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Dethroning Moment: Professional Wrestling
"Fuck This Company!"
Jim Cornette in response to one of many moments like these.

While maybe professional Sports can't be used as a Dethroning Moment of Suck, the fact all Wrestling Matches are scripted meant it is also subject to moments of suck in the franchise as its media cousins.

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  • JIKTV: Shawn Michaels' "I Lost My Smile" speech from the February 13, 1997 WWE Raw, Thursday Raw Thursday. After regaining the WWE Championship from Sycho Sid a month earlier at the Royal Rumble, and facing the prospect of dropping the belt back to Bret Hart at WrestleMania XIII, in return for Bret having done so for Shawn a year earlier, Shawn takes the coward's way out and forfeits the belt with a bogus excuse. All because he didn't want to do the job and he missed his three asshole friends who were stinking up the joint in WCW. Despite this, Shawn would remain employed, go on to win the WWE World Tag Team Titles in the summer with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (which he would vacate, of course), win the title for a third and final time, and eventually go on to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 as if this and all his other moments of political bullshit had never happened.
    • Saiyan Warrior 006: You're only delving into a small part of it. Shawn at that time was argubaly the biggest prick in the Wrestling world with how he acted. Threatening to leave or no show if things didn't go his way. Refusing to put wrestlers over (If he did lose it was by DQ or countout) and a whole lot of other things including throwing a tantrum backstage and demanding he wins The European title at a show in Britain against British Bulldog (despite Davey Boy having it in his contract he'd never lose in his home country.) and afterwards gloating and dedicating the win to Bulldog's sister in the front row who had cancer and shortly died afterwards. Shawn would do nothing with it and drop it to his buddy Triple H making it all pointless. If it wasn't for the fact he was one of their bigger stars and it was a difficult time as they needed all the stars and marketable people they could get, his ass would've been fired long ago for the stunts he pulled.
    • Saitsu: Valid points and I think no one in their right mind would say that Shawn Michaels was in the right for...well, any of his antics back in the 90s. However remember this. When Shawn ducked the match, Bret needed a replacement match and we needed a replacement title match. What did we get? First off, the Undertaker got the strap which he was LONG overdue for as a face. The second? Bret's replacement match? With Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Submission Match. That match led to Bret's return as a vicious heel, and absolutely made Austin's star leading to the buildup of Austin winning the title and becoming the top guy o the WWE. If Shawn stays and faces Bret at Mania as planned, who's to say what happens? Taker could be waiting longer for his recognition as champion, and Austin, while certainly over (hence the double turn in the first place), may not become the mega star he became without that match. Shawn's cowardice and terrible attitude may have actually saved the WWE in the long run, though I wouldn't tell him that.
  • Blueranger: Melina vs Alicia Fox at Summerslam 2010. Whether or not you liked Alicia as champion, the way Melina completely buried her in that match is inexcusable. Melina can't help how she's booked (winning the match) but she can help the way she wrestles. Alicia was only able to get basic offence in that match and looked incredibly weak. Things got worse in their rematch for the title - Alicia got no offence in whatsoever. For three minutes all Melina did was beat the crap non stop out of Alicia, burying her once again. These days Alicia is being used as a jobber while Melina got a push of her own and is still being booked strongly.
  • Rickysayshi: Survivor Series 2006, Lita's farewell from WWE. Who honestly thought this up? After years of dedication she gets sent away by having Cryme Tyme give a "Ho Sale" and sell her "belongings" that include her panties, tampons and a dildo. And you want to know the kicker? Before the segment starts you can see a security guy confiscating a "Thank You Lita" sign from a group of people in the crowd.
  • L 3 X Jam3s: The Straight Edge Society. First off, it started off simple enough. It was CM Punknand Luke Gallows saving random indie wrestlers in the audience, and shaving their heads to get a "New Start". After a fantastic feud with Rey Mysterio, the company didn't care that they were the hottest act in the company, and paired them Big Show as a rival. What happened next was the subsequent burial of all the talents. Joey Mercury joined for no reason, Serena was gone from the group from Raw 900 and got mentioned again, and Luke Gallows turned Face for a while, and then he was released. And Punk? He became a color commentator on Raw for 3 months. But Big Show... He was busy killing Wade Barrett's new stable, and would do so to the New Nexus, only this time with Kane.
  • gurudyne: Snooki debuting in Wrestlemania 27. Wrestlemania, as in the crown jewel of WWE's PPVs, the event that exists as a hallmark of each participating wrestler's career. Sure, it's never been completely free of gimmicks or special guests, but I honestly can't remember someone less deserving of screentime at Wrestlemania, let alone a match. Bryan Danielson was bumped off the card for Snooki's match. To make matters worse, this reeks of something TNA would pull.
