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Funny: MechWarrior
  • One from 3.
    Captain Tailor remarking on leaving the player and Co. behind: "... If it comes to that; dig a deep hole and hide yourselves in it. I'm sure I'll be back for you."
    Dominic "Gunner" Paine: "I'll dig him a hole. Dig it and throw his a--- *Radio static*
    MFB: "Let's try not to make things any worse, all right, Gunner?"
    • And one regarding the mission to take what's left from the Black Hammer's wreckage.
    Alan: Keith made it?! How close? Can we get him to drop some LRMs on the convoy for us?
    Gunner: Tech check, Alan. None of us are outfitted with TAG equipment. Without it, Keith's missiles are about as accurate as the mobile field base in predicting Clanner moves. No offense.
    MFB: None-taken, Gunner. I appreciate the vote of confidence.
    • From the Pirate's Moon expansion, the word "dysfunctional" doesn't even begin to describe the "New Belt" pirate lance...
    Scourge: This is a surgical strike, not a chainsaw massacre. GET ME!? Stick to their power source for now...
    Radcliff: Jeeze! I get a little leave off and I get the lance leader FROM HELL!
    Scourge: Stow it Radcliff, you ain't even close to hell yet... don't make me rush your trip!
  • Lest we forget Duncan Fisher's "off the wall" commentary from 4: Mercenaries... From blatant "Madden style" stating of the obvious...
    Duncan Fisher: When the reactor goes, that's USUALLY a sign you've taken too much damage!
    • To possibly serious relationship issues...
    Duncan Fisher: Look at them go! Man I love this game. It has my favorite things! 'Mechs, big guns, and a whole lot of explosions. You know my wife sometimes looks at me strangely. "Duncan," she says "there's more to life than Solaris." Frankly, it's like she speaks another language. I mean, the words make sense individually, but put them together and it's complete nonsense.
    • And we are only scratching the surface
    Duncan Fisher: Couple of years ago, the post season matches got extended two months. I think it was to keep Solaris addicts like me happy, heh, or to make Solaris widows more miserable.
    Duncan Fisher: Whoa! That kid was on fire down there! Of course, now he's literally on fire!
    • It gets even BETTER when you listen to the bloopers.
    Duncan Fisher: "Take them out of an Atlas and stick 'em in a Camaro, I bet they'll learn a lot about humility!" We should put that in there, see if anyone notices. "I have no weapons! *explosion noises*".
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