Characters: MechWarrior

    Mechwarrior 3 

Lance Leader/Connor Sinclair

The leader of Damocles Commando Team 1 alongside Dominic "Gunner" Paine until the mission went sour and met up with remnants of other Commandos to finish the operation.
  • Everyone Calls Him Lance Leader: Until Pirate's Moon when he was given a character and voice.
  • The Faceless: None of the members of the Damocles Commando are ever shown, only heard.
  • Featureless Protagonist: Up until the expansion Pirate's Moon.
  • With This Herring: Justified considering that most of the Damocles Commando got shot down, but Lance Leader still starts with Bushwhacker and 3 MFBs to topple an entire planet of hostiles, and frequently has to step up an accomplish things that were intended to be done by whole lances or companies with only a couple of 'Mechs or a lance.
    • During the game you will have to complete at least one operation that has wiped out another team; when you move into Operations Area 2 you are informed that Damocles Commando Team 2 managed to blow the dam that was their first objective, but were destroyed by responding Clan units. Now you and Dominic have to do the rest of their work, along with tracking down and destroying the factory that was the target of Operation 1 but moved before you got there.

Dominic "Gunner" Paine

Damocles Commando 1-2, Sinclair's lancemate even from before the game, and met up with at the end of Operation 1. He starts with a Shadow Cat Prime there. He's the last lancemate you get in Pirate's Moon, having stolen a pirate Atlas.
  • The Faceless: None of the members of the Damocles Commando are ever shown, only heard.
  • Accidental Pun: "I bring the Paine."
    • Accidental nothing. Dominic is repeatedly shown to have the greatest sense of humor on the lance, which he applies most often to annoying your other lancemates.

Epona Rhi

The third lance mate who was once Damocles Commando 3-4 and met up with at the end of Operation 2, where she initially pilots a Bushwhacker just like you did. She's the first lancemate you meet in Pirate's Moon. Tends to be somewhat dour and usually the least-appreciative of Dominic's joking. During Pirate's Moon, she established a relationship with one of the locals before he was killed in action.
  • Oh Crap!: A highly memorable one, give that the fight you're about to have going to her rescue can easily go catastrophically wrong at high difficulties.
    Blake's blood, I'm dancing with an Annihilator in here!
  • The Faceless: None of the members of the Damocles Commando are ever shown, only heard.
  • Hartman Hips: According to Alan in Pirate's Moon. She's furious at the suggestion.
    Love you too Epona, wide hips and all!

Alan Matilla

The last lancemate you get in MW3, he was the last man out of the DropShip Black Hammer before it crashed, and initially pilots a Sunder. He's the second lancemate you get in Pirate's Moon. Alan is more optimistic and personable than Epona, with a generally sunny disposition.

    Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance 

Omega Lance / The Resistance

Ian Dresari

Lord Roland: "Then what do you want!?"
Ian Dresari: "I want my family back."

Player Character of 4: Vengeance. Estranged from his family because of some deed in his past that caused his father to send him away, he joined the military and became a 'Mech pilot. He fought with distinction in the wars against the Clans as part of the 1st Davion Guards (his time on Port Arthur is mentioned, suggesting he may be one of the pilots from the first Mech Commander; but Ian doesn't look like any of them). Ian mustered out and was on his way home, seeking a reconciliation, when his family was killed. The game opens on his father's last message to him.

Casey Nolan

Peter Dresari: "Ian, your lancemate on this mission will be Casey Nolan. You'll learn to ignore him; the rest of us do."

A wisecracker in general, but the lancemate with the closest thing to a real friendship with Ian during Vengeance. The first permanent member of Omega Lance you meet, you run missions with him and your uncle early on. He's the first member of Omega Lance you have to face in Black Knight, where he pilots a Mauler in a "boss" encounter relatively early.

Jules Gonzales

"It's Gonzales, sir."

A formal and by-the-book MechWarrior, the man who'll probably fill your fourth slot most of the campaign, you meet him early in the game during the Lunar sequence but only briefly. He drops with Peter Dresari onto Kentares itself, but has to break away and manages to link up with you, while Peter is intercepted and killed. He is fought in Black Knight late in the game, alongside Ian.

Jen McQuarrie

"I was beginning to think they'd just keep coming!"

The second permanent member of Omega Lance, she's met in the last Lunar mission. Relatively softspoken outside the cockpit, Jen seems to have some kind of feelings for Ian Dresari, as she shows more concern for him than any other character and at one point essentially confessing that she'd lose her will to live if Ian dies. In another quiet moment, she comes close to asking Ian out before Rathburn breaks into the conversation with another crisis that needs solving. She returns in Black Knight as one of Ian's lancemates; dropping in a Mad Cat MK II.

