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Fridge: Codename: Kids Next Door
Fridge Brilliance
  • Combined with Late to the Punchline; to most children, t is plainly not a number. Fast forward to high school and algebra classes. t is very much a number, it's a variable. Or unreliable. Like Tommy.
  • Before the present KND was founded by Numbuh Zero, Grandfather ruled the world. Considering how he ruled the world, the distrust of the KND towards adults suddenly becomes far more justified.
  • Why Fanny, aka Numbuh 86, the KND's resident Alpha Bitch, is in charge of decommission? Because anyone doing this job is destined to become the most disliked and feared of all agents; basically, the decommissioner is a non-lethal equivalent of an executioner that finishes the other agents' careers and destroys their memories. So, obviously, nobody would take this job unless he/she is already universally disliked by the other agents and therefore this position makes little difference in Fanny's relations with the rest of the organization.
    • Considering this, it suddenly makes sense that Fanny, as shown in flashbacks, was a medical officer before getting her current position. Decommission is comparable to a medical decision that isn't necessarily nice or likable yet it's important and therefore must be done despite personal interests being compromised, as it happens whenever Fanny has to decommission any agent she actually respects or likes, yet she does her job for the KND's general sake, just like a doctor at times has to amputate a patient's toe or even a whole leg in order to save the rest of the body.
    • Along with the fact that to "86 something" means to remove. Which, in this case, are memories.
  • Numbuh 4, as his number designates, is the unluckiest member of Sector V. However, add Numbuh 3 into the figurative equation and you have 7, widely considered the luckiest number. Even their codenames tease these two.
  • This is one for Doctor Who fans: We first hear of Doctor Time-Space Continuem in the 2004 episode "Operation: U.N.C.O.O.L.", with the kids watching what's likely a fictional counterpart to the Classic Series, which, given the KND's disdain for "old" and "nerdy" things, can explain why they're not really having fun. The next time we hear of the show again is in 2007 ("Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D."), during the height of the David Tennant era. Which might be why Numbuh 362's taken a liking to it...
  • During the first season of Codename: Kids Next Door, having the Delightful Children show up in every episode like some sort of Mandatory Line was something that bothered me at first, as many of their appearances were irrelevant and seemed forced. After thinking about it recently, it hit me: that was the point! Their repeated appearances were meant to get the audience jaded enough so that by the time they did do something important (picking up the age changer), no one would suspect it was a Chekhov's Gun! (This was before the audience was aware of how tight the show's continuity would be.)
  • Another KND-related one, this one related to a very late series spoiler: I was recently wondering where there was an earlier hint of Chad's true allegiance (read: with the KND). Apparently somebody said that there was one in "Operation: E.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.S.", when Chad and the high school kid were discussing how the high school were about to deal Gallager a Curb-Stomp Battle and apparently Chad got worried. I checked the scene in question: Chad's evil face does go away, but he's still smiling. So I eventually decided to leave the subject, then just now I thought about some RL issues of mine, and then somehow I thought of this: why didn't Chad just avoid any interaction with Nigel so that Chad would have an easier time trying to launch the Moonbase into the sun without being detected until it was too late, hanging the KND out to dry? There's your hint: right at the beginning of the whole issue.
    • Holy crap. Fridge Brilliance indeed.
    • Not exactly, even if Chad's true allegiance is to the KND, what made him think hurling Moonbase into the sun himself was the only way to stop Cree from doing so? Why didn't he just warn the KND about Cree's plan so that they would be prepared to stop her or make reparations so that Moonbase's destruction would have little effect on the KND? I believe Chad's loyalty is genuine, but his actions imply his loyalty is put into question due to incompetence.
      • To test Numbuh 1's resourcefulness, duh.
      • Well it is possible it was a gambit to make sure Cree wouldn't do the same. After all if a scheme failed once then it is usually abandoned. But put Cree in Chad's place the first time launching the moonbase. She's definitely a competent schemer and fighter and could probably succeed in doing it. Plus it was also a way to prove his allegiance/worth to the teens by enacting such a plan.
    • Realized just yesterday night: the whole premise of KND suddenly makes sense as Brilliance if you read these stories:

      Not only does the adult-tyranny thing suddenly sound much more real and creepier, but at least their world has a limit — represented by the Kids Next Door. In real life, we don't have a kid-led limit to what adults can do — taking this into respect, it seems like these adults have been painstakingly trying to emulate the KND version of adulthood, knowing that there is no limit or special group stopping them.
      • Here's some more for you.
      • That's it! I'm going to build a freaking huge treehouse on top of my house, make 2x4 technology using every day household objects like mustard and gather up a bunch of kids to build a base on the moon! WHO'S WITH ME!?!??!
      • Count me in brother/sister!
  • Remember Lenny and Ogie from Sector Z and how they seemed to be love with each other? Well, considering that back in there "original" days there was probably a lot of racism and making fun of "overweight" people, so their bond suddenly makes more sense.
    • Aww...
    • That whole "been around since Zero's time" theory is just because nobody was listening to Monty when he explained how he really knew that the DCFDTL were brainwashed KND operatives.
  • Just hit me when reading the Sudden Downer Ending KND's entry. It said that Numbuh 3 and 4 got married along as numbuh 2 and 5. Add them both up. You should get the lucky number 7 for each.
  • "Who else but a bunch of stupid kids would even put a 'Blow Up the Engines' button on a spaceship?" Answer: When the spaceship is a prison barge, a "Blow Up the Engines" button is actually a very good idea. If the prisoner manages to escape the restraints and can't be subdued, blowing up the engines lets you render the spaceship unusable for a hijacking without killing yourself in the process. The actual stupidity is just that they didn't think to put a safety on it.
    • And, according to the comics published by Cartoon Network, the same guy put a setting on the decommissioner so it would erase the memories of the person who pulled the switch. How is that a good idea? Go over the circumstances of Operation: E.N.D., but with a rouge teenage ex-operative instead of Numbuh 86. Imagine if one KND operative managed to put it on that setting without the teenager looking.
      • I think that setting is a bit more than a safety measure. Remember, 86 is in charge of decommissioning. Be honest, when she turns thirteen do you really think she'll willingly let anybody, anybody else do the deed?
  • All the impossibilities and oddities of the series can be summed up as there being no such thing as the "Kids Next Door". It's an elaborate game of make-believe created by a bunch of kids in a town, and we're just seeing everything from the children's imagination. It could go two ways: A. The adults, Delightful Children, and teenagers are in the game too. They're just playing antagonists. B. The kids are seeing them as antagonists. Uno's cousins are brats so he made them into Delightful Children From Down The Lane, most teenagers don't want to play with the kids anymore so they created that subplot, the villains are things like Lunch Ladies and spanking vampires because kids hate those things, etc. The series ended with Uno moving away and the finale are the characters creating a series about their childhood adventures.
  • Father's Villain Decay makes more sense when you remember how his debut episode went: he initially appeared as this dark, badass manipulator. Then the KND beat him by throwing ice cream at him. He simply started to lose confidence in himself as a villain after his defeat. It helps that in Operation: Z.E.R.O., it was implied during a moment of raw anger that he was capable of scarring Grandfather of all people.
  • DCFDTL's often downright ridiculous levels of incompetence and stupidity up to Too Dumb to Live levels becomes a case of great Fridge Brilliance when it's revealed who they REALLY are the brainwashed KND team sector Z. Possibly the reason they are so incompetent and stupid sometimes is that they are holding back because they are actively and/or subconsciously fighting their brainwashing!
  • How did Mr. Boss know that girls would be incredibly attracted to Rainbow Monkeys? Well he has a daughter who, according to Numbuh 1, has more Rainbow Monkeys than Numbuh 3.
    • That daughter? Numbuh 86. And despite the 'Bring Your Daughter To Work Day' Mr. Boss holds as well as the room filled with Rainbow Monkeys he turns into a rocket as a plot to blast all his employee's kids into space, Numbuh 86 is not seen at all in the episode. Why? Because Mr. Boss honestly loves and cherishes his own daughter.
      • As he himself said...
    Mr. Boss: I love my kids. It's just everyone else's I hate.
