Funny / Medal of Honor

  • The end of Frontline's "Operation Rapunzel" level requires you to "motivate" the resistance operative you've rescued, as he's reluctant to make a three-story leap of faith. What's the preferred motivational method of hard-bitten commando Jimmy Patterson? Shove him off the roof.
  • PANZERKNACKER UNLEASHED. Dancing dogs, that is all.
  • Frontline had that Mockumentary that was pretty hilarious
  • Not really a Crowning Moment of Funny, but in the first game when a level briefing (by female resistance fighter Manon) states "I asked an old boyfriend (which is x-ed out), er, male acquaintance of mine to..." You can almost see the veteran commando blushing.
  • Underground has some moments where Manon has to go undercover as a collaborator photographer. You can equip the camera and take photos of the German guards. Their poses and flirting are hilarious. And so is whipping out your pistol and blasting their braincases out as they go to pose...
  • Also the first game's ending, where you launch the sabotaged V2 rocket. The scientists' responses are priceless. Below is a translation to what the scientists say...
    ...abort the start! I repeat! Abort start!
    Control room here, all of our control panels are broken. The start of the rocket can only be aborted at the starting ramp. Hurry!
    Abort start! ABORT! Abort ignition!
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
    Abort! Abort start!
    Everyone get out of the building!
    We're going to die!
    It's coming down on us—
    (After the explosion)
    The American... has won...
  • Frontline has a pretty funny Lampshading of Jimmy Patterson's Heroic Mime status. The level opens with a superior officer saying " how about you disarm a few of the bombs on your way across the bridge? [Doesn't pause.] "I'll take your silence for a yes. Go get 'em, sport."
  • Frontline's dev team definitely had a sense of humor. One mission begins with you stealing a German officer's uniform and papers. When you're stopped by a guard, you show him your papers and he waves you through...despite the fact that there's a giant wanted poster with your face on it not three feet behind him!
    • A few minutes later, when you show your papers to another guard, this one guarding the train station you're supposed to be entering, a German soldier comes running out of the hotel you just left... dressed in nothing but a white shirt and boxers, and waving around a pistol and shouting. Apparently, he's the officer whose clothes you stole, and he is not happy about it.
    Officer: That man stole my pants!
  • In the Nijmegen Bridge level of Frontline, you can climb to the top of the bridge, which leads to the German sitting on the side turning around to see what happened and falling to his death, and the German sniping on the center platform will attempt to shoot you, only to find that his gun is jammed. So he stands up, puts his hand on his helmet, and jumps off.
  • In the original Medal of Honor, you can view a gallery of different staff members by entering a cheat code. But close to the end of the slideshow, there will be a picture titled "Lost Scene Fight Between Jimmy & Müller", which shows Patterson fighting Müller, who is half-naked.
  • Thanks to a programming oversight in the original game, Pistol-Whipping an enemy with an empty weapon will trigger the same death animations as you'd see had you shot them with it. Hilarity quickly ensues when you equip a heavy weapon like the shotgun or Panzerfaust and make Jerrys fly backwards or backflip into the air just by conking them on the noggin.
  • Pacific Assault has this little bit with Frank and Willy, after Frank gets promoted to Gunnery Sergeant:
    Frank: Stripes come from up high, you redneck.
    Willy: Oh, I know where they come from. I'm just making sure you're not pulling our legs is all. You know... Like when you talk about how the ladies love ya.
    Frank: Oh, you're a cocky little son of a bitch! I've put up with your crap since boot camp!
    *Equipment is unloaded, making a lot of noise*
    Frank: You're gonna get it, Willy!
    Willy: I guess we'll talk later then! Okay, buddy!
  • One of the things enemies in Frontline can do is catch grenades that are thrown at them; when they do so, there is a short pause as they realize what they just did before tossing it back at you; apparently the catch was entirely by instinct and it took a moment for them to register that they just caught a live grenade.