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1 SCMof281418th Jun 2011 05:51:06 PM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
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Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Not reallysure how many people will like this, though...

A thread to discuss the fanfic and offshoots thereof of Takamachi Nanoha Of 2814.

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2 TheGloomer19th Jun 2011 02:18:11 AM from Northern Ireland
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I've read the main story and I think it's alright. I've tried to read the spin-offs, but they're beyond me. I don't know any of what they're referencing.
3 SCMof281419th Jun 2011 02:52:57 AM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
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Yeah, some are relatively obscure, if you go by the amount of fanfics written about them Which is sad, because Gatekeepers is an AWESOME series, and Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA is a surprisingly good manga by itself. A pity it isn't as known as Nanoha and Pretty Sami.
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4 NapoleonDeCheese19th Jun 2011 06:05:09 AM from Valencia, Venezuela
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[up][up] Do the research, my man. Never a bad chance to expand our horizons.
Praise the Lord.
5 SCMof281419th Jun 2011 06:18:18 AM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
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BTW DUDE, I started your Crowning Moments of Funny page for you. Enjoy.
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6 NapoleonDeCheese19th Jun 2011 06:22:10 AM from Valencia, Venezuela
It's Goofy Time.
[up] Thank you! I also moved the pre-existing Zazie Funny Moment there. I'll try to return the favor as soon as I finish the Decadent chapter I'm writing for Darkenning.
Praise the Lord.
7 SCMof281419th Jun 2011 07:58:33 AM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
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For anyone following, here's a snippet from the next chapter of Nanoha 2814. She's BAAAAAACK...

24/12- Tomoeda

“Ground control, this is Ravager one, requesting clearance to take off,” Tomoyo said into her helmet mic.

“Daidouji, your complete and wanton abuse of power fills me with new heights of terror, you crazy, addle-brained lunatic!” Syaoran said levelly, finishing the last four words in Mandarin to spare Sakura’s delicate ears.

“Eh?” Sakura said, blinking innocently. “What did you say, Syaoran-kun?”

“Syaoran! Be nice!” Meilin said, grinning through her flight helmet. “Otherwise she might not let me fly this on the weekend!”

“No worries, Meilin-chan,” Tomoyo said brightly. She looked over her shoulder at them, quite a feat considering the confines of the helicopter, modified as it was. “Consider it a New Years gift. When we return from this little trip of Sakura-chan’s, I’ll get you started logging hours on my flight simulator.”

“‘When’, she says,” Syaoran muttered. “Am I the only one vaguely concerned by this? The last time Sakura had apocalyptic dreams that nearly came true, Yue beat the stuffing out of us. I don’t think it’ll as nice this time.”

Well, there’ll certainly likely be less Ho-yay type sexual tension,” Meilin muttered in Mandarin.

Syaoran glared at her, ignoring Sakura’s confused look at the language shift. “Must you mock my magically induced sexual confusion?

Yes,” Tomoyo replied from up front as she adjusted some controls, many of which read things like ‘Armed’. “Yes, we must.

Ravager one, you are cleared for take off,” the radio crackled. “Your mother sends her regards and reminds you not to cause an incident that can’t be covered up. Enjoy your flight. We’ll have the lawyers waiting when you get home.

“Oh, Tsunade-san you kidder you,” Tomoyo laughed as the helicopter’s blades suddenly got into gear, the loud roar necessitating the helmets and accompanying earphones to dampen. Holographic display that certainly hadn’t been part of the helicopter’s package when it was first made came alive, Tomoyo touching displays in air, setting and adjusting their course. Sakura cried out cutely, clutching at Syaoran for comfort. Due to the fact she and Meilin for both sitting with Syaoran’s in the rear cockpit of the helicopter– Tomoyo apparently needed to be free of distractions– this resulted in rather bright blushing on his part and smug but slightly wistful looks from Meilin.

The last thing Syaoran heard over the radio was, “Who says we’re kidd–” before it cut off, and they were rising into the evening air. Sakura clung tighter, hiding her face in his shoulder at the rather stomach-wrenching lurch as the helicopter rose with speed. The improvised safety webbing was making him very uncomfortable, but it was the best compromise they could come up with, since Tomoyo would very well not countenance Sakura sitting in the seat proper and someone sitting on her lap. Still, the positioning was making Syaoran even more conscious of proximity. Thank goodness the seat was barely wide enough for Sakura to sit next to him, rather than on him…

He saw Meilin’s eyebrows rise just as he became uncomfortably aware a portion of his anatomy had just done the same. She fixed him with a teasing smile. “Why, Syaoran…” she purred. “Are you thinking of doing naughty, decadent things to you little ole cousin and Sakura-cha–”

The specially attached jet engines Tomoyo had modified the helicopter with roared to life, drowning out even the headphones and thankfully sparing Syaoran and the author from the completed suggestion of a threesome as the highly illegal, heavily altered, heavily armed helicopter screamed into the night, heading for Uminari city…

Thanks to Darkenning for the Takamachi Nanoha Of 2814 characters page by the way...


