Characters: League of Legends

aka: League Of Legends Three
This is the character sheet for League of Legends. Since League of Legends has so many characters (125 currently, the 126th was announced June 18th, 2015), they have been sorted into the following pages:

  • Champions A - Cnote 
  • Champions D - Fnote 
  • Champions G - Jnote 
  • Champions K - Lnote 
  • Champions M - Onote 
  • Champions P - Rnote 
  • Champions Snote 
  • Champions T - Unote 
  • Champions V - Wnote 
  • Champions X - Znote 
  • Othersnote 

Alternative Title(s):

League Of Legends Two, League Of Legends Three, League Of Legends One, League Of Legends Four, League Of Legends Five