Dethroning Moment: Music

Whether if it's a lazy beat, terrible vocals or horribly-written lyrics, not even music is immune to its faults. These, however, stand out for all the wrong reasons

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  • Dr Zulu 2010: I confess, I used to listen to Akon as a teen. For the most part, he didn't bother me. That is before I heard his last single, "Sexy Bitch". But, even there, I thought it could begin well. The "plot" was that Akon met a young woman at a club, heard dirty rumors about her and wants to reassure that she's not like they thought she is IE a "regular whore". So, he tries to find the nicest words to say about her without being disrespectful and what is the best thing he could say to her? "Damn you're a sexy bitch". Really!? That's the best you can come up with? There is not two other words with 3 syllabes you can come up with who will sounds less disrespectful? I guess that's why we never heard anything from him ever again.
  • Bengson26: Enrique Iglesias may have jumped the shark with the song "Tonight (I'm Fucking You)". Just before the chorus, Enrique says he doesn't mean to be rude to a girl. What is the next line? "But tonight I'm fucking you." Seriously, Enrique? You just have make yourself look like the guy that tries to screw every girl that makes eye contact with you.
    • fluffything: For me, it's the implications of the song that make it a DMOS. Now, songs about sex and one-night stands are nothing new. Songs about guys hitting on girls (and vice versa) are nothing new. However, the thing is that those songs are often about trying to get the girl/guy to want to have sex with the singer. This song? Enrique is basically telling the woman in question that he's going to have sex with her no matter what. Now, while it could likely be unintentional, he's essentially singing about sexually assaulting (if not outright raping) someone. "Tonight (I'm Fucking You)" might as well be renamed "Tonight (I'm Raping You)" due to the utterly horrific and downright appalling implications the song has. I don't know who wrote the lyrics to this song (whether it be Enrique himself or anyone else), but, they really need to think about things if they believe a song where the guy outright says he's going to sexually assault the girl is attractive in any way (Hint: It's not.).
  • Scarlet Nebula: I had a lot of respect and sympathy for Rihanna after the abuse. Flash forward to 2012 where she does a terrible song with Chris Brown called "Birthday Cake" which is basically every sexual rap/hip hop song but it's not sexy. It's the single most disgusting track I ever heard. Rihanna, what were you thinking?
  • TT 454: Genesis is an absolutely glorious band with a diverse discography, and almost every track they released is good. But there is just one Genesis track that I, as well as many all-era Genesis fans, consider to be awful, which is the song "Who Dunnit?" from Abacab. It is a painfully repetitive and annoying spoof song, and one of the very, very few Genesis tracks that can actually be considered poor.
  • gene0129: The bong interlude in Waking The Cadaver's Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler was pointless and did nothing positive to add to an album I already disliked.
  • Blue Butterfly: Turbulence by Bowling For Soup. I guess we're not a fun self-parodying pop-punk band with riffs anymore. Instead it's time for soft pop-rock songs with the lyrical creativity of 'random thing is a metaphor for love'.
  • CJ Croen 1393: Oh "Synchronicity" trilogy, you've kept your fans waiting for part three for almost three years if I'm not mistaken. And then, lo and behold, it came out! So, the fans get the happy reunion and the epic battle with the dragon they wanted! And then Rin and Len... die? That's right. They die. Really? That's how you end this? Rin never gets to see the outside world again? Len doesn't get to go home and live a long happy life with his long-lost twin? No? Our heroes just die? Well, then that's great, that's just great. This means we waited up to three years, just to have yet another song where the twins die.
  • This1person: Miley Cyrus's performance on MTV's music video awards. The song itself is lackluster at worst, but Miley air-humping, spanking other people's asses, and twerking were the most disgusting parts about that performance because it contains some disturbing implications on maturity of females. Of course, Hitler is not very enlightened at this turn of events.
  • bisonx: Brental Floss's Contra WITH LYRICS video. It's not a bad video, and it's rather catchy, but what really bugs me is when he says the "R" powerup stands for "rarely helpful", when the powerup actually gives you rapid shots to your gun in the game. To top it all off, he sings more about the Konami Code as the song's chorus rather than the game itself.