Characters: Dra Koi

The Protagonist

An Ordinary High-School Student living in Japan. Had a close encounter with the Dragon while she rampaged through the city, and has been followed by her ever since. Lives with his mom, who openly lusts for him.

Tropes associated with the protagonist:

The Dragon

A white 'Ether Dragon' who razed the city of Tokyo to the ground, but reverted to the form of a human girl in order to hide from a Dragon Slayer. Fell madly in love with the Protagonist after he struck her Reverse Scale after she tried to eat the protagonist.

Tropes associated the Dragon:

The General

The Protagonist's mother. She looks like a little kid, but she's Older Than She Looks. She's also a general in the JSDF, and the leader of the anti-fantasy division. She openly lusts after her son, and is incredibly jealous of the Dragon.

Tropes associated with the General:

The Dragon Slayer

An emotionless knight in black armor sent to kill the Dragon. Because he is also considered fantasy, conventional weapons don't work on him, either. It's actually not a knight at all, but a knight's armor sent to find the next 'hero' to slay the Dragon; this hero being the Protagonist.