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  • The conclusion of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - The Lost Episode:
    The message immediately closed, and the video continued on, but now cut to a black message:
    "You are a pirate, and a pirate is free...but not if he resists. The end is neigh...your days are numbered. Run, little boy."
    I believed the message...I know it will happen one day...
    The Big Poopy will find us all.
  • This "Survival Guide" for Creepypastas. This Dramatic Reading makes it even funnier, based on the Deadpan Snarker tone of the already Lemony Narrator.
  • This version of "The Third Wish". Poor Elvis.
  • "The Only Sensible Ritual Pasta" To say anything will spoil everything, but to suffice to say, putting a person not holding onto an Idiot Ball into a "ritual" Creepypasta means that Hilarity Ensues.
  • A Few Suggestions, Slimebeast's prequel to his own Abandoned by Disney, which plays the eventual demonic infestation of Mowgli's Palace for comedy by recounting the events through the park employees' suggestion box notes. Even the eventual From Bad to Worse Sanity Slippage gets a funny little twist at the very end: the infamous photo-inverted Mickey suit only wants to hang itself up on a coat hook, clean up nicely after itself and all that..
    Suggestion: Guests are complaining about the amount of towels in their rooms.
    Suggestion: Need a better or newer coffee machine for the break room.
    Suggestion: I wasn't going to say anything because I'm pretty tolerant, but please stop admitting children without faces. They won't stay in the guest areas.
    Suggestion: Frank is cheating at solitaire when he thinks I'm not watching. Please do something about this immediately.
    Suggestion: Stop Frank, he's a menace. It has now spread to Sudoku. I am not making this up.
    • Whatever is equally funny and Nightmare Fuel laden. Basically, it's an open letter written by your average young single guy to a...thing...that lives in his home. This thing is apparently a frightening Eldritch Abomination, but his letter to it shows that he wants to be understanding and try to work out a livable situation that is good for the both of them. He just has a few issues to bring to the attention of "whatever":
    Please do not breastfeed while I'm eating. I want to respect your privacy, but often I can catch sight of you in various reflective surfaces, even if you're in the next room. Again, I can only take wild guesses here, so if you are not infact breastfeeding and/or these translucent beings are not truly children, accept my apologies though my complaint in general should stand. It's not so much the act itself that is distateful to me, but rather the sight of their internal organs.
    Do not contact me at work. I can tell that you want something, and that it is quite urgent, but calling or e-mailing me while I am at the office is pushing the boundaries of respectful behavior. Furthermore, I can't understand what you're saying and/or typing. I recieved your letter with the subject consisting of archaic pictograms, but Google Translate couldn't make heads or tails of it. In fact, I recieved an e-mail from Google's abuse department that simply said: "never again" in small, red letters. Perhaps this makes more sense to you than it did to me?
    IF YOU ARE GOING TO PUT GLASSES ON ANY WOODEN SURFACE IN THE HOUSE, PLEASE USE A COASTER. I don't care what's in them; water, juice, or the viscous orange ooze that recoils from bleach. Use a coaster.
    I'm tired of stepping on miniature cars everywhere I go around the house, and I'm tired of cleaning up tiny blood spatter from the passengers.
    Everyone is telling me that people are supposed to have thumbs. Everyone I know has thumbs. No matter how much I insist otherwise, they tell me that I too had thumbs. I'm not blaming you or anything, but this seems like something you might be involved in. I'm only basing this on your past behavior and mean no offense. It's entirely possible I'm correct and have never posessed them.
  • Any good Trollpasta, with honorable mention to the classics THEN WHO WAS PHONE?, AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT, and anything by Ghastly Macaroni.
    • Silver Prison actually seems pretty scary at first until you read the Wham Line at the end.
      "For you see, I am a dorito."
  • "Grim's Boss", a Lost Episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Is it a horrifying, cursed episode that drives people nuts? Nope. It's not only completely ordinary, but it actually sounds like the premise of an actual episode.
  • This bit from IT Dept. Water Cooler Thread:
    Bandish: The headsets we've been using are antiquated pieces of crap. Can we please look into new ones? My users frequently complain that they can't hear me, and sometimes its so quiet I can't even hear them when they're screaming. Also, I'd greatly prefer it if we can have cordless headsets. I don't much care for the feeling of being chained to my desk.
    Michelle: I appreciate your concerns, Bandish. I've spoken to procurement several times about upgrading our headsets, and right now they're waiting on approval from Finance before they order any. I can't promise the new ones will be cordless, however. And, as much as I know you don't like it, being chained to your desk remains company policy for the time being. If you prefer being chained by your ankles instead of your wrists, that can be looked into. I know they can be chafing, at times.
  • The ending to My Perfect World, Shattered. The name of the scientist writing these entries? Dr. Ivo Robotnik.
  • "Does anyone know of a good plumber?" Where Alcohol-Induced Idiocy and Comically Missing the Point leads to one hilarious parody of the ritual pastas.
  • One of the highest-rated pastas of all time, The Boy Who Loved to Read. That wasn't a discount at all!
  • Michael Leroi and crew's "Bad Creepypasta", in which they read and mock creepypastas, including Jeff the Killer, SonicExe, and The Real Chuck E. Cheese, Squidward's Suicide, etc.
  • Any Creepypasta being So Bad, It's Good, aka this category.
  • As it turns out, Rap Rat was real, but way less scary and more So Bad, It's Good than the pasta states. So who was responsible for finding the full source...? Why, people who make Youtube Poop, of course! Naturally, Rap Rat became a recurring character, though not as popular as others, and was pooped by many of the members there. It's a prime example of Nightmare Retardant.
  • A Favor for a Favor has an entertaining depiction of the Devil as well as a few amusing lines:
    "I wouldn't be surprised if a whole civilization of the nasty things were living in the walls, laying their repulsive egg sacks where ever they please and multiplying faster than an asian kid on Adderall."
  • The ending to "Whistler". After house-sitting for his grandparents and accidentally taking the monster haunting the place with its obnoxiously loud whistling home with him, the note that the protagonist's grandparents sent him with his payment just says "Thanks." It probably took all their willpower not to add "sucker" to the end of that.
  • This Bill Nye the Science Guy lost episode pasta starts out pretty standard, with Bill Nye and his cameraman being killed horribly in a fiery explosion and the kids in the audience are traumatized into insanity over it, but then the narrator, instead of reeling in horror at what he just witnessed, just nonchalantly points out all the Fridge Logic of this so called "lost episode" (the fact that the real Bill Nye is still alive and active, the fact that the explosion reduced Bill Nye and his cameraman to a jumble of bloody body parts yet somehow didn't affect the kids, etc.) and concludes that it's a fake. A bit of Fridge Brilliance in there too—the narrator was thinking like a scientist!
  • An episode of The Amazing World of Gumball has a clip that claims it's footage from the Gumball 'lost episode' pasta "The Grieving". It's not, instead being a Rick Roll-style video of a drawn picture of a chihuahua with a saxophone being flipped around while saxophone music plays that's known as 'saxophone chihuahua'.
  • The reveal of who was behind "Spongecry.avi"...a crazy woman who was stalking one of the animators and used the "episode" as an opportunity to rant and whine about how he dumped her. How terrifying.
  • This Pokémon creepypasta. Just...the whole thing is so ridiculous, and intentionally so. The Funetik Aksent of the narrator and the implication at the end that the protagonist was just drunk and dreaming the whole thing up are particularly hilarious.
  • The Supermarket Monster. It has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.