Funny / Gorillaz

  • Murdoc's tour of the IE9 beta.
    • One of the top comments for the YouTube video is rather humorous.
    bobdrantz: So... The future is a green-skinned British cartoon rockstar riding a toy boat and very enthusiastically talking about the (then) latest Internet browser system? Sounds good to me!
  • From Rise of the Ogre, on having to recolor every frame with the cross on the truck in "Dirty Harry" from Demon Days:
    Murdoc: I was hiding in a cupboard over at passion pictures, spying on him. When he got to frame 49,996 I burst out and demanded that he change the cross to a kind of "magenta-y pink". I live for things like that.
  • Also from Rise of the Ogre:
    2D: Also, Murdoc always acts like such a dick. Every bus we go in, he goes over to the microwave and pops an egg in there when no one's looking. Two minutes later "Pffffffhhh!!!" The egg's exploded everywhere. Murdoc always acts like he knows nothing about it. So annoying. And when you accuse him, he ignores you or acts all indignant.
    Murdoc: (snootily) I have never put an egg in a microwave.
    Noodle: You lie.
  • A few more from Rise of the Ogre: Murdoc's dismay that the song "Rock the House" from Gorillaz apparently contained panpipes, and him commenting how the check they got after their first gig were of those super-sized variety.
    Murdoc: I can't tell you how much of a dick I felt carrying that down to Barclays. Although I can at least I can say I didn't lose it. How could I? It's enormous.
  • And there's this:
    Murdoc: Look, I won't say it again. I saved your life, you owe me your soul.
    2D: Okay!
    Murdoc: Oh, nice one.
  • Also involving Rise of the Ogre, Murdoc's general attitude to the technical interviews, the funniest easily being his making Charlie Brown "mwh mmah mwah" noises.
  • Still another highlight from Rise of the Ogre is this little exchange:
    Murdoc: And when you're cramming that much into your day, your diet just goes out the window. You end up living on fast food junk. I was sitting there scoffing away on some chili Jack flame-grilled alloy nonsense from a well-known burger chain, when a mouthful of "Freedom Fries" became lodged in my throat. I turned blue. They're quite hard to swallow. Fortunately, Russ punched me in the back hard enough to dislodge the blockage, which shot out across the room. ...I never thanked you for that, Russ. You saved my life.
    Russel: I didn't know you were choking.
  • More from Rise of the Ogre. When discussing flatulence in the tour bus.
    Noodle: It can be a truly unpleasant existence.
    2D: Shut up, Noodle. You're the worst!
  • Murdoc: Kids! Gotta love 'em. Couldn't eat a whole one though.
  • The entire Gorillaz Cribs episode, a highlight of which is Murdoc pissing over the wall of a bathroom stall.
  • The seagull and pelican on the website. Made even better when you know that the seagull is Damon Albarn's voice and the pelican is Jamie Hewlett.
  • Cyborg Noodle's data log.
    Unknown Command detected "MALL RUMMSZ"
    CMD:Yoohoo! Robocop! Fetch Rum Pour Favor!
    Running Translation; Language Detected "Bad French".
  • "Melt its face! MELT ITS FACE!!
  • Murdoc and "David Bowie" take a crack at the shipping forecast.
  • This gem from the iTunes sessions interview:
    Murdoc: It's important to get a name right, though, isn't it? I had this one band called: 'THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED.' And, uh, well, no one ever came to see us. Pointless, really. So, we split up. We did reform briefly about a month later under the name: 'WE HAVE SPLIT UP,' but, yeah, again it was just a waste of time.
    2D: You're an idiot.
    Murdoc: SHUT YOUR FACE!
    • similarly, later in the interview, 2D is talking about his early musical loves.
    2D: But, y'know, keyboards was the thing that I loved. Stylophones, Moogs, synths, electronic stuff—anything that makes a bloopy noise. Uh, I was a bit like Brian Eno.
    Murdoc: Only...without the talent. Or brains.
    2D: Sod off, you old goth.
    Murdoc: RIGHT! That's IT!
    *breaking glass and 2D squealing*
  • The scene in the Stylo music video where Bruce Willis pulls up next to Murdoc and 2-D in the car chase. Murdoc's reaction? He rolls up the window.
    • The best part was his expression. "OH MY GOD roll up the window ROLL UP THE WINDOW".
    • Before this, when Bruce first pulls up behind them, 2D mouths "It's Bruce!" with a terrified expression. Cue Murdoc's Oh, Crap! face.
    • When the police car pulls up behind them, blaring its lights and sirens, Murdoc's only response is to irritably signal them to pass him.
    • After the police officer from the video gets run off the side of the road, the first thing he does is start crawling towards his spilled donuts.
  • The entire Feel Good Inc. commentary.
    Noodle: The windmill that bursts through the clouds was greatly inspired by Japanese animation. The colors, the tones, the textures and the brightness of the clouds... It was important to make something that seemed like it has sprung from the mind of a child. In this way it would fit with the pure sentiment of the song.
    Murdoc: Great idea, eh? Really very cryptic, isn't it? Actually- next video, Jamie wants to stick a talking horse in there.
    • From that same video, Murdoc commenting they had to turn the floating island around because someone had daubed "GORILLAZ KNOB OFF" on one side.
  • Murdoc and 2-D being locked in the dressing room while the concert is going on.
    • At one point, 2-D somehow manages to find another door and uses it to go to the bathroom, much to the annoyance and confusion of Murdoc.
    Murdoc: Where the bloody hell have you been?
    2-D: Toilet.
    Murdoc: Toilet!? What do you mean "Toilet"!? (slaps 2D) Where the hell did this door come from?!
    • And his sassy walk and pimp slap.
    • Murdoc trying and failing to open both jammed doors.
    Murdoc: Need! To! Get! On! Stage! Can't! Pull! Knob! Any! Harder! (Breaks the knob off and crashes into the table) Right! That's it! I'm going to break the door down with brute force! (Charges into the door).
    • 2D's worried look and his shuffling away whilst Murdoc does this.
  • The Motorola Sting short, in which Murdoc is wearing nothing save a Nice Hat and a thong, playing a piano in the middle of... some lovely meadow, complete with rainbows, goats and sheep. Suddenly, his phone rings, and...
    Murdoc: Mmmmm... Motorola! Look, I can't talk now, I'm naked! *immediately goes back to playing piano*.
  • Murdoc's "love story" from Pirate Radio 4.
  • 2-D: I think I need to change my pants after that one.
  • Any of the Pirate Radio broadcasts, really. It seems Murdoc has finally lost it.
    • A few highlights:
    2D: Why are you being so nice to me?
    Murdoc: SHUT YOUR FACE!

