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Pure. Unadulterated. Badass.
TTGL normally has at least one of these an episode, sometimes more. And if they ever don't, it just means they're taking a run up for the next episode. Better pack a lunch buddy, you'll be here for a while. The series might as well be called Crowning Moment Of Awesome: The Anime! This page also functions as a summary for the series.

  • The prologue. Despite it possibly being an AU scene where the Spiral Nemesis takes place and Simon and the others wage war on "every single star in the sky" the pure awesome of it sets the tone for the rest of the series.
  • The arrival of Team Dai-Gurren in episode seven, kicked off by Kittan's Dynamic Entry just in the nick of time, followed suit by Dayakka's unloading a whole can of dakka on the Dai-Gunzan, culminated by the appearance of the rest of Litner Village, all in mechas of various and epic forms, with Kittan stating that they got their inspiration, or the "stupid virus", from none other than Kamina. Then it gets capped by a friggin' VOLCANO erupting in the background due to all the awesomeness.
  • Kamina's introduction, followed rapidly by him picking a fight with a giant robot, on foot, with only a katana.
    • Kamina's intro might not be so much a Moment of Awesome, but a "Hey, he's a pretty cool guy", though Yoko's introduction definitely counts.
    • Word of God states that he would have won, if Yoko hadn't interfered. That's right. Kamina, an over-the-top hot-blooded badass with a katana, would've defeated a humongous mecha, though it could kill him with ease.
  • Lagann breaking through to the surface. The fact that the song that plays during the ascent is the same tune that plays during the below-mentioned Giga Drill Break should give you a clue.
  • Viral delivering two No Holds Barred Beatdowns against Kamina in the same episode, quickly topped by the first union of Gurren and Lagann, which involved stealing Viral's helmet.
  • When Simon and Kamina snatched Thymilph's Dai-Ganzan, now the Dai-Gurren. Followed by Thymilph's epic-level pwnage at the receiving end of the series' first Giga Drill Break.
  • Then comes Kamina's death. You could feel his soul ascending into godhood as he said "Later, buddy".
    • When beggars die, there are no comets seen; / The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.
    • Even in his dying breath, after getting sliced and stabbed by Thymilph's mecha, Kamina mustered up all his life and strength to deliver his final blow to the enemy. Now that's what you call a blaze of glory.
  • The manga's scenes leading up to Kamina's final battle. Kamina and Yoko stands, looking out on the battlefield while talking, and Kamina spontaneously makes a volcano erupt. After that, he just casually says that a battlefield for a great battle has to look awesome.
  • Anytime Simon and Kamina combine into Gurren Lagann is a Moment of Awesome in itself, but the sequence usually includes a bonus moment for Kamina: combining involves a massive drill bit breaking into Gurren's cockpit, inches from Kamina's head, and he never even flinches.
  • Simon getting over his Angst due to Kamina's death just in time to defeat Guame.
    • The cherry on top for Simon's Moment of Awesome: When everyone else goes 'wtf/ohcrap' at Simon's reappearance, Leeron is smiling smugly the whole time, as if to say "It's about time."
    • This is accompanied by a Giga Drill Break that tops the previous one in pure awesome.
    • Exceeded by the movie's take on the scene, which has Simon almost growling out some of the words. You could literally feel the badassery radiating from him. Possibly the best part, his voice acting while calling out the Giga Drill Break was also greatly improved from what it was in the TV series.
    • Back to the anime version, this Moment of Awesome is preceded by a smaller, subtler CMOA: Team Dai-Gurren is imprisoned. They all vow to dig their way out of their cell through the surrounding bedrock walls with their bare hands (and heads, and teeth!). The problem? It's freaking bedrock, and they all fail to make any progress. While they're all complaining, slowly but surely, everyone turns around. They're caught off guard by Simon, who is silently and steadily carving out a hole in the bedrock wall with just his tiny core drill. Remember, this is the guy who everyone had all but given up on during his Heroic B.S.O.D. following Kamina's death. Yoko realizes that Kamina wasn't kidding when he said how Simon was the one who always helped and even inspired him. For good measure, the Lagann meets Simon in the hole that he dug.
    • It's also a Meta example for Simon. For a lot of the show's runtime up to that point, anyone who has seen Neon Genesis Evangelion would assume he's nothing more than a possibly inferior version of Shinji, having less reason to be as he is than his predecessor. However, when Shinji went through a simnilar bout of depression with very... nasty results. Simon could have very well broken down like he did. But no, instead he did the one thing Shinji never could and cemented himself not only as his own character but as Shinji's superior: evolve.
    • Reenacted in Super Robot Wars Z2: Hakai-Hen.
    • Guame gets one in that scene for somehow dodging the Giga Drill Breaker even while almost completely immobilized due to how his gunmen reads pilot input.
  • Nia running straight onto the Dai-Gurren's deck and ordering Adiane to cease her attack. Keep in mind that Nia is a young girl with no weapons and Adiane is piloting a mecha that could crush her in an instant.
    • Don't forget her variation on the Arc Words of the series: "Are you aware of who I am!?"
