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Awesome: Paranatural
  • Ed's Pre-Mortem One Liners that he gets in Chapter 2 are simply cool.
    Ed: You're all gonna die!
    Ed: I've got 80 pounds of face-breaking spectral muscle standin' between you and the rest of your life, not to mention there's an irate magical girl outside likely t'be half as merciful with you as I'm not gonna be. So! I need you to hurry up n' choose before I acquaint you with your internal anatomy: are we gonna do this the easy way, or the I KILL YOU way?
  • Max has Suzy open the emergency window on a bus so that he can leap through and get his scooter back.
  • Isaac scaring the Sphinx of Games by kicking lightning at it!
  • Meta-example: In Chapter 3, Doorman speaks in what looks like incomprehensible gibberish. Within the day, people at /co/ deciphered it.
    • Even better, the deciphering of the ridiculously complex Cursed Words on tumblr.
  • Mr. Spender's painting of the fourth wall is magnificent. Except much like the previous example, it's actually decipherable.
    Spender: Issac, I know you're frustrated, and I feel very bad about that, but I am not allowed to discuss such matters with you for the duration of your possession.
  • Forge and Mr. Spender facing off.
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