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YMMV: Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
  • Badass Decay: Used in plot to justify the Milky Holmes' suffering. Not only do they lose their Toys from the get go they get dumber and more inept as the show moves on completely destroying whatever reputation they apparently had before.
    • This results in a lot of people shocked (SHOCKED!) when they are actually competent in Futari wa. Such competence is the way they usually act in the PSP game.
      • In their defense, the show itself didn't bother to explain exactly HOW they got their toys and become magically competent after two seasons of damedame. And the PSP game is well established to be in an alternate universe to the main anime series, which the alleged sequel claims to be a continuation of.
  • Cargo Ship: Some mix of Screw Yourself and this. Twenty is in love with a hug pillow of himself. He gets angry when Mary and Kate interrupt his "date between me and me!"
  • Evil Is Sexy: Arsene, most strongly established in the ending. You can see how she gets her subordinates.
  • Fan Nickname: GA-3 for Hirano, Saku, and Tsugiko, due to their voice actresses playing three of the leads in Galaxy Angel.
  • Foe Yay: Arsene has a clearly unhealthy fascination with Sherlock. Both Sherlock.
  • Fridge Logic: How does Milky Holmes notice Mary and Kate in their thief outfits but not Arsene and her goons?
  • Les Yay: Hercule/Nero, Sherlock/Nero, Kokoro/Sherlock, Kokoro/Irene, Cordelia/Pretty much any girl, are all pairings that have been suggested with various degrees of explicitness within the show itself.
    • Let's just say that Arsene's obsession with Sherlock drives the whole story.
    • Futari wa: For Kazumi, it doesn't matter if the world is upside down, as long as she is with Alice, who to her is "shining, beautiful, and like a kitten".
  • Memetic MutationBy the boat full.
    • Why is Nero such a bitch?
    • Why is Elly such a slut?
    • Must put penis in Kokoro-chan
    • Twenty's nipples
    • Arsene's boing boing
    • Sherlock MOTHERFUCKING Holmes
    • Buttplug tail
  • Moe: Who isn't? Everyone is, yes even the the Gentlemen Thieves.
    • Until Twenty takes his shirt off reveals his erect nipples. This is not an exaggeration.
  • The Scrappy/a/ does not like Nero or Kokoro at all due to their constant whining and poor treatment of their respective circles of friends.
    • Though now that the show is over, every Milky Holmes thread needs some Nero White Knights and exclamations of "Must put penis in Kokoro-chan".
    • Kai/Twenty fits better: His one gag is closer to squick than is to being funny, and they like having him do it at least twice an episode. At least Nero and Kokoro are cute not to mention bad things are constantly happening to them.
    • Kazumi is definitely one from Futari wa Milky Holmes, mostly because of her incredibly childish actions as a result of her inferiority complex.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not For Little Girls?: Despite starring characters that are effectively magical girls, the Milky Holmes often end up on the brutal end of particularly crude gags.

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