  • Leeron's plan for attacking the Dai-Gunten, an enemy Airborne Aircraft Carrier, with the Dai-Gurren, a battleship with feet, by running up a mountain, jumping what must have been a decent fraction of a mile into the air, and then trying to kick it. It missed. And turned it into a spinning back kick. Keep in mind, the Dai-Gurren just leapt to an altitude where the fall would almost certainly destroy it, just to attack another ship, and it can't fly. They just did a swallow kick with a robot the size of a freakin' battleship. A feat topped later by using a now flight-capable Dai-Gurren to simply stab the Dai-Gunten with its pointed bow, which also took out one of the Four Generals at the same time, which is also incredibly satisfying due to said General's Oh, Crap! of epic proportions. The Hell am I saying? Everything in this anime is of epic proportions!
  • Before even that Oh, Crap!, is the part before that one, where said general Cytomander is wondering how one pathetic gunman could stand up to his entire fleet after Team Dai-Gurren's forces were split to deal with ground assaults. Simon just calmly charges up his Spiral Energy, creating mini-drill missiles, enough to destroy all the grunts in the air that were currently dispatched. The look on the birdman's face cracks straight into an unhinged grin, then he cackles in a total WTF-this-must-be-a-joke way. The fact that Simon was able to break his pompous attitude in such an awesome way just cements the fact that Simon is now secure with who he is and he wouldn't have it any other way.
  • The entire fight between Simon and Lordgenome can be considered a Lensman Arms Race in badassery. Every time Simon uses Heroic Resolve to get the upper hand, Lordgenome promptly smack him down again only for Simon to get back up again, more determined than before. The whole thing culminates in Lordgenome beating up Lagann bare-handed, with flames of Spiral Power coming out of his head, followed by Simon using his Core Drill to drill a hole through Lordgenome's chest.
    • Not to mention Lordgenome shrugging off a "Giga Drill Break" like it was nothing.
      • That's okay, because a little bit later he gets one-upped by Simon and Nia's "Giga Teakettle Break." Seriously, listen to them, they sound like a teakettle boiling... and it's awesome.
      • The speech leading up to that part is pretty damn awesome as well. After Lordgenome tells Simon he has no chance of winning, Simon delivers a Shut Up, Hannibal! that pretty much sums up his character development up to this point in the series, all as the "get ready 'cause shit is about to get real" opening of the song "To Hell With Gattai!" plays.
      Simon: QUIT YOUR STUPID YAMMERING! I'm not gonna lose! Nia, Yoko, Rossiu, Ron, Kittan, Dayakka- every member of Team Dai-Gurren believes in me! The me that my bro believed in... the me that I believe in... isn't ever gonna lose to the LIKES! OF! YOU!!!
    • Every time we see Lordgenome in Lazengann, he has his arms crossed. He pilots his giant robot without using his hands.
    • Or Lordgenome managing to talk WITHOUT LUNGS.
    • The most awesome part of this fight is when After Simon has attempted to take the Lazengann with a Lagann Impact, gets out of Lazengann, saunters down the vertical surface of its face, and punches the Lagann off. Men, there is not enough italics in the world for that moment.
    • And lets not forget what happened after the battle. Simon and Nia return victorious, with Sorairo Days playing in the background, the two of them look down at Team Dai-Gurren cheer for them, and then they look at the sunrise. And on the screen it says:
      The Battle of Tepplin, Day 7
      Tepplin Castle, the Spiral King's Capital: Fallen.
    • You can't help shedding tears of joy at that moment.
    • And then it says STILL To be continued.
  • Rossiu gets one with just one sentence:
    Rossiu: Open your eyes, Lord Genome!
  • Another line of Rossiu's, spoken as TTGL is being pummeled by the force of a Big Bang (as in the primal explosion that created the universe) and he watches on from his balcony as the fate of the world hangs in the balance...
    Rossiu: It looks bad... but it'll take more than that to kill them. (Cue badass scene of the entire population of the Earth staring up defiantly into the final battle between the Dai Gurren-Dan and the Anti-Spirals as the opening theme plays)
  • Simon unleashes the Giga Drill Maximum.
  • In Episode 20 Kittan, channelling the awesome power of Kamina, picks a fight with a Mugan, on foot, with only a shotgun. Not as awesome as Kamina, but really, who is?
    • And after that, Makken and Leite's Big Damn Heroes moment. Kittan is about to get blasted by that Mugan when suddenly Makken jumps in front of him... with his gunman! He easily shrugs the attack off and destroys the Mugan just as easily with two missiles, high in the air, to avoid civilian casualties. Cut to Dayakka in his truck, who was forced by Kittan to get the people of the hospital to safety, seeing a HUGE truck approaching him. When he looks up to see who's behind the wheel, he sees Leite, casually grinning at him. The canvas covering the cargo of her truck gets blown off, revealing the gunmen that were destroyed but rebuilt in secret by Makken and Leite to be stronger than ever! After an episode in which everything was rapidly starting to go to hell, this marks the revival of the Dai-Gurren Brigade, further solidified by Kittan when he immediately uses his gunman to fly to the Arc-Gurren to ask the Core Drill back from Rossiu, because he isn't going to run away from the moon—he is going to fight it.
  • Yoko destroying two Ganmen in a matter of seconds with nothing but her trusty BFG and a small hover vehicle.
    Yoko: School's out. You failed.
  • Simon and Viral's Big Damn Heroes moment is so awesome that the awesomeness of their presence, by itself, causes an entire army to explode.
