Awesome Music / Gorillaz


  • When "Clint Eastwood" first came out in the US, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing it or, to a lesser extent, "19-2000". Oddly enough, the Soulchild Remix of "19-2000" gets more airtime than the original, even being referred to as the original on radio stations!

Demon Days

  • "O Green World" makes the listener want to go out and punch zombies in the face over and over again.
  • "November Has Come". Not only does it have an irresistible beat, but the song features none other than MF Doom rapping over it.
  • "All Alone" doesn't get nearly enough love. Not only does Roots Manuva spit some great, toe-tapping lines, but Martina Topley's vocal section in the bridge is ethereal.
  • "Dare" just makes you want to get up and dance.
  • "Don't Get Lost in Heaven", which along with "Demon Days" makes up the finale of the second album, is just freaking beautiful.
  • The violin at the beginning of "Demon Days". Beautiful, haunting, and with that slight dissonance that just sticks in your head. Gives you the best kind of chills...

Plastic Beach

  • "On Melancholy Hill" is one of the most beautiful, lingering, and raw songs in recent memory. And it's even better live.
  • "White Flag" is even more amazing played live, where Damon comes out at the end waving a giant white flag. Cue the audience going nuts.
  • "Empire Ants" is incredibly beautiful, as is "To Binge".
  • Broken is a very beautiful track as well.
  • "Cloud of Unknowing". If it can make Murdoc tear up, you know it's powerful. When it's played live, it's even more heartbreaking and awestriking.
  • "Glitter Freeze" is purely instrumental save samples, with some absolutely wild synths.
  • The title track, "Plastic Beach", doesn't get enough love: It's automated computer speech, it's a Casio on a plastic beach...
  • Even the first song, "Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach", featuring a very chill Snoop Dogg slowly rapping over an even slower brass band track. Hell, when paired with the orchestral intro, the pair pretty much serve as the perfect sign of what's to come on the CD.

The Fall

Non-studio releases

Aw, what the hell, it would probably be easier just to say that everything ever put out by Gorillaz counts as Awesome Music.