Characters / Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

A list of characters appearing in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

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    Milky Holmes 

Sherlock Shellinford

Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori

Nero Yuzurizaki

Voiced by: Sora Tokui

Hercule Barton

Voiced by: Mikoi Sasaki

Cordelia Glauca

Voiced by: Izumi Kitta

Opera Kobayashi

Voiced by: Shuuta Morishima

Ellery Himeyuri

Voiced by: Natsumi Takamori

    Gentleman Thieves 

Arsene/Henriette Mystere

Voiced by: Satomi Akesaka

Stoneriver/Souseki Ishinagare

Voiced by: Takuma Terashima

Twenty/Kai Nijuuri

Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio

Rat/Jiro Nezu

Voiced by: Hiro Shimono

Cagliostro/Josephine Mystere

Voiced by: Asami Sanada

    Genius 4 

Kokoro Akechi

Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjo

Tsugiko Zenigata

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

Hirano Hasegawa

Voiced by: Ryoko Shintani

Saku Tooyama

Voiced by: Yukari Tamura

Rei Kamitsu

Voiced by: Susumu Chiba



Voiced by: Shintaro Oohata, Rikiya Koyama (Handsome Version)

Characters from Futari wa Milky Holmes


Kazumi Tokiwa

A student of Holmes Detective Academy. Inspired by the heroism of Milky Holmes, she set up the vigilante duo Feathers with Alice. Her Toys creates magical bow and arrows, seemingly made of pure energy.

  • Archer Archetype: Her Toys.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Joins Color the Phantom due to her inferiority complex.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: She notices that she's lacking versatility in using her Toys. It's exacerbated by the fact that other people notice that Alice is simply better than her though it's probably because Alice is a Visconti.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tomboy with Alice.
  • Vigilante Girl: Bring criminals (read: Color the Phantom) down to their knees so they can be easily arrested by the police force (read: Kokoro). In the story, this is something that is borderline illegal, as only detectives and the police can arrest.

Alice Myojingawa

Kazumi's best friend and the other half of Feathers. Her Toys create a magical shield. If Kazumi's arrows pass through it, their power will be amplified. Unbeknownst to her, her family come from a lineage of Gentlemen Thieves, the Visconti.

    Color the Phantom 

A group of Gentleman Thief with color-themed codename. They are strongly motivated to enforce the distinction between Thieves and Detectives. Their names are Violet Shadow, Hansel, Gretel, Crimson Lion, Yellow Black Hole, and Blue Hunter. Kokoro Akechi has been personally notified to stop their crime.


The Myojingawa Family

Alice's big happy family. They consists of her dad, her mom, and her somewhat overly-protective big brother Shion.

  • Big Brother Instinct: Shion objects to Alice having anything to do with the Detective world. In a twist, this is because the Myojingawa is a lineage of Gentleman Thief, not because she's unfit.
  • Bishounen: Shion. All-around nice and good-looking guy.
  • Gentleman Thief: All three of them. Though Madam Visconti is not exactly in the best shape.
  • Mystical White Hair: It's implied that Shion has Toys of his own since he's Violet Shadow. Episode 11 reveals that he doesn't have Toys. The final episode reveals he never activated his toys.
  • Power Gives You Wings/Winged Humanoid: Shion.

Keiko Totsugawa

Kokoro's new assistant, since Kokoro doesn't bring the G4 with her.