    Gurren Lagann: * unleashes a gargantuan wave of Spiral energy*
    Anti-Spiral fleet: ** EXPLODE**
  • Arc Gurren-Lagann Megaton Punching an enemy Mugan so hard it smashes a hole in the very fabric of space-time, into which the Mugan falls and promptly explodes. Captain Falcon, eat your heart out.
    • To reiterate: He hits the enemy so hard, that the enemy hits nothing and breaks it.
    • In The Movie, Arc Gurren Lagann confronts Cathedral Lazengann (which is basically Chouginga Gurren Lagann minus Cool Shades and under the Anti-spirals), and giga drills through its arm and into its core, while stopping a punch. While Arc GL is large, the arm it drilled through was the size of New Zealand, and throwing a punch.
  • Simon causes Nia to wake up back to her original self. She suddenly goes from preaching the Anti-Spiral's talk of absolute despair to "Are you coming for me?" with all of the reverb gone from her voice.
  • Any time any music is playing, that's a good sign that a Moment of Awesome is on the way. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH!!!
  • Simon teleports halfway through the world, rips the Gurren Lagann through a wall, ejects from his cockpit, slides across the ground for a good hundred feet, brings his hand back, and with a fantastic scream of "ROSSIU!!!!! CLENCH THOSE TEETH!!!!" he slugs Rossiu right in the goddamn face. All at once he honors fallen brothers, puts the Scrappy of the series in his place with gusto, acknowledges Rossiu's basic decency and good intentions, and punches a man so hard his headband holding his hair in that Fei-like style explodes from the sheer ungodly awesome of the punch. Rossiu's lucky he had a HEAD after that.
    • It's almost a CMoA for Rossiu too, just for being conscious after that hit.
    • In the second movie, this honor goes from Simon to Kinon, though it's not quite as awesome. She just silently enters Rossiu's room and gives him a hard smack, then tells him off as stated above.
    • It was actually foreshadowed in the uncut version of episode 8: Yoko doing a Foe-Tossing Charge through the onsen-Ganmen just to punch Kamina in the face.
    • Note that Simon invented teleportation just to punch some sense back into Rossiu.
  • Jougen and Barinbou throw Gimmy and Darry's ruined Gulaparls back at the main ship, then turn and laugh manically as their Twin-Bouku mecha explodes... with such force an entire Anti-Spiral fleet dies with them.
    • Right now I wish I could remember the names of the other four background characters who gave their lives to protect the Chouginga Dai-Gurren; especially Leite's husband, who destroyed a giant missile with a katana. They deserve some Nominal Importance after what they did.
      • Those would be Zorthy, Kidd, Iraak and Makken. Makken was the one with the katana.
      • In Lagann-Hen, They all survive
    • Related awesome. In the midst of all this heroism, tech gal Leite is suddenly made aware of her husband Makken's death, him having sacrificed himself to save the ship and everyone onboard. She gives herself one moment to mourn, simply whispering "darling..." (the acting sells it) and then immediately goes back to work and does not stop working and doing her part for the entire battle. In what must have been an emotionally excruciating time for her, she held it together and continued her vital role as part of the team- and even assists in the Tengen Toppa battles despite never piloting before! (fortunately Makken lives in the movie. She damn well earned that happy ending.)
  • Boota proves that humans aren't the only ones who can use Spiral Energy.
    • Not to mention Boota's awesomeness resulting in an aura of flowing spiral energy making his fur spikey, making him look like what can only be described as Super Saiyan Boota.
    • Bah! It's Boota's drill tail that makes him awesome!
    • It's a mecha the size of the moon being powered by a hamster.
    • No, what's really awesome is when everyone is trapped in the Lotus-Eater Machine, Boota, having transformed into a humanoid, punches the Anti Spiral King.
  • Kittan pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to release everyone from the Ocean of Despair, by flying into the Death Spiral Machine in the Space King Kittan, being crushed under the ocean's pressure, then ejecting out in the tiny King Kittan and unleashing a massive Giga Drill Break on the Machine—something only Simon and Kamina had ever pulled off before. And then Kittan dies while laughing about how awesome the whole thing was. All set to the tune of "Libera Me From Hell".
    John 8:52-53: At this they exclaimed, "Now we know you are demon-possessed! Abraham died and so did the prophets, yet you say whoever obeys your words will never taste death. Are you greater than our father Abraham? He died and so did the prophets. Who do you think you are?"
    • Just to clarify the awesomeness of this moment: The spaceship's nigh-omniscient bio computer calculated the odds of this succeeding as 0%. Not as in "ridiculous small chance larger than 0%" (say, 0.00001%), but as exactly zero percent. Afterwards, it said: "I see theoretical calculations mean nothing to you".
  • Dayakka and Gabal start the fightback against the Anti-spiral just as its about to grab the Earth with an I'VE GOT THE BEST WIFE IN THE UNIVERSE SWING!!!!
    • This doubles (triples?) as funny and heartwarming, partially because his wife (and the entire earth) hears it.
  • Chouginga Gurren Lagann attacking every single point in time and space simultaneously.
    • Point-blank was always Attenborough's specialty. Who knew that he would get such scope for his talents?
      • This scene has Attenborough actually reach the point of enough dakka. Enough dakka is described as having a gun that can shoot every single point in space and every single point in time simultaneously. No shock that it is this show that does the impossible. Too bad they never reached too much dakka.