    • SNL 95: While on the topic of WrestleMania 27 let's add the Corre being squashed in 90 seconds at Wrestlemania. Already having a squash match in a Pay-Per-View is horrible but it gets worse due to the fact that Wade Barret was the Intercontinental Champion and Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel were the Tag Team Champions leading to both titles losing most if not all of their prestige. It's especially bad that there was a rematch the next Friday on Smackdown that actually let them come out strong which begs the question why they didn't use the Smackdown match for Wrestlemania and if there was any point to them being squashed.
  • Lionheart0: Booker T vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 19 for the World Heavyweight Championship. Up until this point, Booker T is crazy over, the crowd is rooting for him and it looks like he'll finally win the big one. The entire build up has Triple H verbally burying Booker, insulting his skills, and saying a person like him could never be WHC. Come Wrestlemania 19 you fully expect Booker to finally win the match right? Right? No dice. Booker T gives Triple H everything he's got, but Trips win after a single Pedigree. So not only did Triple H get to verbally bury Booker T, he ended being proven right at that.
  • The_Reptile_: This one needs a bit of explaining. After the 2011 Draft, Randy Orton was put onto Smackdown, the apparent plan there to make him the top guy there, much like John Cena was on RAW. To do this, they needed to put the belt on him as soon as possible. Okay, fair enough. The problem is that fan favorite Christian got the belt to keep it on Smackdown after Alberto Del Rio got drafted onto RAW. Now, its been well documented that not just Vince McMahon, but pretty much the entire booking committee behind WWE don't think too highly of Christian as a Main Event player, no matter what fans may say to the contrary. So how do they get the belt off of Christian? Have him keep it until Over the Limit, which is only about two weeks away? Nope! They have lose it on the Smackdown afterwards to Randy Orton!
    • Voidekat: To make things even clearer, that long awaited title that Christian truly deserved? His first ever one? The one that made everybody happy? The heartwarming moment? All scrapped in less than two days.
      • Gravityman: Christian did win the title back a little while later, but unfortunately they apparently decided that Christian isn't allowed to look competent or anything. To put the belt on him, they put them in a match were if Orton gets disqualified, Christian gets the belt. The match then ends with... Orton randomly kicking Christian in the junk, a move so bizarrely out of character that it comes off as nothing but incredibly forced.
  • Jables6: John Cena and Alberto Del Rio failed to stop CM Punk from escaping MITB with the championship. In repsonse, Vince holds a tournament of eight superstars, and none of them is Cena. Rey Mysterio Jr and The Miz enter the finals, but their match is postponed by Vince, who wanted to fire Cena in front of the entire WWE universe. Cue HHH. He walks in, not only to stop Vince from firing Cena, but to fire Vince as well, with HHH taking his place. Fast forward one week. Mysterio beats the Miz to obtain not only the first post-McMahon championship, but his first WWE Championship. Now all that's left is to see how long it will be before Del Rio cashes in his MITB. Then, Triple H pulls what many sports analysts call a 'dick move' and forces Mysterio to defend his title against none other than John Cena in the same night. in less than two hours, Mysterio lost his championship, and not even CM Punk walking out with the real belt around his waist his old indy theme, Cult Of Personality, blaring through the speakers could end the fan rage felt that night.
  • Kilgore Trout: I took a break from WWE starting in 2003. There was stuff on the show that made me uncomfortable, such as the infamous Katie Vick stuff, and a sketch involving the Hurricane and Rosey where Rosey tried to rescue a cat from a tree as part of his superhero training and ended up killing it, but I kept watching...until the Iraq War began and Vince McMahon decided to crank the Patriotic Fervor Up to Eleven. I distinctly remember Jim Ross talking about how great it was that the U.S. was invading that country, taking time out of a pay-per-view to do it no less. And then came the debate between Scott Steiner and Christopher Nowinski. Which, as I recall, was preceded a week earlier by Nowinski walking out with a mic to talk about how wrong it was for the U.S. to invade Iraq, prompting Steiner to run out and kick his ass on behalf of all "true Americans". And then came "La Resistance", who were heels because they were from France, which had objected to the invasion you see. There was only so long I could continue to watch a show that kept on villifying people with my beliefs and creating Strawman Political heels for the babyfaces to destroy. I really felt like Vince's message was "If you're not behind George W. Bush 100%, then you also deserve an asskicking like Nowinski's getting and like La Resistance are getting."
    • President Al Bundy: At least it gave us the classic "I wrestled a lot of countries" line.
