Awesome / Chronicles of the Kencyrath

  • Jame has many.
    • For Jame, the theft of the Peacock Gloves in God Stalk wins over a bunch of lesser ones, I think, partly because it's her and just her, without any of her Shanir godly powers.
    • In Bound in Blood, Jame's single-handedly saving the Merikit village from the yackcarn stampede as well as helping foil the Noyat raid that followed.
  • A minor character, the Wolver Grimly, (a member of a race that falls somewhere between Petting Zoo People and the Beast Man) get one in the second book, Dark of the Moon, when he enters a weird clearing to try to bring the unconscious Jame out, despite not knowing who she is and being fully aware that going into the clearing may regress him back to complete wolfhood.
  • Lyra in Seeker's Mask stopped Kallystine from attacking Tori and potentially causing a war. Hilariously, she only did such because she tripped.