Awesome Music: MechWarrior

  • The MechWarrior 2 soundtrack. It's probably among the most memorable video game soundtracks ever. It makes even the most mundane activity in the game seem epic. Even listening to them outside the game, they sound like they should be played while something epic happens.
  • Wednesday 7 from Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance is up there too. In fact, a lot of the Mech' series music is good, whether it's from #4 Mercs, either of the 'Commander games, or the other 'Warrior games.
  • The third game and its expansion only had two (The main theme and "The Block Is Hot") and three tracks respectively (the third had them all on a single file). Doesn't make it any less awesome. It's worth mentioning that the second track in the expansion was used in both the trailer and ending to the third game, oddly enough.