  • Goldeneye101: I'd say the CM Punk / Cena Feud after Money In the Bank 2011. Not only did the aforementioned tournament happened, but at the actual match, Kevin Nash attacks Punk after he wins and Alberto Del Rio wins the title by cashing in the Money in the Bank. Cena gets pissy because him and Punk work their asses off to end in THAT. There then is a No. 1 contender matchup, where Nash interferes again by distracting Punk. Cena, completely contradicting his actions last week, capitalizes on it to win.
  • clownishchimp: The whole Triple H as the COO angle. Before that the angle was about CM Punk shooting on Vince McMahon and WWE, taking shots at their behind the scenes activities and their attempt at a PG public image. As a result Vince suspended him and decided to give someone else a shot at the title until John Cena confronted him and demanded that Punk get his shot or he would walk out. Vince agrees but says if Cena fails to beat Punk, he is fired. So Punk gets his shot, and despite Vince's attempts at another Montreal Screwjob, Punk wins and escapes with the title. At this point WWE is getting a ton of praise over the angle and people can't wait to see what happens next. The following night they hold a tournament to crown a new WWE Champion, while Cena is about to be fired by Vince, making people wonder if Vince would actually do it or not. Then the angle goes downhill when Triple H shows up completely out of the blue and announces that the Board of Directors has relieved Vince of his duties (even though Vince McMahon is the majority owner of the company) and that he is the new COO. There's also the fact that this is Vince McMahon the man whose been running WWE since the 80's and brought wrestling to the mainstream and boom periods such as the Rock N Wrestling and Attitude Eras, and who has played the Big Bad of WWE programming since the Montreal Screwjob, and yet he's just kicked out of his own company out of nowhere and dropped and forgotten about like a bad date, just to stop him from firing Cena. It gets worse when Cena simply gets the title back the next week and Punk shows up right after he wins it. This has lead to an extremely confusing angle in which HHH and Punk are feuding, yet neither wants to do a Face-Heel Turn, making it hard for the fans to figure out who to root for. Then at Summerslam Punk beats Cena to be undisputed WWE champion, but is then attacked by Kevin Nash so that Alberto Del Rio, a heel whom WWE had pushed to the moon despite his lack of overness with the fans, can become the new champion. So Cena is now busy feuding with Del Rio for the title, while the angle turns into a three-way feud between Punk, HHH, and Nash(who is the one playing the heel), two of them being semi-retired from in-ring competition. There's a whole mystery over who sent the text to Nash, but he then reveals he sent it to himself, so HHH fires him. HHH and Punk finally face each other at Night of Champions, which has interference from The Miz, R-Truth, and Nash, and HHH winds up winning the match, thus burying Punk. He then fires Miz and R-Truth and makes a Triple Threat match for HIAC between Punk, Cena (who beat Del Rio cleanly to win the title), and Del rio for the title. It ends with Del Rio winning the title despite just losing it weeks ago when Miz and R-Truth attack Punk. This incident leads to the entire roster becoming threatened by an "unsafe workplace"(yeah, they are afraid of the MIZ of all people), and pretty much everyone on the roster walks out since they do not have confidence in Triple H and want him to step down. Yes, almost the entire roster pulls a Face-Heel Turn because they do not support HHH, whom is being portrayed as the sympathetic face of the storyline. And there's no end in sight for this angle. To make things even worse, they are playing up John Laurinitis as the the person, or one of the people, behind the conspiracy, meaning that potentially the angles payoff of this whole storyline is a semi-retired Triple H fighting one of his father-in-law's former stooges for control over WWE. Alternatively it could also lead to yet another feud between Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon for control over their father/father-in-law's company. What would make the latter potentially worse is that it may extend to Wrestlemania 28, in which the Wrestlemania ten years earlier saw the last feud between HHH and Stephanie, which was terrible and the match that the feud was building up to, HHH vs Chris Jericho, somehow got to be the final match on the card over The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan, one of the biggest matches of all time. And Wrestlemania 28 has Rock vs Cena as the schedule main event. Which means WWE could be repeating history by booking HHH and Stephanie's marriage problems over one of the biggest, most anticiopate matches of all time. So basically it looks like this whole thing is just to make HHH the center of attention once again. And as big as this rant is, it still probably doesn't fully cover how bad this is, but I will leave that to anyone else who has something to say about it.
    • ryu238: I was alright with the whole angle up until Kevin Nash opened his mouth on the Raw after SummerSlam. (Though they really should've held off longer on CM Punk's return till at least after SummerSlam) The whole angle died right there and then despite the WWE's attempts to revive it with Miz and R-Truth. And then it died again once Nash said he sent the text. How does that make sense? And while the vote of no confidence angle was compelling, Fridge Logic took some of the excitement away, and then WWE screwed that up by making the angle null and void, and shit, by resolving it the next week by having everybody just come back in because Trips was replaced by Laurenitis. And Vince McMahon, who we really never expected to see again, announced it by interrupting a exciting match. Epic Fall doesn't begin to describe how badly the whole thing was handled.
