Manga / Le Gardenie

Le Gardenie is a Malaysian high school drama/romance manga created by Gempakstarz's artist Benny Wong Thong Hou of Fatal Chaos fame. The manga was created in year 2006 and finished in 2008 in Utopia magazine's 139 issue. On June 22 2006, Le Gardenie received third place in Japan's first International Manga Award. The series is a coming-of-age tale about a group of teenagers in a secondary school which is located in a Venice-like town set in another world with fruit-based names such as Lemon, Orange, Apple and Kiwi (pictured).

The artist for this series was formerly by Ben but has been since replaced by artist Juice (Normah Noh) under the alias GempakStarz, as Ben is now working under a new company as a creative director. The company he works for release a new series of comic cum entertainment magazine titled Powder.

This manga provides examples of: