Characters / Chronicles of the Kencyrath



The Kencyrath have 9 main houses, as well as some additional minor ones. Each clan is lead by a lord and matriarch. The most senior randon in each house is also a house leader, serving as that house's representative on the Randon Council, and often their war-leader. Each house has its own battle cry.
  1. Knorth (Highborn)  (Kendar)  (Others) 
  2. Caineron (Highborn)  (Kendar) 
  3. Ardeth (Highborn)  (Kendar) 
  4. Randir (Highborn)  (Kendar) 
  5. Brandan (Highborn) 
  6. Jaran (Highborn) 
  7. Coman (Highborn) 
  8. Edirr (Highborn)  (Kendar) 
  9. Danior (Highborn)  (Kendar) 

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