    • Tn Adct 1: Oh god, the "vote of confidence" segment is pretty much one of the worst segments ever written for a WWE program, as there's so many problems in that bit that I'm likely going to miss one of them. First, the whole reason for this "vote of confidence" has to do with the talent feeling unsafe due to recent run-ins by recently "fired" wrestlers The Miz and R-Truth. In other words, they are complaining about stuff that's the norm in any wrestling league. That's like saying that hockey players feeling that their sport is unsafe due to the amount of body checking in their games. Second, outside of a referee and Jerry Lawler (who himself provides another problem in that he votes "no confidence" despite the fact that he clearly points out that this is not Triple H's fault, but rather someone conspiring to overthrow him), everyone who spoke against Triple H were heel wrestlers. Making things worse, among those complaining are Wade Barrett (whose actions during the initial Nexus attack the previous year were far worse than what Miz and R Truth did), MarkHenry (who is booked as a vicious monster heel and had attacked Lawler two weeks prior), and BethPheonix (who feels that these run-ins may result in the Divas getting harmed, despite the fact that she's a monster heel Diva and one of only two females to ever wrestled in a Royal Rumble match). In other words, it's hypocrisy at its worst. Third, WWE bookers purposely had all the top faces (John Cena, CM Punk) not take part in this bit, as they didn't want them to receive heat during the walk-out at the end. Hence, rather than have Cena come out and obviously call out all the bull that's been going on here (and hopefully encourage the faces and non-wrestling staff to give a vote of confidence), it turns into basically a thing to make Triple H feel sympathetic to the fans. Finally, this whole event took prominence over actually getting things ready for Vengeance, resulting in two PPV's in a row in which there's only two weeks to have the Raw portion of the card built up before the event.
  • On Soaring Wings: 11-22-11 Daniel Bryan cashes in Money in the Bank against a knocked out Mark Henry, and wins the World Heavyweight Title only for Theodore Long to come out and declare that since Henry was unable to compete the title change was null and void. I'm sorry doesn't that completely fly in the face of almost every single money in the bank cash in ever!? Negative Continuity should not be used to justify screwing a face over, especially an Ensemble Dark Horse like Bryan
    • Fusenger Shadow: Worse yet, Michael Cole was annoying enough insulting Daniel Bryan before he was champ. Cue Bryan winning the WHC. Does the insulting stop or even diminish any? It sure doesn't! You do not have your featured commentator bury one of your champs! It's like WWE is going out their way to deliberately sabotage Bryan's run at the top. However, Cole has transitioned into being a full Bryan supporter now, as a heel commentator should be. It just took two months longer than it should.
  • Das Nordlicht 91: At WrestleMania XXVIII, Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship opened the show. You would expect a back-and-forth and hard-fought match to get the crowd going for what could be one of the best WrestleMania events in recent memory, right? Nope. Sheamus squashes Bryan in 18 seconds flat with one Brogue Kick to become the new WHC. I mean, wow. You've got two guys who were bumped off WM27 the year prior in a big title match, and it ends in eighteen fucking seconds. Wow.
  • Tropers/Renelia: Going back in time, it has to be The Invasion and what went wrong. It was supposed to be the biggest angle in (then) WWF history. Now, I understand that some of the wrestlers they couldn't get a hold of because of contractual issues. The main problem was that it had a lot of potential and it ended up utterly wasted because of unknown reasons. What causes this to be even worse: the wrestlers that were "too expensive", with the exception of Sting, ended up wrestling in the WWF/WWE in the (then) near-future! However, what made this a real wall banger: The so-called WWF vs. WCW battle royal match in November 2001...the last two wrestlers were from the WWF during the Attitude Era. It may have been a deliberate plot for WWF to screw over what was left of WCW, but the entire angle was poorly planned and it's no wonder why it's remembered as one of the worst angles in WWE history.
  • KantonKage: John Cena vs Damien Sandow. Sandow first practically destroys Cena's injured arm and cashed in his Money In the Bank and still loses and is buried in the process. Their second encounter, Sandow is treated like chopped liver, meaning no televised entrance, Cena get introduces at first despite coming out last and Sandow doesn't get introduced at all.