  • How did Gramma Stuffum become the cook for Gallagher Elementary's Cafeteria? Well remember when we found out that James Nixon Garfield worked for Father and made elementary school hell for the rest of the children? Well Father/James Nixon Garfield probably hired Gramma Stuffum to be the Cafeteria Cook so even lunchtime wouldn't be fun (Except for Numbuh 2).
  • Why are there so many Living Prop villains? Remember that the main five characters are but one sector in a global organization. The bad guys we never meet are probably the enemies of other sectors.
    • Of coarse, Word of God is that the real reason is because they didn't have enough villains to fill the movie theater in Operation: M.O.V.I.E., but still...
  • A lot of people say Chad Took a Level in Jerkass when he became The Mole. Well, would you be so jolly if you had to fight so many of your former comrades all the time? It also crosses into Heartwarming In Hindsight when you realize: Chad is basically allowing his former name as a KND legend to go up in flames, and willing to go down in KND history as a traitor, just to give them the edge aganist the villains.
  • In Operation: E.N.D., we find out that Moonbase can detach from the moon. In Operation: Z.E.R.O., we find out why.
  • The constant exaggeration of "all the kids in the world" villains use seems a little less silly when you know that (as this trooper read somewhere) all 7 billion people on Earth could comfortably fit in Texas with the population density of New York.
  • This troper was always a little confused as to why the KND always referring to each other by their Numbuhs in the treehouse or when off-duty, despite how they're so close. But then I remembered that, despite everything, they're still 10 years old. So they probably love calling each other by their really cool codenames.
  • I always thought it was a little paranoid that the KND computer immediately came up with "Battle Ready Armor" as a backronym for "bra". And some people might find it silly how the "crazy conspiracy" was coincidentally right. But, if you watch Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E., you'd see that the Kids Next Door had encountered teenagers wearing the armor before. They just didn't know that the suits themselves were bras, until Numbuh 2 submitted the information to the computer and it added it all up.
  • My sister thought Numbuh 2 was being snobbish in Operation: T.R.I.C.Y.C.L.E. when Tommy scratched his bike. But, if you read the comic prequel Operation: T.R.I.K.E., you'd see at the end that he made the bike with his Disappeared Dad. (Heavily implied to be dead in Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R.) So of corse he'd get defensive about it.
  • As a child, I often wondered why the KND never seemed to put any effort into preventing themselves from aging, but then as I was thinking of a Kingdom Come based challenge for Fanfictions, it came to me; generations of kids have different likes and dislikes. Its hard for older kids to understand what younger kids like (For example, a fan of Ed, Edd n Eddy, Robot Jones and Dexter would not understand or like Uncle Grandpa the same way a younger kid would). If the KND did not change its operatives over time, they would eventually loose the ability to understand the very kids they protect;
    • Besides, even if they never aged physically they'd still do so mentally. Eventually the KND would be adults in all but appearance.
  • Chad's age. He's Numbuh 274. Here's a little math lesson: What's 2 + 7 + 4?
  • There's a bit of Fridge Brilliance in The Movie when it comes to Grandfather and the title Numbuh Zero. Grandfather is more or less the Anthropomorphic Personification of the fear of growing old all kids have and the negative qualities of it (thus his Rapid Aging power). On the other hand as soon as he's defeated, we find that Numbuh Zero has accepted growing up and becoming a father, reflecting Monty Uno's love of being a father and wanting to be a good one. This makes sense, once the fear of growing up has been defeated one can see the good qualities of it worth looking forward too.
  • Mr. Sanban's ranting about "just wanting his daughters to be nice to each other" sound ridiculous, but wait, wasn't that the episode where we found out Mushi was Evil All Along?
  • When Father's interview with the adult versions of KND ended Number 5 contacted Number 1 and still has access to the Moon Base despite supposedly having only had her memories restored by Father for his interview. Why? Because when Father took over the KND as Supreme Leader he inacted a rule where the Supreme Leader could not be decomissioned. That rule is still in place so Number 5 was never decomissioned unlike her husband.
