Funny / Paranatural

Being a comedy, Paranatural is naturally full of humour on almost every page. This is a list of some of the webcomic's best.


  • All of P.J.
  • All of Isaac's Shonen protagonist moments. All of them.
  • Max's dad, in all his irresponsible, silly glory. Some examples:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
  • When Max first wakes up after the whole Ghost Train debacle, it takes him a minute to remember his filter.
    Max's Dad: Oh ho! The son rises! How'd you sleep, li'l guy?
    Max: Mmn. Briefly. I feel like I got hit on by a train. Hit by a train.
  • While trying to uncover the mysteries of his new belongings, Spender gets a brilliant idea.
  • Johnny and the gang's advanced bullying tactics.
    Johnny: WHAT'S MAX'S DEAL?
    Ollie: What's your favorite flavor of movie?
    Ollie: Did you know that everything's going to be alright?
  • Lizardmen!
  • The sheer blatantness of the Vice Principal's Paper-Thin Disguise, which consists of a T-shirt, fake arms, baseball cap, and jeans settled on her Gag Nose.
    • Cut to Violet about to smash in Coach Oop's head with a keyboard, screaming "WAKE UUUUUP"
  • Jeff flings a ball that almost hits Max and leaves a crater in the bleachers. Cue a page of everyone reacting to this with shock and horror... except for one person.
    Cody: Wow, Jeff! Nice throw!
    Everyone else: Read the mood!
  • roughest, Toughest, BUFFEST!
  • Isaac spots Isabel and Ed sprinting through the hall and starts to reprimand them, but Isabel grabs him as they pass, prompting an interesting combination of words.
    Isaac: Uhh, you guys know running in the halls is frowned upon by— JESUS
  • The gym/Jim confusion between Ed and Isaac.
  • Max remembers Hijack's invitation and finds it weird that a spirit would have a house or like video games.
  • When the Doctopi on Max gleefully senses Mr. Spender's chest injury, Spender...panics.
  • Some of Mr. Starchman's hobbies include: Ice skating on wet floors, sitting on the vending machine and throwing change to kids like they were birds, and getting along with animals better than Cinderella.
  • Dr. Zarei's failed attempt to be intimidating, which provokes the opposite reaction.
    Dr. Zarei: STOP!! Saying that internet word out loud!!
  • This entire page is golden but "I know you are gay, but try to keep your composure." is a line out of legend.
  • The reveal of Agent Day's spirit, Venus Guytrap, not just for the incredibly great name, but because he uses Flowery Elizabethan English, and that's just wonderful.
  • Johnny's attempt to interrogate Ed. First there's Ed's reaction to the vague demand of "tell me everything", then he psychologically destroys Johnny, then there's his martial arts fantasies, then he accidentally yanks off Johnny's shirt trying to judo throw him so he just hits him in the gut instead, and finally Muse pops in to congratulate him and advise that they beat up even more children.
  • The introduction of Flipflop, Isabel's new spirit. When Isabel raises her hand at him, he immediately ducks for cover and pleads for her not to blast him. After he tells her his power of flipping things, he ducks for cover again and tells her to blast him.