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Fan Fiction
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new postThings you're tired of telling non-fanfiction-writers10Mon, 17th Mar '14 1:11:04 AM
new postHow would you feel if certain fan fictions became canon in real works?22Sun, 16th Mar '14 11:33:49 AM
new postAll-Purpose Warhammer 40000 Fanfiction Thread1,024Thu, 13th Mar '14 8:10:13 PM
new postHow can i go about this story?5Wed, 12th Mar '14 4:20:06 PM
new postThe Absolute Worst Romance and Sex Cliches in Fanfiction?123Sun, 9th Mar '14 5:48:29 AM
new postOn putting up a fanfic thread for your own stuff3Sun, 2nd Mar '14 6:27:38 AM
new postAll-Purpose Bleach Fanfiction Thread159Fri, 28th Feb '14 8:52:40 AM
new postMy Nico Robin: Rokushiki Style Project!!7Wed, 26th Feb '14 9:57:27 AM
new postFanfic writing advice31Fri, 21st Feb '14 12:27:04 AM
new postArchive of Our Own108Fri, 14th Feb '14 3:39:37 PM
new postSword Art Fanfiction Online4Tue, 11th Feb '14 4:33:57 PM
new postMaintaining story accessibility with an arc series2Sun, 9th Feb '14 4:55:44 AM
new postForum help?3Fri, 7th Feb '14 6:30:26 PM
new postOnce upon a time...man1Fri, 7th Feb '14 9:23:41 AM
new postCollab. On A Story7Tue, 4th Feb '14 7:20:27 AM
new postTGWTG Fanfiction3Sun, 2nd Feb '14 7:07:02 PM
new postQuestion about Heart Throbbing Adventures2Sat, 1st Feb '14 10:20:32 AM
new postAll Purpose Square Enix Fanfiction Thread11Sat, 1st Feb '14 3:01:53 AM
new postAll-Purpose Powerpuff Girls Fanfiction Thread1Thu, 30th Jan '14 4:26:22 PM
new postThe Title Suggestion Thread33Sun, 26th Jan '14 9:43:40 PM
new postPuella Magi Yuuko Magica3Tue, 21st Jan '14 11:10:52 AM
new postAll Purpose Valkyria Chronicles Fanfiction thread1Tue, 21st Jan '14 6:43:02 AM
new postWhat's the most well-written fanfic you've ever read?171Fri, 17th Jan '14 5:59:55 PM
new postA fan-made revival of American Dragon3Sun, 12th Jan '14 10:50:50 PM
new postWhere's the line between fanfic and original fiction drawn?12Sat, 11th Jan '14 3:58:59 AM
new postI've Been Tossing This Around2Mon, 6th Jan '14 11:10:23 AM
new postMoR Harry vs Ender19Mon, 6th Jan '14 7:28:26 AM
new postMemetic mutations in fanfics6Sat, 4th Jan '14 7:06:33 PM
new postTerrible Crossover Fic Generator - Yes such a thing exists.252Fri, 3rd Jan '14 8:06:37 PM
new postExposing Your Fanfic11Fri, 3rd Jan '14 7:57:01 AM
new postAll Purpose Pretty Cure Fanfiction discussion17Tue, 31st Dec '13 10:12:42 PM
new postHad anyone translated Final Fantasy X 2.5 yet?1Mon, 30th Dec '13 5:36:34 PM
new postThe Fanfic Maker (a fanfic generator)4Tue, 24th Dec '13 7:29:51 AM
new postBut He Would Be A HORRIBLE Love Interest!47Wed, 18th Dec '13 7:51:36 AM
new postBarely fanfictions4Tue, 17th Dec '13 1:57:14 PM
new postDoctor Who fanfiction3Fri, 13th Dec '13 2:55:59 PM
new postRound Robins gone bad8Fri, 6th Dec '13 1:47:51 PM
new postAll Purpose Black Lagoon fanfiction thread3Fri, 6th Dec '13 1:52:44 AM
new postHow would a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie reboot go?7Tue, 3rd Dec '13 7:46:10 AM
new postOnline Game Fics1Fri, 29th Nov '13 4:13:22 AM
new postWeird Pairings26Thu, 28th Nov '13 4:54:40 PM
new postWhy do you like reading M rated fanfiction?28Thu, 28th Nov '13 12:45:09 AM
new postFics so good that you don't need to be a fan32Mon, 25th Nov '13 12:47:41 AM
new postStarted writing this about 5/6 months ago.4Tue, 19th Nov '13 4:00:37 AM
new postDeconstructing Comedy16Tue, 19th Nov '13 12:59:37 AM
new postDoctor Who Meta-Fan Fic: Casting "Inspector Spacetime" 's Twelfth Inspector6Sat, 16th Nov '13 9:45:50 AM
new postGedner Inverting Tropes2Mon, 11th Nov '13 11:20:35 AM
new postWhen are you too old to write Fanfics?69Sun, 10th Nov '13 5:48:58 PM
new postWorst Crossover Idea Ever?3Tue, 5th Nov '13 9:22:09 AM
new postHarry Potter Historical AU- historical and mythological accuracy7Tue, 29th Oct '13 2:51:04 PM
