Characters / Hikari Sentai Maskman

Maskman Force

Takeru/Red Mask | Actor: Ryosuke Kaizu

The leader of the Maskmen, the first to be spotted by Commander Sugata. Expert in Karate and is a Formula One race driver. He met and fell in love with a girl named Mio, and even when she is revealed as Princess Iyal, he still clings to be reunited, giving him strength to push on. Used to be an extremely bratty kid, but after meeting his grown-up self, he matured up. Though he's basically The Hero, he's much more temperamental.

Kenta/Black Mask | Actor: Kouichi Kusakari

The sub-leader and a Kobudo expert. More laid back than Takeru and likes chasing girls (mostly with no avail or luck, either he backs down, the girl is oblivious, or dies). Has an Old Master.

Akira/Blue Mask | Actor: Issei Hirota

The youngest of the team, Chinese Boxing and swordplaying expert and the one to crack jokes, most of the time. He left his mother to train (actually was drafted to the Maskman force) and strives to make his mother proud by training hard.

Haruka/Yellow Mask | Actress: Yuki Nagata

A Ninja (and damn proud of it). Ever since she's a child, she's raised without enjoying girly things (like dolls). As such, she has a hidden sensitive spot for girly things. She's best buds with Momoko.

Momoko/Pink Mask | Actress: Kanako Maeda

A gentle hearted girl who is really kind to children and teaches martial arts in her free time. She's an expert in Tai Chi Quan and tends to get very emotional in things she does. Best buds with Haruka.


Commander Sanjurou Sugata

Mio/Princess Iyal

Ryo Asuka/X1 Mask | Actor: Shinji Higashi

A One-Shot Character who briefly joined the Maskman team as its sixth member.

Tube Empire

Emperor Zeba/Rizal Doggler II

  • Big Bad
  • Eldritch Abomination: He turns out to be the spawn of an earlier Eldritch Abomination, Rizal Doggler, destroyed by the original Tube royal family. Driven both by hatred against humans on both sides of the crust as well as his ancestor's lust for domination, he wiped out all of the Tube royal family save Ial and Igam, whom he used as his pawns.
  • The Emperor
  • One-Winged Angel: His true form, Rizal Doggler II
  • Technicolor Death: Bleeds red energy like other Ground Beasts then melts into energy which forms into a face which float up in the sky and explodes four times.






Thief Knight Kiros