Terra Risner

A MechWarrior who was originally part of the Royal Guard when the planet fell to Steiner occupation, you rescued her among other PoWs on the way to be executed late in the desert sequence. Firey, and trained as an assault specialist, Terra prefers to go toe to toe. She speaks to you relatively little after she joins your lance compared to Casey or Jen, but is vocal enough on the comms.

  • Insistent Terminology: She usually refers to Ian as "Commander" or "Sir", in contrast to Jen's "Lead" or "Ian".

Damon Squire

A MechWarrior who was originally one of Joanna Dresari's bodyguards, he's fairly skilled but picked up late enough in the game it's likely your core pilots are more capable than he is. He wants to serve the Dresaris, and will abandon you to try to rescue Joanna if you don't attempt it yourself in the endgame. Conversely, if you try to rescue Joanna, he'll drop with you as a fifth member of your lance. In Black Knight, he's part of the anti-Ian resistance movement, likely in response to Ian abandoning his sister.

Elise Rathburn

"Omega Support, sweep the operational area. Window, two hours, twenty minutes."

Your tactical officer during Vengeance, she plans missions, interfaces with the rest of the Resistance, and tells you what needs to be done in the short term while your character sets strategic goals. Despite this, you don't actually converse with her until the second mission, and don't hear her outside of mission opening and closing until the last mission in the Lunar series. She is notably the only character who supports abandoning your sister in the lategame of Vengeance.
  • Mission Control: Of Vengeance. It is unknown if she is still working for Ian during Black Knight.

Karl Sontag

"I kept your father's 'Mechs in shape for him. I'll do the same for you, young Dresari."

Chief engineer for Omega Lance; before that point, he served the Duke of Kentares as his chief tech, and treats Ian with somewhat grandfatherly concern. He is a man of strong moral convictions, and is notably not supportive if you abandon your sister in the lategame, telling you he's setting up your 'Mechs one last time and then leaving your service. This may explain his fate in Black Knight.
  • Defector from Decadence: He ended up in a Dresari prison during the events of Black Knight.
  • The Engineer: Gives you advice on what weapons and 'Mechs to deploy in the missions you go on throughout the Vengeance campaign and is stated to be the one working your MechLab there.
  • Insistent Terminology: He refers to Ian as "young Dresari" through most of the campaign. During the Alpine sequence, he adds "young Duke" as well, and it also turns up for the rest of the campaign.

Peter Dresari

Ian Dresari's uncle, he was the Colonel of the 4th Davion Guards regiment before the events of the game, and brought at least some of the MechWarriors and Rathburn with him from that posting. You start the game off under his command during the Lunar sequence of missions. He gets Mentor Occupational Hazard'd late in the first sequence of missions on Kentares itself, though he's not directly seen from the end of the Lunar missions, having made a separate drop to divert Steiner forces. His death is a major low point the game, and seems to hit Rathbone particularly hard, suggesting they had a relationship.
  • Dare to Be Badass: In the opening scene of the campaign, he cautions Ian against revenge, but gives a speech about being the man Ian's father thought Ian was; this constrasts with the last message of the Duke, who encourages Ian not to confront Steiner.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: After the Lunar missions he's still alive a little longer, but you don't see his 'Mech in person: he's ultimately killed leading Steiner forces away from you.

Joanna Dresari

"It's true. You came back. You came back."

Ian Dresari's sister, she's met midway through the campaign. She wasn't in the palace when it was attacked, and it's revealed she and her father had a split over her father's sending Ian away. She's not a MechWarrior herself, and has served the resistance in support roles and as infantry a couple times. The choice about whether to rescue her or raid an armory late in the game determines the ending. The events of Black Knight emerge from the armory raid, as without your rescue Joanna dies.
  • The Heart: Joanna feels the suffering of Kentares' people keenly and always pushes for what's best for them. Though Ian does most of the important fighting, Joanna is the one who handles the Resistance as a whole. In the ending she survives in, Ian recognizes this and has her crowned Duchess rather than becoming Duke himself.

Omega Forward/Foxtrot/Private Eye

"Just follow the big skid marks in."

The most visible (relatively) of Omega Lance's field support teams, Forward is composed of Omega's recon units, going under various callsigns like Forward, Foxtrot, and Private Eye followed by a numeric. They are sometimes seen and often heard in missions, using their Swiftwind scout cars to provide intel and updates in real time to Rathburn or others. Despite being a "minor" character, Forward One appears earlier than the majority of lancemates, in the third mission of the game, and the various parts of Forward remain fixtures throughout most of the campaign.