  • O-Zone: So does anyone remember when WWE introduced the Anonymous Raw General Manager back in 2010? Where they were represented by a computer (evidently complete with GLaDOS voice during one night). And then after about a year of putting up with it, the company decided just to do away with it all together without even revealing whoever it was? Yea...well, you know how WWE has been bringing back past General Managers to run both Raw and SD!? Guess who was back on July 9th 2012 Raw? yep, the computer, complete with Michael Cole reading the emails and all. Oh but wait, there's more! At one point, King and Cole were arguing later that night and Cole accidentally throws a drink in King's face, which lead to the GM booking a WrestleMania rematch between the yea we get a rehash of that match, like we really needed it...Booker and Josh come out to commentate it and after Cole tries to escape before hand, Booker throws him in the ring, and Jerry Lawler pins him in about 10 seconds....but then, the GM reverses the decision because Booker interfered (as in simply throwing Cole back in the ring, how is that considered interference?) and declares Cole the winner (Yes, just like at Mania). But wait! Here comes the "Best" part of all! Santino Marella, who has been doing detective work (complete with Sherlock Holmes hat) throughout the night to try and find out who the Raw GM is, comes out and declares that he's "solved the case" or something like that; he determines that the Raw GM is under the ring (and you base this on what?) cue the annoying "ding" and the email says there is no one under the ring...of course Santino goes under's, ready for this, Hornswoggle (yes, the Little Bastard/Illegitimate Child of Vince McMahon....The Anonymous Raw GM, introduced about 2 years ago, then just disappeared, is finally revealed to be hornswoggle all along... Remind me again, why do people think TNA is the worst company?
  • Cynical Bastardo: Wrestlemania IX. Yokuzuna beats Bret Hart and is shown to be an unstoppable monster heel. That is, until Hulk Hogan comes down and challenges Yoko for the title and beats him in no time at all. Further still, Hogan didn't defend the title again until King Of The Ring (and refused to job to Bret).
    • Krendall: To make things worse, the original plan was for Hogan to have one more run with the title and then drop the belt to Hart in a "passing the torch" moment at Kin of the Ring or Summer Slam. Hogan then decided to take a three-month vacation immediately after WrestleMania (not even making TV appearances), pissing off management so much that they demand he drop the belt at KotR and leave the company. Even then Hogan refused to put Bret Hart over, only agreeing to drop the belt back to Yokozuna.
  • Armando Payne: 2013 Royal Rumble. Punk V Rock. Rock winning with 2 fucking moves. It's like David Arquette being the WCW champion all over again.
  • Smapti: At Summerslam 2013, Daniel Bryan faced John Cena for the WWE championship. Going into this feud, Bryan was massively over, to the point that Cena actually ended up working as a heel during the nearly half-hour-long wrestling clinic of a match that ensued. In the end, Bryan pinned Cena and won the match, being one of the few people to ever score a clean title victory over Cena, and the crowd went wild. You'd think that would be Bryan's crowning moment of awesome, wouldn't you? Bryan's reign lasted three minutes. No sooner had his celebration finished than guest referee Triple H gave him a Pedigree which instantly knocked him unconscious (despite his taking much worse punishment from Cena during the match itself), allowing Randy Orton to come out, cash in his Money in the Bank contract, and pin Bryan in the shortest world championship match in WWF/E history (breaking the 8-second record set by Bob Backlund and Diesel in 1994) to win the championship and set up Orton, HHH, Vince McMahon, and (for some reason) the Shield as a rehash of the Corporation stable from the Attitude Era. It becomes even worse when you consider that the entire reason HHH had inserted himself as guest referee in the first place was to prevent Vince from having a crooked referee fix the match against Bryan. The entire audience wanted to see Bryan become champion, and instead he got squashed and buried, completely ruining what could have been the defining moment of his career, in order to reboot an angle from fifteen years prior.
  • Emmens: and then the following three months of rematches against Orton, They had a match at night of champions, a match resulted in Daniel Bryan winning, to much glorious fanfare, only to have HHH show up, and vacate the champion due to a fast 3 count from a refere of whom HHH suspected and then fired for having some sort of conspiracy with Bryan. Another rematch happened at Battleground which ended in The Big Show, whom already was in one hell of a wallbanger of a storyline to begin with showed up and knocked both guys out. Skip forward another monnth to Hell in a Cell, They finally put these guys in a match, Shawn Michaels has been made special referee to call it right down the middle. Their in a cell so they can have zero interfer-oh hey Shawn gets knocked out and HHH runs into the cell and the ring, inadvertantly get winges with an elbow to the head, next thing we know Shawn's making the 3 count on our new champion...randy orton. The audience was DEAD. The next night we see Shawn and Daniel Bryan talking in the ring ending in Shawn being put in the yes lock all while the camera tries so very hard to make Bryan seem like the bad guy. This whole fued felt so utterly pointless never mind the fact that anytime Orton and B Ryan were in the ring together that HHH had to show for some stupid reason. Add to the fact that right now Daniel is booked with CM Punk in a match against The Wyatt Family at survivor series makes one wonder if he'll ever get anything close to an actual reign.