      • Attenborough's Crowning Moment Of Awesome come a bit later as he give the ASK a taste of his own medicine by using probability altering missiles on him.
    • Just... Chouginga Gurren Lagann. Holy shit, Chouginga Gurren-Lagann. The mech "that matches the Gods themselves" emerging from the Space Ocean in a blaze of Spiral Power. Tearing through the anti-spiral battleship's shield with one fricken' hand and ripping its face off. And calmly shrugging off one of the most insane attack barrages in the history of anime ("As if such a puny attack could stop me!" Simon roars as the anti-spirals smack him with planets. PLANETS!) before wrenching off its sunglasses and using them to cut in half a battleship the size of a solar system. There's only one word to describe Chouginga Gurren-Laggan, and that word is FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!1!11!!11!
    • Apparently your word processor broke down trying to type out the pure awesomeness of that word: GARGASMIC: something known to incite an explosion of raw, unbridled GAR.
    • Chouginga/Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann does two things when it is actually being formed. First off, Transformers was found brutally murdered, forensic scientists claim the fatal wound was made with a massive drill. Second, just as Simon's My Bro Is Dead speech exorcised the wangst demons of Evangelion from the Anime medium, the dub removed all stereotypes about bad dubbing. Both the writing of the dialog in English and Yuri Lowenthal's absolutely impeccable Hot-Blooded and emotionally charged voice acting instantly made dubs acceptable forever. Though, given the Unpleasable Fanbase about dubbing...
    • Chouginga Gurren Lagann is actually almost invulnerable to any form of attack imaginable in normal curcumstances. The Anti-Spirals can only hit it by manipulating the laws of probability!!!!
    • How as the fact that Chouginga Gurren Lagann was creating a GALAXY just by existing not been mentioned? (granted, it wasn't very important storywise, but yeah).
      • It wasn't a galaxy, it was a FREAKIN' PROTO-UNIVERSE that was created by the spiral energy concentration in the engine.
    • And in the Movie, Simon - AND the Chouginga - are CRYING BLOOD. So much badass, only blood tears can represent what's going on properly.
  • Kamina coming back from the dead for the sole purpose of telling Simon how awesome he is, breaking him free of the Lotus-Eater Machine that captured him in the process, with Libera Me from Hell playing in the background.
    • Kamina: What's wrong, Simon? Did you lose it? Your drill?
  • Yoko broke out of her Lotus-Eater Machine essentially on her own.
  • Nia has her own Moment of Awesome at the start of the final episode. As the Anti-Spiral is deleting her, suddenly her engagement ring starts flashing like a Core Drill. She closes her eyes and smiles for a second. Then she glares down at the Anti-Spiral, struggles, pulls her arm forward, and summons Gurren Lagann out of her ring. All of that while we get a quick close-up of the Anti-Spiral's face with the biggest Oh, Crap! expression ever plastered across it.
  • The entire final battle set in Anti-Spiral space. Not posting what happens, it needs to be seen to be believed. And all set to the show's opening theme music.
    • Two words: Galaxy. Shurikens.
    • Simon's speech:
      Mark my words - this drill will open a hole in the universe, and that hole will be a path for those behind us! The dreams of those who've fallen...the hopes of those who'll follow...those two sets of dreams weave together in a double helix drilling a path towards tomorrow! And that's Tengen Toppa! That's Gurren Lagann!! My drill is the drill THAT CREATES THE HEAVENS!!!
      • Not only is it awesome in and of itself, but Simon's drill no longer simply pierces the heavens, it CREATES them. That one sentence alone proves that dubs aren't always worse than the original.
      • It should be noted that the Japanese words for 'pierce' (突くる) and 'create' (作る) are in fact homonyms (both are pronounced 'tsukuru' ). It is thus a little Bilingual Bonus to note that all this time Simon has been boasting about piercing the heavens, he has also meant that he creates them as well, befitting the theme of the show.
  • The construction of Arc Gurren Lagann and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.
    • And Chouginga Gurren Lagann, for that matter.
      • AND the emergence of The Show's Namesake Mecha, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, from the middle of a Galaxy.
      • The ONLY acceptable description of that moment is a comparison to an avenging angel. The role of "newborn god" is reserved for Super TTGL.
  • In the construction of Chouginga Gurren Lagann, Simon's digging goggles spontaneously transform into Kamina's shades, then into star-shaped shades. Then, the moon-sized robot gets even cooler shades that cannot be described with words.
  • From Parallel Works: Cathedral Terra Lazengann. Holy hell.
    • Hell, that whole Parallel Works (number 8, for the curious) has nothing short of 2 minute long Moment of Awesome. The pounding music is icing on the cake.
  • In this Live dubbing, Nobuyuki Hiyama (Viral) and Fukui Yukari (Nia) are re-doing the fight between Simon and Guame(note: Nobuyuki-san cannot do a kid's voice). It's pretty funny, right up until the part where Simon does the Giga Drill Break: Nobuyuki goes into full Guy Shishioh Hot-Blooded mode, and the crowd just goes off.
    • Just shows that whenever a Giga Drill Breaker is concerned, hotblooded-ness will follow suit.