    Murdoc: And remember, boys and girls, Satan loves you!

    Murdoc: Hey, is that a whale?
  • All of "DoYaThing". Every. Last. Second.
    • The 13 minute explicit version has 9 minutes of Andre 300 screaming about how he's the shit.
  • "Noodle, you friggin' wasabi bitch! I'm on fire!"
  • The entirety of the G-Bite, "Fancy Dress." And the ending of "Jump the Gut," when 2-D trips over and what he's thinking when Russel scolds him.
  • A good deal of the mockumentary Charts of Darkness. Highlights include Jamie smearing hamburgers on the wall and "Jamion".
  • 2-D and Murdoc live in New York, particularly Murdoc relating a story where he had to explain who he was to the lady at the ticket counter.
    Murdoc: Well, I may just be a puppet, but I'm a multimillionaire rrrockstar puppet.
    • His trying to re-enact uh... whatever it was he did with her. Complete with charading and some interesting sound effects.
    2D: I don't understand.
  • In the iTunes session interview, Murdoc goes on a long monologue praising Rise of the Ogre, calling it the best book ever and even saying that it should be compulsory reading in schools. This exchange follows:
    2D: I haven't even read it.
    Murdoc: Neither have I.
  • Additionally, Murdoc's pelvic thrusting in "Rock The House" must be seen to be believed. And then a stray ball hits him where the sun don't shine.
  • The extended Kong Studios tour on their YouTube is narrated by MEL, a extremely snarky, sarcastic and bitter AI that is located in the Studio's basement. The comments it makes on almost everything, combined with a hilarious text-to-speech voice, makes for some great moments.
  • The We are the Dury interview has multiple moments:
    • Murdoc's recounting of his time in Mexican jail.
    Murdoc: Prison food is rubbish! I don't think I could ever eat another burrito in my life.
    2D: Yeah, but yew still like a bit of Mexican sausage, eh, Murdoc? *snort*
    Murdoc: Shut up, you f-
    • The band's half-hearted mumbles of agreement when Murdoc asserts that Kong Studios "can't be all that bad."
    • Russel describing their absence from Kong Studios.
    Russel: (Kong Studios has) been broken into a couple of times since we were away. Some vandal's been spraying Anti-Murdoc graffiti on the walls!
    2D: Uh, things like, "Murdoc is a twat", and, uh, things like, "Murdoc is a twat" -
    Murdoc: You mongrel! Still in the mood, aren't you, 'cause Busted split up.
  • The video for "Hallelujah Money" is for the most part very eerie, with Benjamin Clementine's creepy stare, delivery and background projections being the main focus, but the video ends with an increasingly noisy outro seemingly building up to a Last Note Nightmare... before suddenly cutting out to Benjamin shouting "Hallelujah money!" and a clip of Spongebob Squarepants comically bursting into tears.
  • After the Nightmare Fuel and weirdness of "Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)", how does it end?