Film / Hausu

"If an alien who had just landed on Earth cornered you one day and asked, "Hey, what's with all the Internet jokes about Japan being really weird?" you could show him this movie and he would say, "Oh." Then he would leave planet Earth forever."

1977 Japanese horror movie by Nobuhiko Obayashi and considered the Spiritual Predecessor to The Evil Dead (1981), Hausu is the story of seven girls who decide to go to the country home belonging to the aunt of one of them, when all their summer vacation plans fall apart. Strange things begin to happen as it seems that evil forces are at work to Kill 'em All. It can be best described as a drug-addled David Lynch's version of a more colourful (if that's even possible) Suspiria remake.

It was released in North America in 2009 as House. Not to be confused with the American haunted house movie called House, or that other House who's a snarky doctor.