  • "Operation: P.L.A.N.E.T." becomes this after the discovery of the Galactic KND in the Grand Finale. A KND experiment headed by Numbuh 74.239, about reaching outside the solar system, which somehow sends the astronauts back to Earth while they blacked out? Can you say "cover-up"?
  • In op. S.P.A.N.K., Numbuh 3 walks into her room and discovers Count Spankulot spanking one of her Rainbow Monkeys. In other words, she caught him "spanking the monkey".

Fridge Horror
  • "Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E." introduces Numbuh Three's granddaughter, Sally Sanban (given Madame Margaret's female-dominated society, inheriting the mother's surname is Justified). She smuggles one of Madame Margaret's girlifier rifles to the Boys Next Door, who are led by an old Numbuh Four, who doesn't know her, so that they can reverse engineer it, launch a counterattack, and commandeer Margaret's time machine to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. This, combined with old Numbuh Four's advice litany to his younger self at the end of the episode imply that Kuki and Wally did not get together in that timeline. Now, at the end of "Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S.", Kuki and Wally are revealed to be married. This heavily implies that Sally saved the world, but erased her own existence in the process. There are scenarios that could result in her being born anyway, but they all require other bad stuff to happen.
  • "Operation: E.N.D" involves Numbuh 274(Chad)'s Face-Heel Turn. At one point he says "I told my parents I didn't want a stupid party" since he was turning 13. Seems like well-meaning but oblivious parents, until you remember that Chad's parents are Mega Mom and Destructo Dad. Maybe they did it on purpose...
  • The Delightful Children From Down The Lane are creepy enough on their own. It gets worse when you consider who they actually are and what happened to them. They used to be Sector Z of the KND, but they were captured by Father, who put them through such rigorous torture, or as he puts it, delightfulization, to the point that it's quite literally impossible to turn them back (any attempts are just temporary). To think that such honorable members of the KND have been turned into such monsters is not only scary, but you have to think of what kind of treatment Father put a couple of ten year olds through to make them like that permanently. Not to mention that the torture was so intense, that they work as one being, on the same wavelength, and speak in unison. And he constantly has the delightfulized Sector Z try to either delightfulize or kill other members of the Kids Next Door as well, who are basically their former teammates.
    • Another thing, wouldn't the Delightful Children have actual biological parents? Given that Father considers them his own children, it paints a light on how mentally ill he must be.
      • Don't forget the fact that they probably drowned and their real parents will probably never know.
      • Adding to the fact that they probably had families...some of the other operatives could be fighting their friends, cousins, or even THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS!
    • Actually, in one episode, it was shown that delightfulization is caused by a raygun. Normally, if it's caught early enough, it can be reversed by a jolt to the system, like having a camera flash going off directly in your face. When Father delightfulized Sector Z, it was an early experiment in the technology. The power was turned up too high, causing an overload. The machine exploded, but created five permanently delightfulized children. On another note, The Delightful Children have been shown to defy Father on occasion, though still being evil. If this pattern continues and the Delightfuls become more willful over time, Father could be in for some serious evil competition a few years down the road.
    • Having personal experience with parental abuse, I remember how seeing the Delightful Children being fearful of Father in op. G.R.O.W.U.P. made me uncomfortable. To me now, the DCFDTL seem like child-friendly representations of abused children for the most part, the evil they commit against the Kids Next Door is fueled by traumatic brainwashing and fear of/wanting to please Father. I found their deaths at the end of op. I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. to be rather dark, considering that they're still children. I was holding onto the hope that they would show signs of remembering who they were before delightfulization, even if it was stated to be irreversible. Or that the KND would find a way to help their nemeses as well, after realizing that they are still fellow children, too.
    • How long has Henrich been living with... that thing?
      • It also happened to her at a young age, that had to be traumatizing.
      • It occurred and was cured well before Henrich entered puberty, thus meaning before signifigant portions of her gender identity would be affected by it. Living as a tomboy and living as an actual boy would not be that signifigantly different without sexual characteristics that come with puberty, so it wouldn't affect her development in a signifigant way.
