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Trivia: MechWarrior
  • Dueling Games: With the Starsiege series. Ironic, since the developer for those games were the same for the first Mechwarrior game. Mech 3 was the last game which competed with Starsiege, as later games in the Starsiege universe are fast paced first person shooters with jetpacks - Tribes
  • Executive Meddling: Despite the Mechwarrior franchise having been plagued with copyright issues since the beggining, this has not stopped Piranha Games - the Mechwarrior Online developers - from trying to kill off their competition. Through "mutual agreement with the project leads", they killed off Mechwarrior Living Legends development. They have legally threatened the MekTek team, the guys who re-released Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries for free and who were developing several Mechwarrior/Battletech games - Solaris Arena and Assault Tech 1: Battletech. Rumor is that the developers of Mechwarrior Tactics, the free-to-play game based on BattleTech will try to shut down further development of MegaMek, a free and open-source BattleTech game for the PC.
    • Also, now the free version of Mechwarrior 4 is no longer available due to "legal issues"
  • Fan Nickname
    • There's developer nicknames for some asset variants. There's the Mr. Bubbles Atlas, Noisy Cricket Sparrowhawk, Warthog Bushwacker, Beatstick Mad Cat MKII, and the Toast And Go Harasser.
    • The Shiva E in Living Legends is nicknamed the Beat Stick Shiva or Flying Beatstick, since it's basically a flying version of the Mad Cat MKII Beatstick.
    • The Harasser D (which carries 6 flamethrowers): Flamasser
    • Vehicles with long, unpronounceable names tend to get renamed. The Huitzilopotchli is usually just called a "Huit", "Huey", or pronounced on voice chat as "Who-it". The Hephaestus is typically just "Heph" or "Hepatitis"
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: George Ledoux, the voice actor for MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries' Solaris Arena announcer, "Duncan Fisher", returned in Living Legends to voice Duncan Fisher again for the Solaris Arena gamemode.
  • Promoted Fanboy: The original Mechwarrior Living Legends project heads were hired by Crytek to help develop the new CryEngine.
  • What Could Have Been: Before Mechwarrior 2 saw the release it's early alpha and beta stages were more like the original Mechwarrior game in visuals and also had a couple of clan mechs that didn't see use in the final Mechwarrior 2 release.

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