Steiner Invaders

Lord Roland

The Steiner politician and noble who actually handles the day-to-day running of Kentares, he tends to the authoritarian and does not appear familiar with Kentares' history; if he was, he wouldn't order quite so many massacres as one of the planet's formative events was the Kentares Massacre when Kurita forces killed over 80% of the planet's population during the Second Succession War. Vanda Castro points out his tactics are exceptionally poor choices for this particular planet. He doesn't listen.
  • Fat Bastard: Though never seen save in the small comm window, he appears to be carrying some weight.

Vanda Castro

An older woman and Steiner Major, she has formal authority over Steiner military operations on Kentares but in practice has relatively little actual power, as her nominal subordinates are issued orders directly by Roland. She's a savvy commander who only a couple of hours after introduction is raining 'Mechs on your head, but her authority is frequently undermined by Lord Roland and her immediate subordinates are semi-controlled mad dogs on their good days.
  • Big Bad: Subverted. She's introduced as a dangerous and competent commander, and she counterstrikes against Omega Lance within hours of becoming aware of their activities...but ultimately doesn't play much of a role in the game.
  • The Cassandra: In the collection of psychopaths and megalomaniacs running the Steiner war effort, she's the only one with sound tactical sense and repeatedly predicts the Resistance's moves. Nobody listens.
    • It's so bad that towards the middle of the campaign Jen McQuarrie actually lampshades that no one listens to Castro and they Resistance is lucky they don't.
  • The Unfought: Castro is only fought if you do the armory raid mission, which also condemns your sister to death. If you save your sister and do the palace attack, she doesn't appear, leading to...
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Presumably she was killed by Resistance forces somewhere if you don't make the armory raid, but this is never explained. As the only remaining Drop Ship in Steiner hands was at the palace, it's unlikely she escaped.

Duncan Burke

The technical slayer of Peter Dresari, and the organizer of an attempted massacre that you must thwart along the coastal swamps before you proceed to the capital in the mid-late game. Burke brags about Peter's death and generally comes across as thoroughly unpleasant and possibly psychopathic. He's noted to have been responsible for several atrocities while fighting against the Clans; considering the nature of the Inner Sphere's wars against the Clans as defensive or reclaiming lost territory, this almost certainly means whatever he did was against his own side!
  • Ace Custom: He pilots a custom Thor loaded with twin Clan PPCs backed by an LB-10X autocannon and a small SRM launcher.
  • Better to Die Than Be Killed: After Ian wins their duel, Rathburn asks if Burke ejected; Ian says no, and speculates Burke was afraid to. Left unstated is that that Burke probably expected he'd be killed in his ejection pod if he punched out, just as he'd killed Peter.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: For James Kulin. They look very alike down to the moustache, are bloodthirsty to the point of psychosis, attempt to stage a massacre, pilot a custom Clan heavy built around a dual-ER-PPC armament, are killed by Ian, and are explicitly stated to have not ejected from their dying 'Mech. They have very different personalities, however.

James Kulin

A captain in the Steiner military, and one of the bosses Ian has to fight during the final mission of the desert campaign. He pilots a Mad Cat, and commands a lance of three Vultures during an attempt to destroy a (Steiner!) POW camp to prevent the Resistance liberating it.
  • Ace Custom: He pilots a custom Mad Cat, basically a downgraded Mad Cat D from the tabletop; twin Clan PPCs backed by a pair of Streak SRM-6s and two machinegun arrays.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Kulin is killed in his cockpit, as he intended to kill the POWs you're liberating when you encounter him. If she's present, Terra Risner will be vocally pleased with his appearance in the mission area and his death; Jules Gonzales will opine that it's one less cockroach infesting the planet.
  • Smug Snake: Kulin is full of barbed politeness and relatively softspoken, in comparison to Burke's brash psychopathy.

William Dresari

Ian's cousin and titular Duke of Kentares under Steiner, youngish (probably about Ian's age), seen little and somewhat sinster of aspect. Ian refers to him as having been a bully all his life, and good at it. He defeats Peter Dresari in 'Mech combat, then lets Burke kill Peter after he ejects. He's faced in the last mission of the game, where he pilots a customized Daishi packing a huge number of Ultra AC-5s in the original. In the patched game after installing Black Knight or the compatible standalone patch, he's instead loaded out with a large number of pulse lasers and a single Clan PPC.
  • Ace Custom: Attempting to recreate his original Daishi in the MechLab will reveal it's been significantly tinkered with in base stats, including engine, to mount the number of guns it does. It is by far the hardest single opponent to fight in the game, using what's easily the most broken weapon in stock Vengeance. The fit used by William in the patch is significantly easier to fight, but doesn't seem to overheat at all, though it quickly should.

    Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight 

Black Knight Legion

  • Canon Foreigner: These guys do not appear to officially exist outside the 4: Black Knight expansion, although 'Mechs bearing their insignias can be fought at points during 4: Mercenaries' campaign, most noticeably during a mission on Wernke, where Specter Lance (see the 4: Mercenaries folder) has to destroy a dropship guarded by such 'Mechs before having to fight Burr's Black Cobras.
  • Private Military Contractors: They're all mercenaries.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: As a Vengeance expansion following up on the events of said game, this was probably going to be the motivation for these guys' actions at some point during the campaign; after an assault on one of their bases by combined Steiner and Dresari forces that cost them their leader, they seem to take some time off from mercenary work to get revenge on their aggressors.

Eric McClair

Player Character of 4: Black Knight
  • The Hero: Of Black Knight.
  • The Leader: Essentially takes Col. Lawhorn's place after his death, even taking up the latter's callsign "Black Knight".

Colonel Lawhorn

    Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries 


An opportunistic mercenary loyal only to whoever's footing his bill.

  • The Ace: Specter graduated at the top of his class in the pilot program on Outreach for larger mercenary outfits to "sponsor" smaller ones.
  • Player Character: The framing device is an aged Specter (post-Jihad) telling the tale of his exploits.
  • Only in It for the Money: "We're here for the paycheck, not the politics."
    • Changes later on, when you chose a side.

Specter's Mercs (Various)

There are many, many mercenaries Specter can recruit to his side.

  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The three female lancemates with lance commander credentials you can hire at the outset: Mustang, Goat, and Blaze, respectively.
  • British Stuffiness: Beowulf.
  • Brave Scot: Claymore, complete with imitation Sean Connery accent. Plunk him in a Highlander to complete the trope.
  • Cowgirl: Mustang, the most expensive and highly skilled (at the outset) pilot you can hire, even has the cowgirl accent.
  • Fiery Redhead: Blaze, a highly skilled potential secondary lance commander evokes it with her name, even.
  • New Meat: Scooter's said to be "wet behind the ears".
  • Street Smart: Rubius was "raised on the streets".
  • Terse Talker: Spirit is rather quiet. Most evident during ready-op call. She just goes "Spirit. Ready-op."


Specter's mission control.

  • Berserk Button: Towards the Clans. Read other tropes for her below for details.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Castle was orphaned by the Clan Invasion. The period the game takes place is about fifteen or so years after the Clan Invasion period, putting her in her thirties.
  • Mission Control: The two constant voices in all (non-Solaris) missions are Specter and Castle.
  • Norse by Norsewest: Castle hails from the Free Rasalhague Republic, which is basically Scandinavia IN SPACE, and it shows in her accent. Before the Clan Invasion, it was an entire former Draconis Combine march that eventually seceded with tacit approval from Luthien, but it was unfortunately right in the center of the Clan Invasion Corridor. The Clan Invasion reduced it to a scant handful of worlds, none of which are the original capital world of Rasalhague.

Aisa Thastus / Falcon

A fierce trueborn Jade Falcon Star Colonel whom Specter encounters on New Exford. Depending on how events play out, Specter can wind up taking her as a bondsman.

Duncan Fisher

Solaris announcer and commentator who loves almost everything about the games.

Colonel Burr and the Black Cobras

A rival mercenary unit who often show up to get in Specter's way.

  • Private Military Contractors: Just like Specter and his unit, they're mercenaries.
  • The Rival: To Specter's unit. Depending on how events play, this can come to a head on Wernke, where Specter fights Burr himself, who brings a lot of Mechwarriors with him, outnumbering and potentially outgunning Specter's lances for that mission.

Victor Steiner-Davion

Peter Steiner-Davion

Younger brother to Victor Steiner-Davion, and eventually the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth after the ouster of his power-mad sister Katherine.

  • Supporting Leader: For the Davion path in the latter parts of the game. You even fight alongside him in the finale.

Nondi Steiner

Sister to the illustrious Archon Katrina Steiner, who is Victor's and Peter's maternal grandmother, and a very high-ranked flag officer in the Lyran armed forces.

  • Four-Star Badass: While her sister was known mainly for her political acumen, Nondi is a military officer through and through.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Partly denial, partly nationalism, this is why she was loyal to her mentally unstable great niece Katherine (who fancied herself "Katrina"). She goes down fighting against you and Peter in the Davion path.

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