    • In "Operation: I.T.", Numbuh Five says that Father would "grind kids into coffee and drink them". Seems like an exaggeration, until you consider "C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R.", when he basically attempted to bake several children alive. Father could very well be cannibalizing children offscreen...
      • Even worse when you realize eating kids is a lot of minor villians' goals. The KND live in a world where cannibalizing children isn't just acceptable, it's encouraged.
    • How about the fact that Father is actively trying to KILL HIS OWN NEPHEW on a daily basis?
    • Lizzie is shown to be seriously unstable sometimes and even tried to MURDER Sector V for getting in the way of her and Numbuh 1 (who she tried to borderline mind rape). We never see or hear from her family members. Could she be the KND universe's Yuno Gasai?
    • The Boyfriend Helmet and all the pain it caused. It was in a magazine ad. Which means it's mass produced. Sweet dreams.
      • Well, Numbuh Five did say that they're "not exactly cheap", but still...
      • Not only is it massed produced, but the Kids Next Door never stop the production! They don't blow up the factories, they don't stop any shipments, they do nothing. We have mind control hats being sold, and the main defense against things like this decided not to do anything about it. Sure they try to help Numbuh 1, but what about everyone else? There could be entire schools being brain washed and the Kids Next Door don't even seem to care. We don't even get a throw away line about stopping the rest of the helmets later. Also, if a villian were to find this and just adjust it slightly, we have an entire army of brain controlled masses.
      • You don't know that. The KND have Offscreen Moment of Awesome all the time.
    • More like a Fridge Tear Jerker, but Leona is 350 years old and is still physically and probably mentally 10. Everybody she knew and loved are looong dead. A (technically} little girl outlived all her relatives.
      • And if her family did live 350 years ago (with all the diseases and war and such), their deaths probably weren't that pleasant.
      • More Fridge Tearjerker—and this may seem obvious, but I didn't pick up on it when I was a kid; when Leona and Numbuh 5 hug each other in the bathroom, Leona lets herself age, 5 asks "Are you sure you're gonna be okay?"...We just watched someone decide to die, and 5 asking if Leona is okay with death.
    • Numbuh 3 could be mentally ill.
    • At first, the KND just seems like a fun group which helps kids against the tyranny of homework and broccoli. But then you realize, they're essentially Child Soldiers using weapons that could very well kill. And then you notice some of the adults plans include murder, torture and... worse. In essence, that means this fun, silly group of kids are the only thing keeping the world from tearing itself apart.
      • And keep in mind that a good chunk of them are going to turn evil (or already are, maybe) once they're thirteen. Talk about a Crapsack World.
    • Captain Stickybeard has an immense ship that sails on land, it plows the ground, and destroys houses in its path. What are the chances that those houses have people in them?
    • What if pedophiles exist in this world? They're probably supervillains too.
  • The sheer mortal peril that kids are put through in the world of C:KND goes beyond Could Have Been Messy. If for a second you ignore Plot Armor and Like You Would Really Do It, the prospects of some of the villains' plans are downright horrifying.
    • Chester tried to feed live kids to sharks for their currency.
    • Chad almost sent everyone in the Moonbase into the sun.
    • Valerie wasn't just going to kill Five, but eat her.
      • Granted, she's a werewolf, but still.
    • Mr. Boss was going to send his employees' children to Pluto.
    • Nurse Claiborne was willing to put Three and Five through what was essentially a giant woodchipper.
    • And last but not least, Father was damn close to baking children alive into a giant cake he would later give to his own kids to eat.
    • Besides the villains' plans, everything about the Kids Next Door is outlandishly perilous. This is an international organization of child soldiers who spend years battling very capable and downright murderous adults, sometimes in high-speed aerial dogfights that, with the slightest mishap, could send them spiraling down to earth and an early grave. It makes one wonder if any KND agents have ever died, and given the many, MANY high-stakes situations they get into and capable villains they have encountered in all the years existed, there almost certainly have been kids killed in action. On another note, their only defense against these monsters of people are highly dangerous and potentially deadly weapons (some of them weapons of mass destruction), which were made by other children out of junk. Yes, they are shown to work, and they are certainly more advanced than anything currently existing (lazers, giant aerial gunships, A PERMANENT INHABITABLE MOON BASE, etc.), but if these lazer guns ever malfunction, which they almost certainly do ...
