events of Burst, Yomi and Ikaruga's relationship even begins to look Like an Old Married Couple. The whole act; it's just that the light bickering (about food, most of the times) tend to use a claymore and a nodachi to be resolved.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With the Hyperdimension Neptunia, Half-Minute Hero, Ikki Tousen, High School DD and Dead or Alive fanbases.
  • Game Breaker: The unlockable Daidouji. Her fighting style is nothing special or game breaking, but her stats are several magnitudes higher than the other girls, and this allows for much easier A-ranks.
    • Frantic mode in Shinovi Versus.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Homura. If one starts the game playing the Hanzou storyline, they've already bought the whole "good" ninja are in the right, "evil" ninja are in the wrong. Homura's backstory takes that entire premise, flips it on it's head, and spins it like a top, before crushing it in rage. Homura comes from a long line of "good" Shinobi, and as such, was raised with the expectation to become one herself. Pushed into school at a young age, she fell in love with her tutor, who was the only light in her life; keeping the girl emotionally stable during her stress-filled life of regimented training and lessons. When he appeared concerned for her, she confessed everything to him, telling him about her entire past and that he family is a family a shinobi. As it turns out, the man was an evil shinobi who had been told to wipe out her family. Feeling betrayed, but also in self-defence, Homura killed the man. Due to the fact that she hadn't officially become a shinobi yet, and had killed someone, she was rejected by "good" shinobi, no longer able to attend Hanzō Academy. In addition to that, her family was ashamed of her and disowned her. When a recruiter from Hebijo Academy found her and took her in, Homura jumped at the chance to simply belong somewhere again.
    • Murasame may qualify as well for being casted aside and replaced by Ikaruga.
  • Les Yay: Tons of it, with some couples being more of less official, like Yagyuu/Hibari/Haruka and Miyabi/Imu. Yagyuu is very much obsessed with protecting Hibari, the Haruka/Hibari camp has gained quite a momentum with what happens in the anime episodes 9 and 10, Katsuragi and Ikaruga are Tsundere toward each others, Katsuragi wants to see Hikage enjoy a good fight with her and Mirai is obsessed with gaining Yagyuu's attention. And then we have the main couple : Asuka/Homura regularly border on Les Yay too since they upgraded from Foe Yay in the first game, although the concerned parties don't seem ready to admit it yet for the time being.
    • In Shinovi Versus, both call each others their "super best friends".
    • Homura did blush and stammer when Yumi joked about Asuka being her lover.
      • Homura reluctantly conceded that Asuka is not her property. Yumi wasn't fooled.
      • Asuka was more than just upset about Miyabi badmouthing Homura.
    • Hikage is in 'the mood to fight' for Katsuragi only.
    • The dynamics between Haruka and Hibari are quite possibly the most blatant example in the series, especially in Crimson Girls, where Hibari transfers to Hebijo. Haruka fawns constantly over Hibari, calling her cute, etc, and when Homura calls her out on her behaviour, she Haruka says that even if she was to fall head over heels for Hibari, it wouldn't dampen her skills. Hibari, on the other hand, refers to her and Haruka's time together as "dates".
  • Memetic Mutation: Life and Hometown.
    • Yomi's bean sprout obsession.
  • More Popular Spin-off: The Vita spinoff Shinovi Versus has outsold both versions of the first game combined. The reasons are rather clear as a Dynasty Warriors style 3d brawler is easier to play, far more fanservice (clothing damage doesn't stop at the underwear/swimsuit anymore!) and more characters. The release also coincided with the slashing of Vita's price in Japan. (It was originally a Crack is Cheaper kind of game console.) XSEED Games actually localized and released Shinovi Versus over to North America in Fall 2014 due to the sheer demand for the game over there and the success sales of Burst, which they also localized.
    • This ended up having a side effect on the reaction to Senran Kagura 2. It initially wasn't received well upon release, and some of its detractors were expecting the game to be more similar to Shinovi Versus than it was. This sentiment was strong enough that sometimes talks about Senran Kagura 2 turned into debates about the Vita and the 3DS.