24/12- Earlier

“It’s probably some kind of sign that all the people who can kick your ass nowadays are women,” Asuna said as they headed back to the dorms by back ways and byways and many times just over rooftops like some character from a Takahashi manga that for some reason is steal generating fanfic decades after cancellation. “Me, Eva-chan, Cassandra-san, that red knight who kicked your ass a few weeks back…”

She was feeling pretty cheerful, all things considered, despite the rising insanity. They’d had to stop sparring with Cassandra after they’d been tracked down by Mana, who Ayaka had apparently hired. The mercenary seemed amused by the situation, and had been playing with them, in her own way, until Negi had summoned Kaede as a distraction. The two had immediately gotten locked in yet another duel, even as Mana made a token attempt to continue with her contract.

Some things, like ignoring ongoing ninja-sniper rivalry, can’t be bought. For everything else, like Mana’s non-ideological loyalty, there’s Yukihiro Card.

Negi sighed resignedly at the good-natured ribbing, but he couldn’t help but smile anyway. “So, are you planning anything for tomorrow, Asuna-san?” he asked, curiously.

Asuna looked at him sideways. “Huh? Eh, nothing much. Eat Konoka’s good food, watch some Christmas specials, loaf around… you?”

“Well, I’m sort of chaperoning the dance the school is holding,” Negi said.

Asuna slapped a hand into her palm. “Oh, right! That thing. I completely forgot about it. Huh. Must be why so many people are looking for you…” she muttered darkly, thinking of half of the class.

They entered their dorm via the window, to find Konoka merrily whistling to herself as she cooked, and a chastened-looking Setsuna.

“Tried to steal a cookie?” Asuna asked as Negi closed the window behind them.

“Marshmallow,” the hanyou said meekly.

“Heh, sorry Setsuna-chan,” Asuna said. “I should have warned you, Konoka can be pretty particular with her Christmas cooking. Too much American TV, if you ask me.”

As Negi got changed and put away his training things, the door slammed open, and an annoyed Chisame strode in, one of her new robot maids trailing her. Those things still gave Asuna the willies, even if Hakase and Chisame BOTH guaranteed they’d been reprogrammed. “There you are!” she cried. “Can’t you stay on the ground like normal people? I’ve been running over half the campus to find you!”

“Come on in Chisame-chan, make yourself at home,” Asuna said dryly.

“Look, I am NOT in the mood for this!” Chisame snapped, plopping down in front of the table and pulling out her laptop. She typed quickly, then place it on the surface and turned the screen towards tehm as Konoka left the kitchen, wondering what all the fuss was about. “This just came in. Green Lantern just found the Wolkenritter AND their Master and is asking for backup. I’m talked to Amy. Apparently their top mage guy is in HQ busting someone who apparently had this info and was holding back, and Ferret Lantern went with him.”

Negi, Asuna, Setsuna and Konoka stared in stunned silence.

“Well?” Chisame demanded.

“Not one sarcastic comment about all this being a fantasy world she’s not a part of,” Asuna said. “Chisame… you’re finally one of us!”

Chisame’s whole face twitched. She drooped. “I hate you people…”

Asuna turned to Setsuna. “Setsuna, get everyone, but make sure not to let anyone else know. We can’t meet here, too much chance of getting caught by Iincho and co… The stage near the World Tree! Let’s all meet there in half an hour!”

Setsuna nodded, getting to her feet. Konoka sighed. “There’s goes dinner…”

Setsuna looked guilty. “You don’t have to come along, Ojou-sama…” she said.

Konoka whacked her with the chef’s hat she was worrying. “Don’t be silly, Set-chan! Who’d do the healing?”

“I hate you all…” Chisame said, still stuck at her final revelation…

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[up] That worked? I thought I'd screwed it up somehow!
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Oooh, I likey.

The Tomoyo bit was especially amusing. evil grin
10 SCMof281425th Jun 2011 07:28:08 PM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
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Here's the profile of 2814!Haruna for the Unequally/2814 crossover. Still working on the Nanoha fic proper:

Full Name: Saotome Haruna

Known Aliases: Paru, Kira Deathote Paru-sama, The Creepy Mangaka Supreme

Alignment: Extreme Chaotic, Romantic Neutral

ECL: Rank B+ threat

Religion: Awesomerism

Sexuality: Lovable Sex Maniac

Family: she doesn’t talk about it. The rumors she is somehow related to Tomoyo Daidouji and Raven of the Teen Titans on her father’s side, however, is widely rampant, though unsubstantiated.

Affiliations: Mahora Academy, Ala Alba, the United Magical Girls (and Boys) Association, Daidouji Toys Merchandising Division and Design Advisor for the Ala Alba line of Action Figures.

Background: Once a normal student of Mhora Academy, (that is to say, slightly nuts), her life unknowingly took a turn for the magical when Negi Springfield became her class’s homeroom teacher. (it was already strange). at first, her interaction with him was strictly limited to encouraging Nodoka to admit her feelings for him. However, she managed to divine the existence of magic during the Mahorafest Budokai, and the world was doomed.

