Heartwarming: Senran Kagura

  • When the Hanzo students are assigned to write up their family trees to show their relationship to other shinobi, the assignment makes Ikaruga pretty depressed about her family situation. Later on, she finds that Asuka had included all of the students in her tree and reveals how much she considers them family. This warms Ikaruga's heart so much she openly cries tears of joy rather than the ones of sadness she'd been hiding.
  • The ending of Hikage's Story in Shinovi Versus.
  • Imu's story in Bon Appétit could count as a huge Pet the Dog moment. She starts to worry about Murasaki's health from staying in her room too much and tries to find a way to get her out. Imu comes up with the idea to participate in the Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off to lure her out of her room. After reaching the final dual, she faces Murasaki, but decides that her mission has been accomplished. Murasaki then tells her not to drop out of the cook-off, because she wants to make super dishes with her like they did during their childhood. It's then revealed that Murasaki wouldn't come out of her room because she was making a towel with her and Imu's picture on it. Imu gets a little teary-eyed and thanks Murasaki for the present, showing that the two sisters really do care deeply for each other.
  • As odd as this is, the fact that Katsuragi kept her promise to Mirai in the former's ending in Bon Appétit counts as well: Katsu-nee of course wants to wish to make all of the girls part of her own "Boob harem," Mirai is her first opponent, and Katsu assures her that there's room for all shapes and sizes. Cue the ending image and Mirai is standing closest to Katsuragi.