new postThe One Shot fanfic Thread20Sun, 27th Oct '13 10:01:36 PM
new postAre there things you feel should have fanfics for them?22Sun, 27th Oct '13 9:46:12 PM
new postWhat, precisely, is wrong with song fics?53Sun, 27th Oct '13 9:31:59 PM
new postFanfic retellings of other stories? inventing names for a LOTR OC?16Sun, 27th Oct '13 9:27:46 PM
new postXamuland8Sun, 27th Oct '13 3:18:19 PM
new postI'M NEW HERE11Mon, 21st Oct '13 4:58:54 PM
new postExalted Fanfiction6Sun, 20th Oct '13 5:03:21 PM
new postFanfic Posting Tips7Fri, 18th Oct '13 8:45:22 PM
new postCryptic Investigation: A ChalkZone Fanfic1Fri, 18th Oct '13 3:28:03 PM
new postWhat fan-fiction did you recently read?12Wed, 16th Oct '13 10:00:31 PM
new postFanfic Review Tag204Tue, 1st Oct '13 10:13:12 PM
new postChallenge of the Superfriends: The End1Thu, 19th Sep '13 9:29:06 AM
new postAll-Purpose Harem Fanfiction Discussion Thread81Tue, 17th Sep '13 1:20:09 PM
new postSecret Saturdays Fan Fiction ideas1Thu, 12th Sep '13 12:06:03 PM
new postTeam 8350Sun, 8th Sep '13 4:08:02 PM
new postDigimon Fanfiction3Sat, 31st Aug '13 12:00:19 AM
new postComicsNix1Fri, 30th Aug '13 11:32:47 AM
new postWhich Tropes would be relevent to this Fanfiction?1Wed, 28th Aug '13 7:13:59 AM
new postPokemon Fanfiction Help1Tue, 27th Aug '13 5:43:30 PM
new postAll Purpose Tales Series Fanfiction Thread.1Tue, 27th Aug '13 3:08:46 PM
new postATLA Embers4Mon, 26th Aug '13 4:42:08 PM
new postHottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World1Sat, 17th Aug '13 10:54:37 PM
new postCharacters from Inheritance Cycle vs US military32Sat, 17th Aug '13 8:17:34 PM
new postWhere can I find DoctorWho/Holmes Crossover "Children of Time"?3Sat, 17th Aug '13 12:05:51 PM
new postAll Purpose Code Geass Fanfiction Thread2Wed, 7th Aug '13 2:52:54 PM
new postMy Immortal: Did Tara Make a New Account?2Sat, 3rd Aug '13 6:05:17 AM
new postHow to get them to update?49Tue, 30th Jul '13 9:59:23 AM
new postBeen banned by author11Mon, 29th Jul '13 9:59:17 AM
new postAll-Purpose Sakura Taisen/Wars fanfiction thread1Sun, 28th Jul '13 10:28:38 AM
new postFanfic Challenge: Create a Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen142Sun, 28th Jul '13 9:21:58 AM
new postGeneral Star Wars Fanfiction Thread.9Wed, 24th Jul '13 6:33:04 PM
new postRational Twilight: Luminosity2,698Wed, 24th Jul '13 5:02:56 PM
new postBrainstorming a mega crossover fic from Capcom/Namco/Sega characters11Tue, 23rd Jul '13 8:13:37 PM
new postSome possible badfics/trollfics7Sun, 21st Jul '13 4:16:30 AM
new postA Spin-Off for American Dragon: Jake Long1Sun, 21st Jul '13 12:37:33 AM
new postA Wizard Named Harry (Dreden Files/Harry Potter Crossover)55Sat, 20th Jul '13 9:07:06 PM
new postDumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness89Fri, 19th Jul '13 6:17:18 PM
new postGeneral All-Purpose Homestuck Fanfiction Thread224Thu, 18th Jul '13 12:07:26 AM
new postIdeas for a Fanfic/Tabletop World.1Thu, 11th Jul '13 6:33:06 PM
new postFanfic Thread for San Jose Avengers2Thu, 11th Jul '13 12:19:57 PM
new postMary Sue and Gary Stu3Wed, 10th Jul '13 9:16:15 AM
new postJurassic Park Fanfic2Wed, 10th Jul '13 8:17:57 AM
new postThe Law of Fandom11Fri, 5th Jul '13 9:00:47 PM
new postFallout Equestria: Project Horizons7Tue, 2nd Jul '13 5:19:41 PM
new postWhat makes a canon relationship popular in fanfiction?5Tue, 2nd Jul '13 12:56:33 AM
new postThe Federation1Sun, 30th Jun '13 6:45:47 PM
new postInfinite Stratos fanfic: Senjou no Kodoku na Shounen (Setting notes)2Sat, 15th Jun '13 7:27:02 PM
new postFanfiction trailers6Wed, 12th Jun '13 2:31:48 PM
new postAll Purpose Megaman Fanfiction Thread2Tue, 11th Jun '13 12:54:35 PM
new postFirst Person, Presen tense perspective for a fanfic?2Sun, 2nd Jun '13 9:27:03 PM
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