      • And, imagine what it would be like to be the parent of a KND operative. Their children are probably cold and distant with them (either because they regard them as useless and stupid, or because they just can't snap out of military-mode), and they have no idea why. Their children are constantly disappearing and coming back injured (or not coming back at all). Thankfully(?), most of them never learn about the mortal peril their kids are in on a daily basis, but there have almost certainly been a few security leaks in the past. Imagine what it would feel like to learn that your child, whom you want nothing more than to love and protect, is actually a soldier who constantly risks death and worse, and you can do absolutely nothing about it.
  • In "Operation: P.O.O.L.", the alternate universe counterparts of the Delightful Children are still delightfultized, even though their version of Father is a good guy. Heel-Face Brainwashing, anyone?
    • The entire alternate universe is full of Fridge Horror.
    • Another example of said Negaverse Fridge Horror: Negative Numbuh Four keeps threatening and ordering people to be sent to "the broccoli mines," and having them react with fear. Which seems like an absurdist gag, until "Operation: I.T." when it's revealed broccoli in the CKND universe has effects on people similar to Superman's kryptonite/radioactive isotopes. Imagine having to mine something that was slowly killing you. And what horrible things could the DNK possibly be doing that required so much hazardous material?
  • As stated up the page, the KND are basically Child Soldiers, but this is made slightly better by the fact that they act, for the most part, like normal children. Then you get to thinking about it. Children are often petty and cruel, somewhat worse than adults because they can't quite understand the consequences of their actions, and this is why we generally don't put children in positions of leadership. So, imagine a normal child, prone to temper tantrums and petty grudges, in possession of deadly weapons and with every opportunity to use them. Sure, the KND probably have measures in place to prevent their agents from going rogue, but stuff will always slip through the cracks and if it's a choice between the word of a child and the word of an adult, who are they going to side with?
  • Something I wondered was what happened to teens that escaped decommissioning or became undercover agents of the Kids Next Door. Like were their boogers removed automatically? I wonder because that would mean that Father would accidentally turn THEM into animals too. Just imagine how creepy it would be for a few teens to be turned into animals.
  • It's odd to see how Numbuh 1 didn't really know too much about his family history. His father knows about Father and Grandfather, but when Numbuh 1 saw both of them in their true forms one of them in P.O.O.L., and the other one when Father was about to transform Grandfather to his evil self, he didn't recognize any of them. Maybe because Monty actually knew about Father all along, but didn't want Numbuh 1 to know the truth until he was ready.
  • In Operiation M.A.U.R.I.C.E Numbuh 5 scuttles several teen ships in pursuit of Cree and Maurice, in the open ocean. To make matters wore, there not cartoony galleons like Stickybeard's ship or cruise ships with plenty of life boats, there aircraft carriers. Any who has seen those things knows how huge they are. And there are no life boats or life perservers to speak of. Numbuh 5 could have very well sent thousands of teen sailors to Davy Jones' locker. Worse still, the captains that tell Numbuh 5 five to go to Chickenpox Island don't seem to care at all about the lives of there brothers in arms.
    • In Operation: V.I.R.U.S., Battle Ready Armor (which most, if not all Teen Ninjas wear) seems to have an aquatic mode. So I don't think Abbey killed anyone.
      • That wouldn't stop people from getting killed in initial explosion, getting traped in the wreck, panicing and doing something stupid, or the captain deciding to go down with the ship.
  • In Operation B.U.T.T., Numbuh One is nude on the beach. When he hides in a picnic basket, the man lying next to it reaches into the basket and grabs something that causes Numbuh One's eyes to widen.

The Delight Full children are clones.
In Operation: R.E.C.R.U.I.T., Numbuh One tells Bobby about the secret of the Dish Washers, and how that the unfinished scraps of food on the childrens plates and used to replicate DNA. Now, notice how cloned Bobby has blue eyes. They look like the Delihgtfull fives. It is also the real reason why the Delight Full children from Down the lane are so polite.

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