  • ChrisDV: The WWE's inability to develop new stars, and constantly relying on Cena & Orton. With the Attitude Era stars finally retiring, the WWE has a severe lack of star power & has become increasingly reliant on Cena & Orton. Even though they have pushed some superstars to the main event - such as CM Punk, the Miz & Daniel Bryan - the only one you can argue is truly still a main eventer is Punk, with the likes of Miz & Bryan being immediately shoved back down to midcard status after their world title feuds have finished, and that's largely because of how long Punk was champion & that he went from the WWE champion to a feud with the Undertaker. If Orton & Cena both suffered lengthy injuries between now & WrestleMania, the WWE would be forced to rely on mid-carders & part-timers for their biggest show of the year. And part of the problem is that when someone (Like Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan) gets over on their own, the WWE take it upon themselves to give them a moment in the spotlight before throwing them back down to an even worse spot on the card than before, seemingly because they didn't choose that superstar to be pushed.
  • HeavyMetalSnail: Batista winning the 2014 Royal Rumble. There are so many reasons why this sucks. First, Batista had not worked with the company since 2010 and has only been back for around a month, making it absurd that he were to win something so big after being with the company for such a short amount of time. Second, he won the rumble by eliminating young Roman Reigns after Reigns broke Kane's elimination record in a rather effortless and anticlimactic fashion, completely derailing the momentum that he built up in the match. Third, the match was stacked with several people who had not only worked for the company longer, had not won the rumble before, and have shown themselves to be far greater talent than Batista (CM Punk, Antonio Cesaro, The Shield, The Wyatt Family, Big E Langston, and Dolph Ziggler being the most notable examples). Fourth, Batista is guaranteed a title match at Wrestlemania over several more over wrestlers, including the beloved Daniel Bryan (who was not even in the match), signifying that WWE would rather have a match featuring a 45 year old has-been rather than one of their more popular, younger, and better wrestlers who would actually benefit from a rumble win and a world title match. This finish was so bad, that it seems like WWE was trying to piss off their fans and alienate their viewers. It is proof positive that WWE hates their fans and does not want to listen to them. Why else would they not push any of the wrestlers that the fans actually like? It was an abysmal finish that shows that WWE wants to keep rehashing the same old shit instead of actually trying to run a wrestling company properly. This is the kind of garbage that you expect from WCW.
    • KiraBlaize: Batista made his return six days earlier. He stated he was going to take Randy's title before the segment was over. What makes it worse is how PREDICTABLE this was. Once CM Punk was eliminated (By KANE, who was eliminated earlier no less) and the crowd realized that Bryan would NOT be in the rumble, they turned on EVERYONE. The rage was so great that after Batista won (adding the the rage I might add) he was so pissed at the crowd that he flipped them off. Mind you, Dave is FACE here.
    • GX Next: Looking at it from a booking perspective was a real crap moment. Look at the Legends panel; the COO's hero growing up and his besty. Who wins the tag titles? COO's Degeneration X stablemates the New Age Outlaws, a tag team with a combined age of 94. Who is still the WWEWHC? Coo's Evolution stablemate. Who is the surprise legend entrant into the Royal Rumble? Kevin Nash, not Diesel as he had been a mere three years prior, Kevin Nash. Finally who is the winner of the Rumble? COO's other Evolution stablemate. Any one or two of these would have been okay and honestly Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair on the legends panel was more than justified, but all of that together makes me think this should have been called Kliq-a-mania than rather than the Royal Rumble.
  • Totaldramawwe: One of the things I didn't like about WrestleMania XXX (Don't get me wrong I like it) it's when John Cena beat Bray Wyatt with the AA. My problem it's not because he defeated Bray, but it was because this was the time where Cena could have develop his character with the whole storyline he and Bray been through the past few weeks and what was the come of it? Nothing, just nothing. Lucky for the Wyatt's they beat John with Sheamus and Big E in the day after the event but it was still a wasted of a good plot and some great character development for John.
  • Peridonyx: The Streak finally ending in such an Anti-Climax at WrestleMania XXX. Even Daniel Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship later couldn't kill the aftertaste.
