Awesome / Hikari Sentai Maskman

  • The Maskmen managing to defeat a Monster of the Week without the use of the Shot Bomber, but at the cost of Commander Sugata's lifeforce. (To be fair, the Shot Bomber was destroyed in the same episode by Kiros.)
  • Episodes 20-22 provide a large swathe of Awesome. To wit:
    • 20 features both Tube outgambitting the Maskmen to place Great Five under Tube control AND Momoko beating the piss out of a Doggler without transforming, even at the cost of fainting afrer the team use the Shot Bomber.
    • 21 reveals the Galaxy Robo, a second mecha designed by a contemporary of Commander Sugata that failed to win the honor of primary combat mecha. It then went on a rampage and hid in the mountains, with Red Mask tracking it down and using it to drive back the Dogglers despite the rampaging AI.
    • 22 sees the team finally figure out why the AI rampaged AND CLAIMED GALAXY ROBO VIA MEDITATING WITH IT BEHIND A MOUNTAIN. Afterwards, they finally reclaim Great Five from Tube.