Funny / MechWarrior

  • One from 3.
    Captain Tailor remarking on leaving the player and Co. behind: "... If it comes to that; dig a deep hole and hide yourselves in it. I'm sure I'll be back for you."
    Dominic "Gunner" Paine: "I'll dig him a hole. Dig it and throw his a--- *Radio static*
    MFB: "Let's try not to make things any worse, all right, Gunner?"
    • And one regarding the mission to take what's left from the Black Hammer's wreckage.
    Alan: Keith made it?! How close? Can we get him to drop some LRMs on the convoy for us?
    Gunner: Tech check, Alan. None of us are outfitted with TAG equipment. Without it, Keith's missiles are about as accurate as the mobile field base in predicting Clanner moves. No offense.
    • From the Pirate's Moon expansion, the word "dysfunctional" doesn't even begin to describe the "New Belt" pirate lance...
    Scourge: Okay, gimme your ears! This mission is a surgical strike, not a chainsaw massacre. Get me?! Stick to their power sources for now, mop-up comes later.
    Trey: Sure, sure. Focus on the primary objective, no problem.
    Deuce: We heard the briefing, Scourge. Just let us do our jobs.
    Scourge: Fair enough but be advised I will tear you a new one if you bullocks this mission. That's all.
    Trey: Jeeze, I get a little rowdy on leave and wind with the Lance Leader from hell!
    Scourge: Zip it, Trey! You ain't even close to hell yet, don't make me rush your trip!
  • Duncan Fisher's "off the wall" commentary from MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries is one of the biggest reasons some people go to Solaris.
    Duncan Fisher: When the reactor goes, that's usually a sign you've taken too much damage!
    • ...and here's some the tasteful verbal spice to your kills.
    Duncan Fisher: Whoa! That kid was on fire down there! Of course, now he's literally on fire!
    Duncan Fisher: Welcome to Solaris! Now, let me show you the sky! That's two for Spectre and two ejected pilots who'll be watching from the sidelines.
    • Fisher occasionally adds humorous substance to the Solaris lore during the lulls between player eliminations. Some of them have to do with the Solaris celebrity news. Others have to do with... the irresistible addiction of watching Solaris matches.
    Duncan Fisher: Look at them go! Man I love this game. It has my favorite things! 'Mechs, big guns, and a whole lot of explosions. You know my wife sometimes looks at me strangely. "Duncan," she says, "there's more to life than Solaris." Frankly, it's like she speaks another language. I mean, the words make sense individually, but put them together and it's complete nonsense.
    Duncan Fisher: Couple of years ago, the post season matches got extended two months. I think it was to keep Solaris addicts like me happy, heh, or to make Solaris widows more miserable.
    • It gets even better when you listen to the bloopers.
    George Ledoux: "Take them out of an Atlas and stick 'em in a Camaro, I bet they'll learn a lot about humility!" We should put that in there, see if anyone notices. "I have no weapons! *explosion noises*".
    • Uncensored takes have also been found.
    George Ledoux: That 'mech is anatomically correct. That's not a Gauss Rifle, folks.
  • Also in Mercenaries, your 'mech will sometimes do the monkey after a successful match. Yes, your 'mech can dance. This is due to the fact the game doesn't assign any unique AI actions for your 'mech sometimes, thus if you turn as player control is taken away for the cutscene, your 'mech will keep turning on it's own.
  • During the Community Warfare Beta for MechWarrior Online, a strange little incident occurred on the week of January 11th, 2015, when the Free Worlds League/House Marik took over the Draconis Combine/House Kurita planet of Moore. How is it strange? That's because it shouldn't be possible as FWL is sperated from the DC by House Davion one side, and Steiner on the other, and in Community Warfare, attacks only go along your faction's borders. The FWL attacked anyways, took it over, absolutely stunning House Kurita, as they thought it was originally their Galactic Eastward neighbors of Steiner attacking them, only to see a faction that shouldn't even be there now holding a part of space. The sheer audacity, and hilarity caused by this Good Bad Bug started this thread as everyone tries to make sense as to what happened.
    House Steiner Player: We'd stop them, but we have no idea how they did it in the first place. The only thing left is to bow to the god-like Mariks."
    • Even better, The Kurita forces decided to not take back Moore, and now have declared Moore a Marik Embassy, as Marik declared they'd use Moore as a staging point to help Kurita attack Steiner, and pending a deal with Kurita, take over planets northward to begin attacking Clan held Territories. Players from both sides have also joked they'll exchange traditional dishes of each faction with each other, with Kurita promising Sushi, and Marik promising variously cooked bacon.
  • In MechWarrior Online, the fans are finally getting the infamous UrbanMech. Yes, the "R2D2 with a gun" / "walking trashcan" Light 'Mech that moves slower than even Assault 'Mechs (with the stock engine, its speed is a glacial 32.4 KPH, while most Assaults start at 48 KPH), but mounts either an LBX-10, AC/10, or AC/20 as stock (depending on variant). For extra hilarity, the collector's edition pre-order paint scheme concept art is adorned with graffiti referencing various fandom memes and in-jokes.
    LBX-10 Barrel: "Say that to my face Clanner, not at range, and see what happens!"
    Hip/Waist joint: "They called me slow. ONCE."
    Right Leg: "GO TIME!"
    Left Leg: "Clan Mechs? Everywhere? GOOD!"
    • And now there's this.
      • for April's fools 2015 we got this.
    • For that matter, the UrbanMech's cockpit is a comedy goldmine all by itself. For example:
      • Half of it is held together by judicious use of duct tape (and there are rolls of the thing tucked into every conceivable cranny).
      • There are repair request slips tacked onto several instruments.
      • One of the screens is out of order, and is covered up with a sheet of paper with "no signal detected" scrawled on it.
      • There's an inexplicable box of radioactive material just lying out in the open.
      • Several liquid tanks are slotted into the console. Respectively, they contain water, nitrous oxide, and caffeine.
      • And to top this all off, the cockpit also has an analog speed dial, with sticky notes at both ends. The lower end says "Slow". The upper end says "Less slow".
  • This hilarious build of a Daishi W made by TheB33f. Fifteen Clan ER Large Lasers. Performing an Alpha Strike with them can instantly take down another Daishi but you instantly lose your arms, side torsi and center torso doing so, since you have to override the shutdown to keep the lasers firing. The result is impractical, yes but it's both amazing and hilarious. A similar setup when he built one with eleven Clan ERPPCs was just as flashy but only results in minor damage from shutdown and, hilariously, breaks the heat gauge that it always displays 100% even after cooling down.
  • All Systems Nominal is a series of animations based on MechWarrior Online made by NoGutsNoGalaxyTV member, PLEXI that features all sorts of Fandom Nods, name based gags and general silliness that humanizes the 'mechs themselves rather than the mechwarriors piloting them.