      • It was so awesome Yukari Fukui's eyes went wide open for that one whole second.
      • Since the original video was deleted, here is another, lower quality upload.
      • Re-Uploaded to Youtube now: here
  • Parallel Works Six: Double Giga Drill Break.
  • Let's not forget Lordgenome taking on an entire big bang's worth of energy in an epic heroic sacrifice. "LAZENGANN... OOOVERLOAD!!!!"
    • He intentionally takes the full brunt of the attack, undergoing a "quantum breakdown", just so that he can become one with the energy, infecting it and turning it to their side.
      • Lordgenome's pronunciation of the Lazengann overload is made even more awesome in the movie. Rather than a simple "LAZENGANN...OVERLOAD" from the anime, we get "LAZENGANN...OVERLOOOAAARAAAADAAA!!!!.
      • His speech during that moment could also count as a CMOA
    Do not grieve for me daughter! My soul which once drowned in a sea of despair and languor has been reawakened! And if the sacrifice of this body can ensure a future for all spiral races then SO BE IT!!
    • And turning that Big Bang into a DRILL. A galaxy sized drill. With his talking head on the tip.
    • To quote /m/: "Most men are lucky enough to get one manly death. Lord Genome (sic) got two of them."
      • And then, feeding that drill to the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, giving it a powerup equal to all the energy the Anti-spiral just threw. A powerup so huge that it causes the spiral-power meter to climb from nothing to a never-before-seen rainbow color immediately, shatter, and continue to increase out into EMPTY SPACE, in total defiance of all logic.
    • In the movie, compared to every member of the Dai-Gurren who each created their very own Tengen Toppa mecha, Lordgenome simply decides that while the ability to create anything is convenient and cool, he simply doesn't need that. All he really needs is his own trusty Lazengann to STOP THE BIG BANG ITSELF.
    • He actually starts off by personally walking into the middle of the big bang before summoning his personal unit, buckass naked the whole time while the rest of the Dai Gurren-dan have their own galaxy-sized mechs!
  • Hell, the whole damned SOUNDTRACK is made of Awesome Music! Even through the Narm.
  • The manga adaptation takes the anime and makes it even more awesome. For example, the Giga Drill Break is 11 pages long.
  • Also in The Movie, Simon, Lagann having failed him, climbs up Cytomander's Ganmen using only his core drill, his tunneling drill from back in Jiiha and his own brute strength. Doubles as heartwarming, since he's doing it to rescue Nia, who is refuses to stop believing in Simon despite being told that all her hope is completely worthless. Also, the whole thing is shown side-by-side with Yoko remembering Kamina's story illustrating how he secretly relied on Simon any time he was in a tight spot. Cue Manly Tears.
  • Once again from the movie: Adiane v. Yoko. On foot!
  • This far without mentioning the Dai-Gurren destroying Teppelin's hammer? Shameful.
    • Also, soon after that Dai-Gurren's final attack!
  • The final battle is so fast-paced and HSQ-high that we don't have time to appreciate Yoko's epic sniping feat. Weird scale aside, the Anti-Spiral's home planet is still a planet, and it shows up as about the same size as Earth, or at least within one or two orders of magnitude. The Grand Zamboa was attacking at the time, and so its head was moving, and the slightest twitch of a robot that size breaks relativity in half. So the planet was moving back and forth ridiculously quickly. And Yoko only takes a few seconds to aim at the thing. To summarize: Yoko snipes a planet moving back and forth at speeds so ridiculous that "superluminal" doesn't even come close to beginning to describe them, from across a galaxy, while under heavy fire, after aiming for only a few seconds, in one hit. Why does this not get more attention?
    • Because by the time this happens, we already know that Yoko never misses. . . she prepares.
  • By the climax episode, there is a mech the size of a GALAXY, and it's being piloted by a mech the size of a planet piloted by a mech the size of a city piloted by a mech the size of a building piloted by a guy who created all these mechs from the energy produced by how awesome he is. That's just... nuts.
    • Actually, it isn't the size of a galaxy. It's 10 million light years tall. Our galaxy is only 100,000 light years. The largest galaxy we've found is 5 million light years. The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagannn is twice as tall as the largest galaxy we have ever found is wide. Compared to it, our galaxy could be stepped on and the mech wouldn't even notice.
    • It is topped in the movie version. They managed to summon an entire ARMY of these, along with a mecha the size of the universe, who proceeds to cause it to collapse under what can only be described as pure, undiluted awesomeness
  • Don't forget Yoko's most badass line of pure awesome "So, I leave for a while, and you have to go and become a real boring bitch." Said to Anti-Spiral Nia who, as a monotonous shell of Nia's former lively self, fits that description perfectly.
    • Though it's something of a minor tearjerker when one thinks hard enough about it, since it indicates Yoko feels some measure of guilt for leaving Nia and the rest of her friends to start with, as if her staying could have prevented Nia's possession.
  • In the climax of the first movie, the Four General's battleships combine into Doten-Kaizan. Let's take stock; a walking battleship, a mobile fortress, a flying aircraft carrier, and a centipede-like submarine, all combining into a gigantic battleship that Viral says has "no blind spot from any direction". Team Gurren reply by channelling all their power into Simon and Rossiu's Giga Drill Breaker, which completely obliterates Doten-Kaizan in seconds.
