Characters / WCW Female Talent

Lists the various female wrestlers and personalities throughout WCW. Please limit associated tropes to that wrestler's time in WCW.

Female Wrestlers

Asya (Christine Marie "Christie" Wolf, 1999-2000)

  • Amazonian Beauty[/]Brawn Hilda: A very rare example of a character splitting the difference. Although she was too muscular to be considered attractive by mainstream standards, she was very popular among Amazon Chasers even before she signed with WCW. WCW presented her as a scary and dangerous woman and never tried to claim she was attractive, but considering that she wore short-shorts and used a lot of moves that emphasized her legs, they clearly knew some fans thought so anyway.
  • Awesome McCool Name: Her real name at the time was Christie Wolf.
  • Battle Couple: With Dale Torborg, briefly, during Torborg's feud with Vampiro. Torborg and Christie were a couple behind the scenes, and since this was Vince Russo era WCW, Asya was aligned with The KISS Demon with no explanation because Russo assumed the fans knew they were a real life item.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of WWE's Chyna
  • I Have Many Names: Wolf, Double D and Asya.
  • Lightning Bruiser: She could backflip off the turnbuckle.
  • Murderous Thighs: Her quads were bigger than those of the men she managed, and she used a figure 4 headscissor as a finisher.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful
  • One Of The Guys: She wrestled guys, although mostly in tag matches. WCW they didn't really make a very big deal out of it one way or another.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: She's only 5'4".
  • Put on a Bus: Twice. After Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero and Saturn left WCW for WWF, Asya (who had been managing them) was taken off television. She returned without any fanfare as the KISS Demon's valet, but was then released when WCW got rid of all their female talent early in the winter of 2001.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: Initially, Ric Flair's wrestling nurse.

Akira Hokuto (佐々木 寿子, Sasaki Hisako, 1995-1997)

Jacqueline (Jacqueline DeLois Moore) 1997-1998

Madusa (Debra Ann Miceli, 1991-1993, 1995-2001)

Miss Madness / Mona (Nora Kristina Greenwald) 1999-2000

Bull Nakano (ブルなかの, Nakano Keiko, 1995-1996)

Rhonda Singh (Rhonda Ann Sing, 19992000)

  • The Giant: She was 5 foot 8, and roughly 260 lbs with a low center of gravity.

Daffney Unger (Shannon Claire Spruill, 1999-2001)

Luna Vachon (Gertrude Vachon, 1997)

Nitro Girls (1997-2001)

Group Tropes

Chameleon / Ms. Jones (Carmel Macklin, 19992000)

Kimberly Page (Kimberly Lynn Bacon, 1991, 19942000)

Skye / Miss Hancock / Stacy Keibler (Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler, 1999-2001)

Storm / Paisley (Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman, 1998-2001)

Tygress (Vanessa Sanchez, 1997-2001)

The Other Members - Spice (Melissa Bellin, 1997-2000), Chae (1997-2000), Fyre (Teri Byrne, 1997-2000), AC Jazz (Amy Crawford, 19971999), Whisper (Rebecca M. Hickenbottom, 1997-1999) Tayo (Tayo Reed, 1997-1998), Syren (Allison Pfau, 2000-2001), Chiquita (Chiquita Anderson, 2000-2001), Starr (Jennifer Bancalum, 2000-2001), Naughty-A (Jamie Cragwall, 2000-2001), Baby (Shannon McNeill, 2000), Gold & Silver (Diane Klimaszewski & Elaine Klimaszewski, 2000)


Alexandra York (Terri Lynne Boatright Runnels, 1990-1992)

Debra McMichael (Debra Gale Marshall, 1995-1997)

Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars, 1999)

Missy Hyatt (Melissa Ann Hiatt, 1987-1994)

Leia Meow (Kristina Laum, 1999-2000)

Major Gunns (Tylene Buck, 1999-2001)

Midajah (Melinda McCullum-O'Hearn, 1999-2001)

Miss Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann Hulette, 1996-2000)

Precious (Patti Williams, 1987-1988, 1992)

Sherri Martel (Sherri Schrull, born Sherri Russell, 1994-1997)

Samantha / Torrie Wilson (Torrie Anne Wilson, 1999-2000)

Tammy Lynn Sytch (Tamara Lynn Sytch, 2000)

Woman (Nancy Elizabeth Benoit, 1989-1990, 1996-1997)

  • Corrupted Cutie: She was initially Robin Greene, a geeky fan with a crush on Rick Steiner. She eventually went to Missy Hyatt for advice on how to win him over, got a sultry new makeover... and shortly afterwards, realizing the power her looks gave her, ditched him for Doom, becoming Woman.
  • Dark Chick
  • Ms. Fanservice
  • Power Stable: Managed Doom and was closely associated with the Four Horsemen.
  • The Vamp
  • Wrestling Family: Was married to Kevin Sullivan, left him for Chris Benoit...