Awesome Music / Gorillaz


  • When "Clint Eastwood" first came out in the US, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing it or, to a lesser extent, "19-2000". Oddly enough, the Soulchild Remix of "19-2000" gets more airtime than the original, even being referred to as the original on radio stations!
  • "Man Research (Clapper)" — "This is a breakfast club!"
  • "Sound Check (Gravity)" — Epic enough already... and then those violins come in...
  • "Punk" is one minute and thirty-six seconds of highly concentrated win. The Spacemonkeyz remix takes that win and turns it into a reggae song. Exactly as awesome as it sounds.
  • "M1 A1" is Gorillaz in full throttle band. It starts slowly and scary, and it builds onto an awesome rock soundtrack. It feels like old school blur, or even old school alternative rock.
  • "Tomorrow Comes Today". Quite possibly the earliest Gorillaz song, and still one of the best.
  • "Rock The House". It's like "Dare"'s Spiritual Predecessor.

Demon Days

Plastic Beach

The Fall

Non-studio releases

Aw, what the hell, it would probably be easier just to say that everything ever put out by Gorillaz counts as Awesome Music.