  • Grand Zamboa Tearing TTGL to pieces.
    • Details on this one. Up until this point, the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was an invincible, unstoppable, humongous robot that could take down anything. Not only does Grand Zamboa actually BEAT the TTGL, it repeatedly slugs it on the ground before crushing the body flat with its larger arms, then proceeds to homage another Gainax series, and literally begins to go to work on the TTGL with its hands, ripping it limb from limb, tearing it apart with a brutality only matched by Evangelion Unit 01 in mecha. It ends the entire event by lifting the broken husk of humanity's savior, AND QUARTERING IT. The Anti-Spiral King was PISSED.
      • And this was all achieved by revealing Nia's ultimate fate should the Anti-Spiral be defeated, which caused Team Gurren to freeze up momentarily. Thats right, The Anti-Spiral King caused a Heroic B.S.O.D. in the entirety of Team Gurren.
    • And then, when the Antispiral picks up TTGL's head to finish it off, his attack is blocked by a drill coming out of it. After all, the head of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is...
    • Nia materializing her own mecha and proceeding to spear GZ.
    • Team Gurren all materialising Tengen Toppa versions of their own gunmen, including:
      • Viral's Enkidulga, with 14 arms, all catching the Anti-Spiral's spears and saving Nia's mech.
      • Do remember, this was achieved by a being who cannot use spiral power whatsoever. That makes it double the awesome for Viral.
      • Yoko's which contains huge galaxy scaled sniper rifles (and Breast Missiles. With teeth). Note the plural.
      • Baribou and Jougan then proceed to catch the freaking galaxy shuriken with their mech, and crush them with their fists.
      • A galaxy sized version of the Dai-Gurren battleship rising out of space on a wave of cosmic proportions, carrying a Team Dai-Gurren flag made of fire. The Granzeboma's face has a very fitting WTF expression as it happens. Topped by zapping the Anti-Spiral with his own probability-altering missiles and finally throwing the Granzeboma with the MY WIFE IS BEST IN THE UNIVERSE SWIIIIINGGGGG.
      • Not being awesome enough just being a galaxy sized version of the Dai-Gurren, the Tengen Toppa Dai-Gurren also has the Chouginga Gurren Lagann Cruiser form as it's bow.
    • When everyone has finished summoning their mecha, they gather for a Ass Kicking Pose. The amount of awesomeness contained in that scene is so high, a volcano spontaneously erupts as a homage to Kamina's final combination with Gurren Lagann in episode 8. In space. Larger than a galaxy. I repeat, they materialised a volcano galaxy in space and blew it up just to show off their awesome, without even thinking about it.
    • ...Aaaaand then the angered Anti-Spiral King gets one right after when he furiously rips through their flag to inform our heroes that he's NOT going out without a fight, The Grand Zamboa then grabs two nearby galaxies and slams them together,creating a BLAST WITH ENOUGH POWER TO CREATE A NEW UNIVERSE, holy shit! The resulting explosion is so massive entire clusters of galaxies are born from the impact,with the only thing bigger than the attack being the sheer amount of Ham being released by the Big Bad.
    • When GZ threw the Infinity Big Bang Storm, Lordgenome, in an even more badass version, walks out into the beam, naked and on fire with Spiral Power, and proceeds to materalise Lazengann. Worth mentioning at this point: every other mech generated has been a Tengen Toppa version in order to match the scale of the whole thing. Lordgenome summons his regular mech!
    • Feeding the Big Bang-powered drill to Tengen Toppa Lagann (NOT Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but Lagann itself), which then proceeds to overload and impale all the other members of the Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren with an overload of Spiral Energy, and hence forming...
    • Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Which looks like a huge Kamina on fire, and is so huge the galaxies themselves look like dots at this point. Word of God confirms that it really is Kamina resurrected in God form. You can imagine the man himself yelling WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!? at the Anti-Spiral, whose mech is now smaller than his foot. The energy overload is so far beyond the impossible we get to see what can only be described as Super Saiyan Simon.
      • Once the Ass Kicking Pose is finished showing off all the Tengen Toppa versions of their mechs, Simon elevates himself beyond Kamina's level by quoting the man himself from way back in Episode 3:
    Simon: It's time to do 'that'!
    Entire Dai-Gurren-dan: "That"?
    Simon: Isn't it obvious? GATTAI-DA!
    • The STTGL has a comparison shot as soon as it's formed. Its foot dwarfs the Grand Zamboa, which was equal to the TTGL. Of course, the ASK doesn't stand for this and effortlessly powers up the GZ in a second to match the STTGL. To reiterate, the Dai-Gurren-Dan went through all of that to get the STTGL and the Anti-Spiral had equivalent power accessible without going out of its way!
    • Even the sequence deserves a Moment of Awesome. It took not one, not two, but THREE scenes in three different angles to convey the awesomeness of STTGL's summoning.
    • Giga Drill Break O War. Seriously. They did not one, but TWO, Giga Drill Breaks, with mechs that dwarf galaxies, and drills that dwarf the mechs. The contest is so powerful that it apparently destroys the pocket universe they were in by sucking the entire contents of the universe into the center contact point.
    • GZ shattering the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's Drill, proceeding to compete against frantic attempts to counterdrill by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, Arc-Gurren Lagann, and finally...