  • Gravityman: Roman Reigns, already an overpushed rookie with next to no actual talent, gets to the main event scene in probably the worst way you could ever book it. Instead of just having him win a contenders match, WWE went with the idea of having him run a completely out-of-character Gambit Roulette in which he just straight up poisons the coffee Vickie Guerrero was bringing to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, which gets Stephanie sick. Through no actual influence from Reigns himself, aside from the poison, this ends in Stephanie puking all over Vickie Guerrero and Vickie putting Reigns in the battle royal for the last contender's spot. There is no way Roman Reigns could've known things would go that way, meaning that if his plans hadn't gone absolutely perfectly, all that would've happened was his boss getting sick and an innocent woman getting fired for his actions. In fact, those things did happen, it's just that Roman Reigns happened to also be rewarded for it by what is essentially pure luck. It seriously ended up looking like Roman Reigns poisoned his boss, got an innocent woman fired, and the universe itself rewarded him for it. Obviously, nobody brings up that what Roman Reigns did was a seriously scummy (if not criminal) thing, not even Vickie Guerrero as she was being fired for his actions, and in fact, the Authority later rewards Reigns by giving him a title shot at the next PPV apropos of nothing.
  • Cole Yote: Back in time a couple years, John Cena vs The Miz I Quit match at Over The Limit 2011. Match was a half-hour 2-on-1 beatdown of John Cena which "ended" with a rehash of the Rock/Mankind recorded "I quit" dirty finish. Except the referee decided to be smart for once, checked it out and restarted the match. John Cena then no-sells half an hour of injuries and literally wins with four moves, one of which was ducking a title belt to the head and another of which was a bit of pants belt whipping (which, as a masochist, I can say is hardly crippling). I cannot overstate the absurdity of it. I mean, I am not exaggerating when I say it was half an hour of The Miz beating on John Cena only for John to completely forget about it as soon as the match was restarted.
  • WWE Raw - 8/25/2014: After he got absolutely demolished by Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, we were supposed to hear from what SHOULD'VE been a "walking wounded" John Cena and his crazy reasoning for why he wants to rematch Brock right away at Night of Champions. Instead we get a do-nothing "Hall of Famers" conference with Hulk Hogan kissing up to Cena, Cena comes out, selling ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from his beatdown by Lesnar other than "Oh, I got my ass kicked" and instead of the same impassioned promo we heard from him before SummerSlam, just flatly says he's going to beat Brock Lesnar's ass, doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to sell his destruction at SummerSlam or even sell the rematch at NOC, which we can only hope is not WWE's cheap way of popping the belt back on Cena to tie Flair's world title record and take even further refuge under their ever thinning security blanket that is John Cena.

  • GetterKaizer: I don't think I have to explain the Finger Poke of Doom. Or David Arquette winning the WCW Heavyweight Title in a Tag Team Match.
    • tsstevens: Wait, let's not overlook the night that killed WCW. There was the Goldberg angle where he was portrayed as a stalker (originally a rapist,) the Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash "match" above or the Reset Button being used on the NWO angle to make them a God-Mode Sue. However if fans could point to one moment in the night it would be this: Mick Foley was going to win the WWF Championship on Raw, which was pre taped. Eric Bichoff saw fit to spoil this and then had Tony Schiavonie insult Foley by saying, "Wow, that'll put the butts in the seats, hyeh." Half a million WCW fans jumped ship that night, and just over two years later the company died, by insulting someone the fans held in high regard.
  • Tork: How 'bout Vince Russo winning the belt? The Insane Troll Logic of Arquette as champ doesn't even apply to Russo winning the title. It had no possible avenue to draw money (nobody liked him and he had no matches to where he could get beaten up) and cheapened the status of the already hurting WCW title. On top of that, Booker T (the champ Vinnie get the belt from) won it back almost immediately, making the whole angle entirely pointless aside from the fact that Russo can now put "former WCW Champion" on his resume.
  • SNL 95: To put how little the WCW title meant after these aforementioned incidents; after Goldberg lost the title it changed hands 32 TIMES in two years with the longest reign being 3 months. Some title reigns didn't even last a week and David Arquette and Vince Russo were among the champions. Hell Chris Benoit willingly giving up the title is a testament to how meaningless the title had become under Vince Russo's booking.
  • dictatorsaurus: June of 1991 - Jim Herd fires Ric Flair, who was NWA World Heavyweight Champion at the time. Not only did the firing destroy the plans for the Great American Bash, which had Lex Luger finally defeating Flair for the title, but it nearly killed the NWA World Title itself. Speaking of the Great American Bash, not only did it end up as one of the worst PPV shows of all time, but it ended with Lex Luger vs. Barry Windham in a steel cage match for the vacant title. What could make that even worse? Luger would win the title, and then immediately turn heel, siding with Harley Race. As big of a D Mo S as it was, there was a silver lining later in the year: Rick Rude's debut as the WCW Phantom (and the centerpiece of the Dangerous Alliance) at Halloween Havoc. The formation of the Dangerous Alliance sparked a critical renaissance in WCW.