During the Mahorafest Incident, she primarily played a support role, creating rudimentary constructs for their needs, blocking time bullets and helping Ku Fei block 3 Chachamaru mass production units to buy Negi time to reach his objective (Personal Note: still eternally grateful on behalf of the multiverse al she got was the sketchbook and not something more creative).

After Mahorafest, she developed her skills with her Artifact, creating more magically powerful and sophisticated constructs capable of flight, thought response, and even energy beam attacks. It is significant to note that, upon being separated from Ala Alba during the Gateport incident, she actually managed to prosper alone, having earned enough money to both buy a used airship and outfit it with black market weapons.

In the end, she, like the rest of Ala Alba, was instrumental in the defeat of Kosmo Entelekhia. Things, however, did not settle down. She, like the rest of Ala Alba, was drawn into the incident known as the ‘Book Of Darkness and Yet Another Reason To Stay The Hell Away From Earth (Unadministered World #97)’ case. It was during this that she first floated the idea for the United Magical Girls Association. After the attack of Lee Syaoran, Green Lantern (2814.1) approached her about the idea and with the assistance of Sailor Mercury, Chisame, and Kuro and Ilya von Einzbern-Emiya, they managed to begin the organization. It had its initial run during the so-called ‘Power Rangers’ Incident and was considered a success.

She, Nodoka, Yue, and the cute mute classmate Cassandra (see note: Agent: “Spoiler”) faced off against the knight Vita during the Wolkenritter’s attack on Mahora, and prevented her from taking Evangeline’s Linker Core. She was also one of those who responded during the Invader mass-activation incident at the end of the 5th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki city.

She gleefully considers the Justice League to be juniors to ‘her’ organization.

Powers and Abilities: Haruna is a trained librarian, and thus skilled in rappelling, unarmed combat, small arms combat, whips, the Dewey Decimal System, library and wilderness survival, spelunking, book repair, finding the smutty books intentionally misplaced in the shelves by students trying to keep them all to themselves, locking, and trap identification and disbarment, among other skills. She also has an understanding of the magical black market, and knows how to acquire things from it.

Her Artifact, the Imperium Graphices, allows her to create anything she can draw. These can range from simple golem caricatures doodles to highly advanced human-sized mobile suits with flight, energy beam, and rocket punch capability. Coupled with her devious imagination, it is both a highly versatile tool and a dangerously effective weapon. She is an asset to Ala Alba, however, for her organizational skills, information processing, tactical planning and motivational abilities. While not exactly a leader, she can bring together any sort of group that is needed for any situation, though she lacks the ability to lead it effectively.
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Hmm. Would Haruna be bisexual, lesbian or straight in your verse?
12 SCMof281428th Jun 2011 07:14:34 PM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
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Strangely, I see her as being asexual. She'll be just as perverted as usual, pushing people on each other, but she doesn't really do anything herself.
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Heh, that's true. [lol] She's a shipper for everybody pretty much.
14 gwonbush28th Jun 2011 08:00:04 PM , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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However, I can see her claiming to be not picky. If only for her image.
Also probably true. wink In fact I bet she claims to be more experienced than she actually is...
16 NapoleonDeCheese28th Jun 2011 08:25:38 PM from Valencia, Venezuela
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[up] Hell, even the Unequally version, as much as she talks about it, will most likely chicken out when her first actual chance comes.
Praise the Lord.
It'd be even funnier if she was not just inexperienced, but a VIRGIN.

"But... how do you write and draw all those eechi mangas?!"

:I have a vivid imagination, so sue me!"
18 NapoleonDeCheese28th Jun 2011 08:31:19 PM from Valencia, Venezuela
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[up] Oh, the Unequally version IS a virgin. Word of God. It even is stated in the bio coming next chapter.

I compare her to Yamada from B Gata H Kei.
Praise the Lord.
I may have to track that manga down... [lol]
20 SCMof281428th Jun 2011 10:05:01 PM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
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Need some help with a name. What could be the conceptual opposite of an incubator? I was thinking of something like Negator or Neutralizer or something, but one I can pull a cute nickname out of, like how Incubator has 'Kyubey'. Help me? Maybe something that has 'Rei' in it...
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Restorer? That kinda does Rei....

Reviver could do too.
22 SCMof281428th Jun 2011 10:14:17 PM from Center of Madness, 2814 , Relationship Status: I don't mind being locked in this eternal maze!
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Meh, I'll think on this later. Maybe if I let it simmer in the back my mind will think of something. BTW Shane, are you okay with the Locket omake idea for the end of the Unequally crossover??
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I'm okay with ANY crossover. [lol] I'm a veritable crossover slut. cool
Seriously, if you're worried about it I'll take a look. But generally as long as you don't have a Marty Stu invade the bar and seduce everybody, I'm good with it.

25 Sereg28th Jun 2011 10:35:35 PM from South Africa , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Incubators make thingsgrow, so something that makes things diminish. Reducer? Depleter? Diminisher?

EDIT: Oooh! How about Moderater?

Another EDIT: Or Degenerater?

More: Deteriorater? Depreciater?

Still More: Emaciater? Witherer?

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