Fan Fic / Devil Arms

Devil Ärms is a short series of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Fan Fic that deals with the life of Kimura Yuuki, who comes across half of an ancient and powerful Lost Logia known as the Devil Ärms and ends up being taken into custody by the Time Space Administration Bureau. His real name is not revealed until the epilogue of the first story and until then he goes by the name of Kurosawa Kuro due to carrying the darkness half of the Devil Ärms while his Childhood Friend Kobayashi Kasumi goes by the name Hashimoto Hikari.

The first story, "LegendS," is a Self-Insert Fic that deals with Yuuki's experiences during the Strikers timeline as a member of Section Six's Stars Squad and most notably his interactions with the members of the squad. Overall the fic is full of lighthearted comedy with a few bits of drama and romance.

The second story, "StarS," takes place three months after the end of the first taking place on Earth. Yuuki having acquired both sides of the Devil Ärms is put in charge of an investigation involving multiple thefts throughout TSAB space leading into a small war with an unknown force that uses cyborgs as soldiers. This story introduces more original characters and is an original story. It starts out with the same light-hearted comedy as its prequel but becomes Darker and Edgier with many mysteries being cleared up and even more showing up.

The third story, "ReturnerS", takes place in Mid-Childa three years after the end of StarS, featuring yet another new threat and a mysterious ally that greatly resembles Yuuki...

Not to be confused with the sentient weapons Dante encounters during his adventures.

Tropes found in this Fan Fic: