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Fan Fiction
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new postCriticism tips? 6Sun, 19th Oct '14 6:07:56 PM
new postSources of inspiration for Elsewhere Fic other than Medieval Europe6Tue, 14th Oct '14 7:14:34 AM
new postHow to keep certain parts of your fanfic original9Tue, 14th Oct '14 7:09:41 AM
new postMy desire to write Teen Titans Fanfic has dried up7Sun, 12th Oct '14 9:58:10 PM
new postWhat's the most well-written fanfic you've ever read?173Sun, 12th Oct '14 5:56:45 AM
new postOddest fic challenges?3Fri, 10th Oct '14 12:20:17 AM
new postShipping Fics, Yay or Nay?36Thu, 9th Oct '14 5:24:33 PM
new postHow to find fics on your own?14Fri, 3rd Oct '14 9:36:52 PM
new postHow to find the right Beta-reader3Tue, 30th Sep '14 9:47:37 PM
new postInfrastructure2Mon, 29th Sep '14 9:08:10 PM
new posta little help?1Mon, 29th Sep '14 7:38:02 AM
new postHow to avoid Creator's Pet25Sat, 27th Sep '14 9:24:55 PM
new postAll Purpose Dungeons and Dragons Fanfiction Thread4Wed, 24th Sep '14 6:03:32 AM
new postOriginal Flavour2Sat, 20th Sep '14 2:50:32 PM
new postWhat are your personal "green flags" before reading any fanfic?95Sat, 20th Sep '14 7:52:39 AM
new postWhat tropes are in this fic?2Fri, 19th Sep '14 1:34:33 PM
new postLegend of Zelda Fanfic - The Great Desert (explaining my fic)1Thu, 18th Sep '14 7:17:20 PM
new postZero No Tsukaima Crossover Fics Thread355Thu, 11th Sep '14 5:00:42 PM
new postAll Purpose Megaman Fanfiction Thread5Thu, 11th Sep '14 8:11:12 AM
new postThe All-Purpose Whoniverse Thread (Doctor Who/Torchwood/SJA/K9)1Sun, 7th Sep '14 10:59:41 PM
new postAll Purpose Pokemon Fanfiction Thread184Sun, 7th Sep '14 10:56:47 PM
new postMinor fanfiction sins53Sat, 30th Aug '14 3:22:39 PM
new postGeneral Star Wars Fanfiction Thread.10Thu, 28th Aug '14 5:06:11 AM
new postCulture Clash Fanfic: Would like critique please4Sat, 23rd Aug '14 6:13:56 PM
new postFamily1Sat, 23rd Aug '14 4:23:20 PM
new postHigh School DxD Fanfiction thread1Mon, 18th Aug '14 5:03:57 PM
new postSword Art Fanfiction Online5Mon, 18th Aug '14 10:19:05 AM
new postFan-Fic Ideas8Mon, 4th Aug '14 9:09:40 PM
new postThings you're tired of telling non-fanfiction-writers12Mon, 4th Aug '14 11:09:56 AM
new postCool Tales: Renewal, a mega crossover fanfic script1Fri, 1st Aug '14 11:20:17 PM
new postISOT Fanfics?2Tue, 29th Jul '14 7:38:31 PM
new postAnyone want to check out my new, ongoing Star Wars Multiverse Fanfic?1Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:00:48 AM
new postRecomend Fimfiction stories5Thu, 24th Jul '14 1:26:09 AM
new postThe Legend of Zelda40Wed, 23rd Jul '14 2:20:29 PM
new postCrossover Challenge?1Wed, 23rd Jul '14 12:22:49 PM
new postAll Purpose Digimon Fanfiction Thread37Tue, 22nd Jul '14 10:45:38 AM
new postDon't Like, Don't Read!24Tue, 22nd Jul '14 6:13:47 AM
new postExposition, or No Exposition?7Mon, 21st Jul '14 9:53:48 PM
new postHow to increase reviews for my fanfics?35Sun, 20th Jul '14 12:39:14 AM
new postWhere's the line between fanfic and original fiction drawn?19Sat, 19th Jul '14 7:41:20 PM
new postShared Universe Kickstarter9Thu, 17th Jul '14 6:14:04 AM
new postWarrior Of Black Ice1Thu, 10th Jul '14 9:00:55 PM
new postMy Skullgirls Fanfic (and also general SG fanfic thread)8Tue, 8th Jul '14 10:15:05 PM
new postAll Purpose X-Men Fanfiction Thread24Sun, 6th Jul '14 8:00:36 PM
new postHow does Fanon Discontinuity work?12Fri, 4th Jul '14 10:04:52 PM
new postSeeking a beta reader! (Left 4 Dead)1Wed, 2nd Jul '14 5:43:11 PM
new postPromote your fanfic37Mon, 30th Jun '14 10:37:27 AM
new postGeneral Rationalfics Thread3Thu, 26th Jun '14 3:15:06 AM
new postAspects and ideas from fanfiction that are now your personal canon.35Wed, 25th Jun '14 12:17:30 PM
new postShould I rewrite my fanfic?3Wed, 18th Jun '14 11:48:37 AM
new postThe Supernatural book series fanfic3Thu, 12th Jun '14 1:45:28 AM
new postFanfiction dot Net34Tue, 10th Jun '14 11:07:10 PM
new postGame of Thrones Fanfiction Thread!14Thu, 5th Jun '14 4:47:02 PM
new postHow Do You Write Your Fanfiction5Wed, 4th Jun '14 5:22:41 AM
new postThe weirdest crossover you've ever encountered125Tue, 27th May '14 9:38:37 PM
new postFavorite Fan-fics3Mon, 26th May '14 5:07:11 PM
new postFanfiction Review Thread, Second Try3Fri, 23rd May '14 11:07:22 PM
new post(Your) Fanfiction Bible28Fri, 23rd May '14 5:55:23 AM
new postQuestions on the Dilgar War and A Fighting Chance1Thu, 22nd May '14 10:54:22 PM
new postFunny/Strange Review thread13Tue, 20th May '14 8:37:03 PM
new postTamers Forever Series.44Tue, 20th May '14 10:23:50 AM
new postYour Best Known Fan Fics2Sun, 18th May '14 10:24:54 PM
new postIn regards to a trope page I made for a story I like a whole lot1Sat, 17th May '14 7:21:29 PM
new postThoughts on writing a fanfic with someone else3Sat, 17th May '14 10:29:26 AM
new postAll-Purpose One Piece Fanfiction Thread36Fri, 16th May '14 11:46:39 AM
new postAll Purpose Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction thread11Wed, 14th May '14 12:41:22 AM
new postBest opening lines27Tue, 13th May '14 4:10:38 AM
new postHeartwarming Moments in Fanfic!4Sun, 11th May '14 8:49:56 PM
new postFriendship is Magic Fanfiction Round Robin230Thu, 8th May '14 1:57:15 AM
new postAll Purpose Marvel Fanfiction Thread36Sat, 3rd May '14 3:08:04 PM
new postThe Marvel DC Project12Sat, 3rd May '14 12:06:51 PM
new postTo those of you who write fan fiction.....5Fri, 2nd May '14 6:58:32 AM
new postShinji And Warhammer 40k44Wed, 16th Apr '14 10:57:13 AM
new postAll Purpose South Park Fanfiction Thread1Fri, 11th Apr '14 4:54:10 PM
new postMass Effect Fanfiction Thread43Thu, 10th Apr '14 3:08:40 PM
new postNickelodeon and Fan Fiction7Mon, 7th Apr '14 12:03:14 PM
new postHow to Write Good Self Inserts40Wed, 2nd Apr '14 11:53:13 AM
new postNeed help deciding on a title7Sun, 30th Mar '14 5:20:26 PM
new postWhy is [blank] Ship So Popular?29Fri, 28th Mar '14 6:43:59 AM
new postRationalist fics121Sun, 23rd Mar '14 5:25:00 AM
new postFanfiction and Kindle6Thu, 20th Mar '14 11:24:01 PM
new postDesire for Critique4Thu, 20th Mar '14 8:59:35 PM
new postHow would you feel if certain fan fictions became canon in real works?22Sun, 16th Mar '14 11:33:49 AM
new postAll-Purpose Warhammer 40000 Fanfiction Thread1,024Thu, 13th Mar '14 8:10:13 PM
new postHow can i go about this story?5Wed, 12th Mar '14 4:20:06 PM
new postThe Absolute Worst Romance and Sex Cliches in Fanfiction?123Sun, 9th Mar '14 5:48:29 AM
new postOn putting up a fanfic thread for your own stuff3Sun, 2nd Mar '14 6:27:38 AM
new postFanfic writing advice31Fri, 21st Feb '14 12:27:04 AM
new postArchive of Our Own108Fri, 14th Feb '14 3:39:37 PM
new postMaintaining story accessibility with an arc series2Sun, 9th Feb '14 4:55:44 AM
new postForum help?3Fri, 7th Feb '14 6:30:26 PM
new postOnce upon a time...man1Fri, 7th Feb '14 9:23:41 AM
new postCollab. On A Story7Tue, 4th Feb '14 7:20:27 AM
new postTGWTG Fanfiction3Sun, 2nd Feb '14 7:07:02 PM
new postQuestion about Heart Throbbing Adventures2Sat, 1st Feb '14 10:20:32 AM
new postAll-Purpose Powerpuff Girls Fanfiction Thread1Thu, 30th Jan '14 4:26:22 PM
new postThe Title Suggestion Thread33Sun, 26th Jan '14 9:43:40 PM
new postPuella Magi Yuuko Magica3Tue, 21st Jan '14 11:10:52 AM
new postAll Purpose Valkyria Chronicles Fanfiction thread1Tue, 21st Jan '14 6:43:02 AM
new postA fan-made revival of American Dragon3Sun, 12th Jan '14 10:50:50 PM
5 pages in this list
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