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Characters: Agent Pendergast

This is the Character Sheet for the Agent Pendergast series of novels.
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     Main Characters 

Special Agent Aloysius Xingu L. Pendergast

Eccentric FBI Agent with a keen interest in Serial Killers. Originally from New Orleans, he spends most of his time in New York where he owns a luxury apartment and inherited an old mansion. Was the Only Sane Man of a rich and unusual family, which has almost died out. Doesn't have much regard for his superiors - or conventional investigative methods.

Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta

Pendergast's friend on the NYPD who helps and serves as a sidekick on most of his cases. He was first introduced in The Relic when he was the investigating officer for the Museum Murders.

Dr. Nora Kelly

An archaeologist with the New York Museum of Natural History. She first gets involved in a case with Pendergast when he consults her for her expert opinion in The Cabinet of Curiosities. She stars in the prequel, Thunderhead.

Bill Smithback

Funny, he tends to make a bad first impression, until you realize he's got a heart of gold... and the courage of a lion to match.

The Intrepid Reporter who injects himself into most cases in search of the next big scoop. He first appeared in The Relic, working within the museum on a book about the Superstition exhibit that was in the works.

Dr. Margo Green

An anthropologist with the New York Museum of Natural History. She stars in the first two novels in the series (The Relic and Reliquary) before the focus switches to Pendergast.

  • Demoted to Extra: Margo Green was the original main character of The Relic and Reliquary, but after that the focus of the series switch from her to Agent Pendergast, and she pretty quickly faded into the background, being promptly replaced by Thunderhead's heroine Nora Kelly as the series's main female supporting character.
  • Hot Scientist
  • Tsundere

Captain Laura Hayward

First introduced in Reliquary, Hayward is a tough as nails NYPD officer who works her way up through the ranks by sheer skill and tenacity.

Constance Greene

You are unique[...] I know you've been blessed and cursed with a strange and terrible burden. How many would wish for such a gift as you were given[...]—and yet how few could understand just what it would be like. Not liberation, not at all. So many, many years of childhood...and yet, to be deprived of being a child...

A Mysterious Waif who shows up as Pendergast's ward in Brimstone. She has a very long and convoluted past.

     The Pendergast Family 

Diogenes Pendergast

Penderast's brother and nemesis. He blames his brother for his insanity and lives his life to enact revenge upon him.

Helen Esterhazy Pendergast

Pendergast's late wife.

Cornelia Pendergast

One of the few remaining members of the Pendergast family, Cornelia is as mad as she is old. Fiercely intelligent and cunning. Pendergast still refers to her when he needs advice.

  • Axe Crazy: She spends most of her time strapped to a wheelchair and it's still mentioned that she regularly puts orderlies in the hospital.
  • Evil Old Folks: Cornelia was locked away at Mount Mercy after poisoning her entire family.
  • Killed Off for Real: Dies behind the scenes from health complications early on in Fever Dream.

Comstock Pendergast

Great-grand uncle to Diogenes and Aloysius. He made his living as a magician, but the family madness caused him to put sinister and deadly twists into his tricks. His legacy figures prominently in Book of the Dead.

  • Fright Death Trap: Comstock's magic lantern show was designed to scare the victim to death, cause them to go insane or commit suicide.

Antoine Leng Pendergast Enoch Leng

Great-grand uncle of Diogenes and Aloysius. He was expelled from the family and disappeared with his personal fortune.

  • So You Want to Live Forever: Antione spent his time in New York devising an immortality serum. He realized his life's work would take more than a lifetime, and so prolonged his life to accomplish his goals.

Judson Esterhazy

Aloysius' brother-in-law and the brother of Helen.

     Other characters 

Corrie Swanson

A protege of Pendergast's. Corrie first appeared in Still Life with Crows and Pendergast took an interest in her future and sent her to the best boarding school in the country.


The man was no mere chauffeur—D'Agosta had figured that out as soon as he saw him break down and stow away a CAR-15/XM-117 Commando in less than sixty seconds—but he could never seem to penetrate Proctor's Jeeves-like opacity.

Proctor is Pendergast's chauffeur and confidant. He is likely the only person to know all the intimate details of the agent's secretive life.

Lady Viola Maskelene

First introduced in Brimstone, Viola is a European noblewoman who is as intelligent as she is beautiful. She falls in love with Pendergast the first time they meet.


With his luminous eyes and almost translucent skin, the man looked like a cave creature, paler even than Pendergast...if that were possible.

A friend of Pendergast's who is a superb researcher and a complete book-ophile. First introduced in The Cabinet of Curiosities, he works the night shift at the library, restoring antique books that would otherwise fade to dust.

Eli Glinn

Owner of Effective Engineering Solutions, Glinn is a "problem solving" genius who guarantees his work on any level (boasting he's never had to give a refund). His first encounter with Pendergast is in Dance of Death when Pendergast consults him for a predictive psychological workup of his brother. He made his debut as one of the main characters in The Ice Limit, and has since become a recurring character in Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's Gideon Crew novels.

  • The Chessmaster: Glinn makes it his career to provide absolute success in any problem presented to him. He calls his precautions "double overage" and has contingency plans for his contingency plans. He is rarely, if ever, caught off guard.
  • Eye Scream: Has lost an eye in between the events of The Ice Limit and Dance of Death.
  • Genius Cripple

Agent Coffey

Rival agent to Pendergast, and an inferior one at that. Coffey first appeared in The Relic as the agent in charge of the security and rescue operations at the museum during the Superstition exhibit opening. His botching of the assignment and Pendergast's heroism during that night nearly ruins his career. He blames Pendergast for his misfortune.

  • It's Personal: Agent Coffey's hatred of Pendergast goes far beyond professional rivalry. He's gleeful when he finds out Pendergast has become a fugitive in Dance of Death and tries to have him raped and murdered in prison in Book of the Dead.
  • Never My Fault: Coffey blames all his professional misfortunes on Pendergast, dismissing his own incompetence as cause.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: His right hand man, Rabiner.

Bryce Harriman

Bill Smithback's main rival in the reporter field. Harriman eventually gets a job at the New York Times just to spite Bill. He's first mentioned in Reliquary and later makes his first appearance in a brief cameo in The Cabinet of Curiosities. He finally properly appears in Brimstone.


Mime is a friend of Pendergasts who is also a brilliant hacker and researcher.

Dr. Frock

The department head at the American Museum of Natural History in The Relic and Reliquary and Margo Green's friend and mentor.

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