Awesome / Paranatural

  • Ed's Pre-Mortem One Liners that he gets in Chapter 2 are simply cool.
    Ed: You're all gonna die!
    Ed: I've got 80 pounds of face-breaking spectral muscle standin' between you and the rest of your life, not to mention there's an irate magical girl outside likely t'be half as merciful with you as I'm not gonna be. So! I need you to hurry up n' choose before I acquaint you with your internal anatomy: are we gonna do this the easy way, or the I KILL YOU way?
  • Max has Suzy open the emergency window on a bus so that he can leap through and get his scooter back.
  • Isaac scaring the Sphinx of Games by kicking lightning at it!
  • Meta-example: In Chapter 3, Doorman speaks in what looks like incomprehensible gibberish. Within the day, people at /co/ deciphered it.
    • Even better, the deciphering of the ridiculously complex Cursed Words on tumblr.
  • Mr. Spender's painting of the fourth wall is magnificent. Except much like the previous example, it's actually decipherable.
    Spender: Issac, I know you're frustrated, and I feel very bad about that, but I am not allowed to discuss such matters with you for the duration of your possession.
  • Forge and Mr. Spender facing off.
    • And here's another epic moment, where Spender shows just what he can do... (with excessive use of his powers, apparently).
  • Isabel vs. the dogs: "All I need to beat you is me!"
  • This page in its entirety. Just... just take in the epic scope of it all; it's a Battle Royale with cheesiness and a whole gambit of characters you may recognize, about to showdown in an awesome game of Hitball.
  • Johnny vs. Hijeff. His throws leave craters, but Johnny shows no fear because this is the guy who tried to hurt his crew. Even having seen what the last throw did, he prepares to shield his crew with his own body. It even starts to wake up Forge.
    Johnny: Like HECK I'll go down... b'fore I THRASH this wormy creep... for goin' after my friends!!
  • When Hijack tries to hit Johnny with the Golden Switch (swaps your team on a hit, gets all your players off the bleachers if caught) during Hitball, Max blocks the ball even though it's going fast enough that when Johnny catches it on the rebound, he's knocked to the floor by the force of it. Not awesome enough? Johnny, still on the ground, turns and shouts at his team to get back into game, resulting in all his dozens of players rushing off the bleachers to pelt Hijack with balls. Cheesy, but epic.
  • Lisa both proves how well-informed she is, as well as channeling her eccentricities into a truly chilling speech toward Hijack as she singlehandedly restrains him for the rest of the class to pelt with a rain of hitballs.
    Hijack: Wh-what the— Who're you?!
    Lisa: Wow, you ARE an imposter. Well, since you're new here, some advice— you should be more careful in this school. There are some scary people really don't want to offend.
  • Max's epic Reason You Suck Speech to Hijack calling him out on his misguided revenge.
    Max: You're just hurting people, dude! It's not a just cause just 'cause you found a jerk to be your punching bag! Look what your good deed DID! [points to his own broken arm] I know what you are, Hijack, and you know what you feel like.
    Max: A bully.