    • The stand-off between the drills from the GZ and Gurren Lagann. Gurren Lagann matches the force of GZ's Giga Drill Break, and holds out aganst it. And then proceeds to SHATTER IT. Let's reiterate. Something the size of a building, countered a Giga Drill Break something TWO MILLION TIMES LARGER THAN THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE. And broke it. Mere words are insufficient to describe how much awesome that contains.
    • One that may go unnoticed in the final battle with the Anti Spiral unless you look for it. As Viral gets a closeup just before he detaches Lagann, his uniform is in rags. Either he was dodging the Anti Spiral's drills during his part of the assault, or he's been tanking them without skipping a beat in anything he does. It's hard to tell which one is more amazing. And lets not forget that he chucks the Lagann across the entire freakin' universe to hit a target the size of a man!!
    • How it all ends. After being launched at ASK by Lagann, Simon proceeds to engage the ASK in a fist fight, ending in him forming a core drill roughly the size of his head using nothing but his own blood mist hanging in the air. And finishing the ASK in a Single-Stroke Battle. My friends, you have not lived till you have seen this movie. That is all.
      • That description doesn't even begin to describe its awesome, the epic fist fight between the Anti-Spiral and Simon is THE most Awesome moment of TTGL. Watch and be in awe
      • Not to sound like the fist fight was not epic at all, it was, but I see your fist fight, and raise you the Giga Drill Break O War that destroyed the universe they were in. One cannot help but engage in Manly Screaming while watching them. Behold!
    • No mention of Lorgenome's hacking of Cathedral Lazengann? First the Lordgenome Head gets that shock like he did in the anime, but instead of just laying there, we see the whole area go wire frame then "HACKING!" A wire frame of Lordgenome begins running through what seems to be wireless connections, smashing effortlessly through numerous firewalls until he reaches the Catherdral Terra cyber space. He runs into a room off to the side and tries to open a box with a green key; when that doesn't work, he smashes the box on the ground; when THAT doesn't work, he smashes his head against it, breaking it open. And then he eats the data inside!
      • What makes this particularly interesting and hilarious is that until that point biocomputer Lordgenome had not exhibited any tendency towards hamminess, in fact he was not even supposed to have his original personality. And as soon as he's done with the hacking he goes right back to cool and collected. Why his personality does such a total 180 when hacking is anyone's guess, but it foreshadows his eventual true return and redemption in the final battle.
      • Lordgenome. He will beat up your mechs with his bare hands, stop your Big Bang-powered Wave Motion Gun, and hack your computer By headbutting it digitally.
      • For a lot of people, that was more of a funny moment.
  • The final battle in Lagann-hen (the second movie) has all Mechas being torn through by the Anti-Spiral mega-mech. It tears through Super Tengen Toppa, Tengen Toppa, Chouginga Gurren Lagann and Arc-Gurren Lagann in order. But then it's stopped by Gurren Lagann. The combined spiral power of Lordgenome's effort and everybody else's did not work, but somehow Simon, Nia and Viral (Nia and Viral likely those two who are least likely to generate spiral power out of the entire main cast) alone manage to completely stop the Anti-Spiral mecha dead in its tracks, and even defeat its Giga Drill.
  • Wait, did Simon just generate enough Spiral Power to make Lagann sentient?
  • You'll notice that most of the posts before this one were in chronological order. In fact, it's really more of a complete summary. If you read all of them, you now know the entire movie. That's right, the movie doesn't go any significant amount of time without a Moment of Awesome.
  • Gurren Lagann casts were introduced in an anime convention. There's Tetsuya Kakihara (Simon), Marina Inoue (Yoko), Yukari Fukui (Nia), Nobuyuki Hiyama (Viral), Mitsuki Saiga (Rossiu), Rina Sato (Kiyoh), Kana Ueda (Kinon), and Kana Asumi (Kiyal). Kissho Taniyama (Kittan) wasn't going to make an appearance due to some stuff. Anyways, MC announced that Kamina-sama himself wasn't going to appear today and the crowd goes boo. AND THEN HE APPEARS!!! The crowd goes off!
    • That pretty much cements how most of the fans appreciate Kamina more than the main guy himself, Simon...
      • It was love from the moment he challenged a giant mecha with nothing but a katana. Not even a SHIRT, just pants and tattoos. Up until that, he was just some hilarious guy wearing sunglasses underground.
    • Actually, that wasn't an anime convention in the video. It was a Gurren Lagann only event in which the (infamous) live dubbing took place.
  • Episode 21: "That's easy. We'll stop the moon." Said as though it's no big deal.
  • After Nia is dragged back to the Antispiral's home world in Lagann-Hen, Simon goes from being a cute guy to a man dripping with testosterone in less than a minute. Less than a minute. This must be the moment that forever transformed Simon into Garlock/Starlock.
  • It's brief, but Kyle Hebert managed to be in the same room as Katsuyuki Konishi during AX 2010. Both say Kamina's catchphrase in their respective language.
  • I can't believe that nobody has mentioned how Kittan (supposedly) got his Gunmen. Doubles as funny, it can be seen here
    • Kiyoh's yoyo trick, starting at 4:08, has to be mentioned.
  • Parallel Works 15: Gunmen Symphonia Lagann gattais with EVERYTHING. It must be seen to be believed.
  • While the manga adaptation is known for being a great read, there is one wholly original moment that must be mentioned. In the fight against Guame, Simon is fighting the Gember with Lagann alone, as the Gurren and the other Team Dai-Gurren Gunmen have been stolen. In comes Yoko, though, having jacked the Dayakkaiser, firing off shots to aid Simon. But Guame destroys the mech's barrel, so what does Yoko do? Why, she takes a cue from Kamina himself, telling Simon they're going to do "that thing" and then jamming Lagann into the top of the Dayakkaiser, reciting her own hotblooded speech as the two combine into DAYAKKAISER LAGANN. And then she uses its massive cannon to fire off a GIGA DRILL BUSTER!!! And this is why we should all read comics.
    • Not the Dayakkaiser. The Yoko W Tank.
    • The speech goes like this:
    Yoko: With thoughts of a man gone in my heart, I knowingly took on this impossible fight. A womans got her pride. With a maiden's prayers and rage, I'll blast you away along with your cheap trap, so prepare yourself!!!!
    Yoko: Here we go Simon!!
    Simon: O-okay!!
  • The events leading up to Kamina's Giga Drill Breaker. In the manga, when Lagann uses Gurren Boomerang (throws Gurren's sunglasses), the shades align themselves to hit 5 Gunmen surrounding the Gurren and cut them all in half. In the anime, the shades hit 2 Gunmen jumping at Gurren from behind, followed by Gurren-Lagann creating 12 excessively long drills to stab 12 Gunmen jumping at it. causing them all to explode.
    • Of course, the dialogue leading up to this was pretty epic too.
    Simon: "Bro ... You're alive."
    Yoko: "Kamina!"
    Kamina: "Simon! Just who the hell do you think you are? Isn't your drill the drill that will pierce the Heavens, the Earth and through to tomorrow? What's taking you so long? YOU'VE WON! THIS GIANT MUG IS YOURS! Don't be so insecure.
    Simon: "Okay." Takes control of the Dai-Gunzan. "IT'S OKAY, EVERYONE! THE DAI-GUNZAZN IS OUR NOW! COME ABOARD!"
    Thymilph: "You filthy naked apes. That Dai-Gunzan was a gift from the Spiral King himself. I'd rather destroy it than let it fall into your hands!"
    Kittan: "You bastard!"
    Kamina: "An old codger of a beast who doesn't know when to quit... Simon... Come here. Let's finish this in one go."
    Simon: "Bro..."
    Kamina: "Combine ... Our final move. FOR THE LAST TIME, LET'S FIGHT TOGETHER AS GURREN-LAGANN!"
    Kamina: "Whether it's impossible or laughable, great men open up paths of battle!"
    Simon: "If there's a wall, we smash it down. If there's no path, we'll make one with these hands!"
    Kamina: "KYOUDAI GATTAI! GURREN-LAGANN!" (Everlasting Combining; literally, Brotherly Combination)
    Simon: "Me"
    Kamina: "US!"
    Kamina and Simon: "JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE—-?!"
  • While Dub-versions of anime generally tends to be less favored among some fans, Yuri Lowenthal does have a rather epic way of pronouncing "Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann".
  • Perhaps one of the defining moments of awesome in TTGL was one particular scene in the formation of Arc Gurren Lagann, when it cuts to black... then snaps to Gurren Lagann slamming up into the cockpit with a stoic Badass Arm-Fold. It's an incredibly powerful scene, and it still would be even if it weren't succintly demonstrating that this is a Humongous Mecha piloting a Humongous Mecha several times larger than itself
  • It's only the English dub, but when these four words are said chills will go down your spine TENGEN TOPPA! GURREN LAGANN!
  • While it never gets played in the show, this particular version of the opening is even more awesome than the original. Yes, it sounds like hypocrisy, but this is done by Masaaki Endoh, so it's automatically Awesome Music. Just listen to it here:
  • If you remember Lagann-Hen, recall when Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has the Giga Drill-off with the Anti-Spiral during the final battle. Now recall what happens: First, the Super Tengen Toppa breaks apart, with Tengen Toppa replacing it. Then, Super Galaxy replaces Tengen Toppa, and followed by it is Arc-Gurren Lagann. When Arc-Gurren Lagann's head breaks apart, it reveals Gurren Lagann, standing there and waiting patiently for its turn to kick some Anti-Spiral butt.
  • Recall that Lordgenome's eyes are spirals. Lordgenome was also implied to have reached his max of Spiral Power (it had stopped growing at a certain point before the rise of team Dai-Gurren). If these are related, recall that at the end of the epilogue, only one of Simon's eyes have become spiral shaped, implying that he's only at HALF power while still being that old!
  • The fact that both the Super Tenegn Toppa Gurren Lagann and Super Granboza hold the fourth and third in all of fiction, beaten only by forms of Elder God Demonbane and Liber Legius, machines made to kill Eldritch Gods. And since that's a visual novel, they hold the title of single biggest mechas in all of anime.
  • A meta version but the show's Decon-Recon Switch status, effectively embodying every Gainax mecha anime before it (i.e. GunBuster , Neon Genesis Evangelion and FLCL ). With the advent of both Studio Trigger and Studio Khara only a few years away, this anime was basically Gainax's Dying Moment of Awesome. And looking at how long this page, it was a grand one.

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