  • Retsof Noraa: "Oklahoma", a parody of WWE commentator Jim Ross, complete with a tasteless mockery of Ross's drooping face as a result of Bell's Palsy. The invention of this character sparked a seething hatred in Jim Cornette toward Ed Ferrara, who portrayed the character, and even Ferrara has come to admit that the idea was horrible and should never have been done.

  • Lionheart0: Victory Road 2011 saw Jeff Hardy coming out to the ring intoxicated. Keep in mind, this was the main event of the match and Jeff Hardy was the champion of the company. Considering Jeff's past poor track record, this is as much as a Dethroning Moment from the company since they put so much faith in Jeff in the first place.
  • SNL95: The whole TNA World Heavyweight Title drama leading up to, during and after Bound For Glory 2011 is one massive DMOS for the company. First some background, in the lead up to Bound For Glory (read 5 months before hand) TNA started doing a "Bound For Glory Series" which was a round robin style tournament where the winner would get a TNA title shot at Bound for Glory. The series itself was a mess, nobody understood the points system, it was continued through house shows leaving many viewers hopelessly confused about the standings which would change on a whim. Points were won through the most ridiculous means and Crimson, the guy who was at the top of the series, was injured forcing TNA to give Robert Roode the series victory. Despite this fans were happy for Roode and after he wins he gets a huge buildup going into Bound For Glory making people sure he would beat Kurt Angle for the title. However Roode loses the match in a screwjob finish which was a blatant ripoff of the Summerslam 2011 ending (Angle pinned Roode while Roode was touching the ropes) and despite the fact that Kurt injured his hamstring and could barely wrestle a match. It was later revealed that Hulk Hogan, who buried Roode in a shoot interview before the show, got the match result changed because he felt Roode wasn't ready to hold the title. So already Hulk blatantly screws over young talent because of his own opinion, not the opinion of the fans who were almost completely behind Roode to make his face turn the highlight of the show instead of Roode's victory. Then on the next Impact taping James Storm, Roode's tag team partner, squashes Angle for the belt despite having no buildup and there being no reason for his victory other than the fact that Hogan wanted it. The question here is: Why didn't TNA build up Storm in the first place? Fans were pissed because there was literally nothing stopping them from building up Storm over Roode. Instead TNA wasted months of storyline, screwed over a young talent before he got his chance, created a contrived author saving throw that pissed off several TNA "fans" and showed how terrible their bookers actually are. Good job TNA, good fucking job.
  • The Notorious AMP It gets even worse, my friend, during the next tapings they have Roode wrestle Storm where he ends up turning heel by hitting storm with a beer bottle. Which he follows by spitting on storm and then standing on him, declaring that he felt great after having betrayed his "brother" of 4 years. Note, this would not be a bad storyline if played out over a series of months, but it was so compressed it just sucked the potential out of it.
  • koopakoop: Anything in which Garett Bischoff appears. Especially when he beat Kurt Angle, of all people.
  • Super Sauce: The A.J.-Claire Lynch story that long outstayed its welcome. I would've preferred he had an affair with Dixie instead of this. The entire thing being a set-up almost made the pain worth it, though.
  • Shadow200: TNA's inability to get things right and learn from their mistakes make things go from bad to worse. Everytime it looks like they are turning the corner you just have to count to three to watch them do something stupid. And yet they continue to do so again and again, whether it's idiotic storylines, depushing and firing over talent that people like cause it's not who Dixie likes. Wasting millions of Dollars on so called celebrities (Jenna Morsaca, Johnny Fairplay, The Mutants from Jersey Shore) while talent has to live off of food stamps. No wonder so many people have been turned off from them and never bothering to watch them again. I'm one of them.

  • dictatorsaurus: Tyler Black vs. Nigel McGuinness from Injustice 2. Don't get me wrong; the match was tremendous. However, the booking of the finish is what supplies the moment. Not only was there a draw where the timekeeper messed up and called it after 45 minutes (instead of the usual hour), there was no on-screen payoff to the timekeeper's mishap. Plus, this finish essentially killed ROH's New Jersey market until 2012.note 
  • Grattiano: Supercard of Honor VII: Jay Briscoe starts mounting a comeback against Kevin Steen in the main event for the world title when members of S.C.U.M. begin to storm the ring. The ROH locker room empties as a brawl erupts on the outside with even Veda Scott getting involved when...iPPV issues result in the feed becoming frozen resulting in most viewers missing out on Jay Briscoe dethroning Kevin Steen and becoming the ROH champion. To make matters worse, up until this pivotal moment it looked like ROH had FINALLY solved the iPPV streaming issues that had been plaguing ROH for months prior. While the actual dethroning wasn't a moment of suck, the streaming problem completely ruined the flow of the match for those who were watching at home.

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