  • Narm: Yamato no Orochi is rather nightmarishly portrayed, but the way its voice is rendered in the subtitle text... suffice it to say iItt-looiTloLOok-looKs moRe li-OrE liLikEliKe iTeIt's'iT-'S GlgLitCHitc-GliTcHIngtChiNG uP-Ing Up-uP. Translation 
  • Nightmare Fuel: For such a cutesy-looking game, it has some pretty "out-there" designs for the Yoma. Common traits seem to be being made up of earth, clockwork gears, or other golem-like material, while also being fused with human faces/masks. It's honestly pretty jarring.
  • Player Punch: The Hebijo storyline in Shinovi Versus has you go around and actually kill every other Elite Class Ninja. No power of friendship saves anyone here, Asuka, Homura, and their friends all die after one battle.
  • That One Attack: Asuka's breach art is incredibly annoying to avoid. She'll dig underground and pop up on you, sending you flying. She can be on the other side of the stage and still get you.
  • That One Boss: The mission "What Doesn't Kill Me" in the Hebijo storyline has you fighting Homura as Haruka. She will not allow you to just keep your distance and hold her down by repeatedly throwing neurotoxin at her. If you try to do so, she will rip your clothes off so fast that you will not even have time to think before your neurotoxin is gone.
    • The battle wouldn't be nearly as difficult if she didn't have a dozen or so goons whacking you as you try and battle her.
    • Heck, any mission where you fight Homura or Miyabi is bound to be harder than normal due to both of them being extremely fast Lightning Bruisers.
    • Same goes for Mirai, unless the player has learnt to dodge her bullets consistently (a skill which is required by no other boss in the game). Homura at least can be locked down if you have the reach to do so; Mirai has a tendency to lock you down instead with her constant barrage of gunfire. To make matters worse, that also gives her ample opportunities to use her Ninja Arts.
    • Mirai's battle against Hibari in Chapter 4 is also really hard. Here's the setting: Mirai; a long range combatant, is fighting Hibari (a very close range combatant) and her goons in a very tight arena with no power-ups at all. If you take damage, you're going to keep that damage. Even at Level 23 (20 is about where you'll be if you're doing only the story missions), you're doing Scratch Damage to Hibari, and she can hit back really hard.
    • Hebijo's 5-14 pits you against Daidouji...and four strengthened robo-dummies at once. If you get careless either the dummies will stun you to death or Daidouji will wipe the floor with you using her ninpos, is even worse on Frantic Mode where a single hit from Daidouji is enough to kill you.
    • Chapter 3-04 of Hanzō's story, in SV, has you go up against Miyabi, Ryōbi, and Ryōna. The problem? It's a 1 vs. 3 fight. Miyabi can inflict serious damage with her combos as well as chase you down if you ever try to fall back. It's also followed by the problem of having to deal with the Ryō twins and their constant intervening. Combined, all three can be a threat and will not give you any breathing room whatsoever.
    • Any mission with Asuka, Ryōna and Haruka count as well.
  • The Scrappy: Yomi and her ultra-grating bean sprouts obsession. This is even lampshaded by Hikage, a fellow Hebi.
  • Villain Sue: The Hebijo have elements of this in the Hanzo storyline. When you beat one of them, they very smugly brush it off and give some excuse as to how they win the fight anyway. Beat Homura? "Haha! I was just holding back!" Managed to defeat Haruka? "Haha! That was just one of my dolls!" And that's when the story doesn't simply pretend that the Hebijo win the fight.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Badass?: Hibari might be significantly more capable of fighting compared to your average joe, but she's ridiculously low on the power level compared to other shinobi. Adding the points that she's pink, her summon monster is a rabbit, and she's moe, many people find a scrappy in her.
    • What really hurts her is she is arguably the worst character to play as on the Hanzo side with her awkward play style, short reach, and that fact that hers are the only Ninja Arts that can't be easily integrated into a combo (her aerial one is basically an instant end to your current chain).
    • Haruka is the first to perceive Hibari's strong points: she is more suited for information gathering and 'spy' work than direct confrontation. But even she can still kick ass (more or less literally) in the games.
  • The Woobie: Most of the girls qualify because of their backstories, but Mirai takes the cake when the anime shows just how horribly she was treated by the people who bullied her, i.e. her entire school!
  • Woolseyism: Quite fair bit of it. Ranging from every girl announcing combos from 100 to 500 & other quotes said in engrish but changed to other words.

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