Funny / Paranatural

Being a comedy, Paranatural is naturally full of humour on almost every page. This is a list of some of the webcomic's best.


  • All of P.J.
  • All of Isaac's Shonen protagonist moments. All of them.
  • Max's dad, in all his irresponsible, silly glory. Some examples:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
  • Johnny and the gang's advanced bullying tactics.
    Johnny: WHAT'S MAX'S DEAL?
    Ollie: What's your favorite flavor of movie?
    Ollie: Did you know that everything's going to be alright?
  • Lizardmen!
  • The sheer blatantness of the Vice Principal's Paper-Thin Disguise, which consists of a T-shirt, fake arms, baseball cap, and jeans settled on her Gag Nose.
    • Cut to Violet about to smash in Coach Oop's head with a keyboard, screaming "WAKE UUUUUP"
  • Jeff flings a ball that almost hits Max and leaves a crater in the bleachers. Cue a page of everyone reacting to this with shock and horror... except for one person.
    Cody: Wow, Jeff! Nice throw!
    Everyone else: Read the mood!
  • roughest, Toughest, BUFFEST!
  • Isaac spots Isabel and Ed sprinting toward him in the hall, prompting an interesting combination of words.
    Isaac: Uhh, you guys know running in the halls in frowned upon by— [Isabel grabs him as they pass] JESUS
  • The gym/Jim confusion between Ed and Isaac.
  • When the Doctopi on Max gleefully senses Mr. Spender's chest injury, Spender...panics.
  • Some of Mr. Starchman's hobbies include: Ice skating on wet floors, sitting on the vending machine and throwing change to kids like they were birds, and getting along with animals better than Cinderella.
  • This entire page is golden but "I know you are gay, but try to keep your composure." is a line out of legend.