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A thread for all Super Robot Wars fanfiction planning/writing or questions to anything related on SRW in case of potential problems prior to making one.

For franchises/series that are part of either the Super/Real Robot genre, please see Super Robot Genre and Real Robot Genre for more details.

I did make a suggestion for a SRW fanfic is to include non-Japanese Super Robot/Real Robot stuff when I brought this up in the crossover thread.
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My fic, Neon Knights. Even though it's technically in the Evangelion category (I find that I tend to get more readers that way) it's gradually becoming more like SRW, in that it's a Mega Crossover with numerous mecha anime, will be a Fix Fic for some of said anime, and somewhere along the line, I plan to seriously crank up the HSQ. At the very least, I expect a good few readers to yelp, Didn't See That Coming once I reveal the Man Behind the Man, the true Big Bad who arranged for Second Impact, set up Britannia's spree of conquest that ended with Area Eleven, gave said Britannians the idea to create Beastmen, and secretly passed funding to Amalgam. It's not Charles or V.V. And it's not Gendo or SEELE.

Find it here.
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I remember reading that fic. No updates in a while.

I am going to research (when I can) on the Taekwon V series since I am serious on putting them in a Super Robot Wars storyline.

It would be interesting for the Shogun Warriors to interact with the actual Reideen, Combattler V and Danguard pilots. It would seriously be interesting if Iron Man or some guy from the Red Rocket Brigade/Rocket Elite gets involved. Probably be the same with Captain Nemesis.
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Neon Knights? Been massively lacking motivation for a while, but I've picked up writing it again! I think there should be a snippet or two of the next chapter somewhere in the Evangelion fanfic thread....
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Well I am curious on how you're going around it with some SRW goodness in it.
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I don't currently have any plans for actual SRW characters to appear since I'm not familiar enough with them, but that's still the kind of style I'm aiming for.

Next chapter will introduce Viral, what I intend to be a rather heartwarming moment for Shinji and Mari, another timeskip, and (finally) the first battle against the Angels! And it will not go /one bit/ like it did in canon.
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Here's the draft of a planned Super Robot Wars story I had in mind. Do note future posts (if and when there are any) will reflect potential changes.

Change often happens in human history, which brings either good or bad things to the people. This is very important for the betterment of everyone in society. No one can ever know when the big change is coming, except to possibly know when it may or may not come. And to be prepared.

Everything begins from 2201 AD with Meteor Rain, which was a global disaster when meteorites struck the Earth from Asia all the way to the Americas. It killed a lot of people, as well as damaging the environment. This resulted in the beginning of World War III in 2202 AD. This war lasted until 2214 AD when a peace treaty was signed, which resulted in the creation of power blocs with names such as the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations, the United States of South America, the Advanced European Union, the Republic of East Asia, the Middle Eastern Union, the Human Reform League, the United Emirates of Orb, the United Oceanic States and the North and South African Unions.

Due to problems of depleting fossil fuels, the United Nations proposed the use of solar energy as a means of an alternate energy source. While the Union, HRL and the AEU accepted this, others have opted to stay at the status quo or find other alternate energy sources knowing that the three power blocs could use solar energy as a means of exercising their political might. At the same time, the UN's Department of Peacekeeping Operations office has been disbanded and replaced with a military wing called the Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion. A total of four Solar Wars took place before and after the orbital elevators were completed.

Despite the uneasy peace between the power blocs, things had begun to come back into normalcy when a mysterious object landed in South Ataria Island in Japan's Bonin Islands in 2225 AD. Scientists have determined that the object is a warship and the technology they were able to salvage was beyond that of Earth's. This prompted the UN to get the cooperation of all the power blocs to work together and prepare for an incoming threat. Work began to reverse-engineer the ship's technology for 5 years from the supposedly planned 10 years when work was completed in 2230 AD thanks to contact with a friendly alien race called the Runerians, who warned UN leaders to get ready for the arrival of hostile alien species. To do this, the Runerians offered their assistance by sharing technological skills with the humans. The Wasters and the Zentradi arrived in the solar system with a force of a hundred warships, seeking to collect the warship now known as the SDF-1 while planning to plunder the Earth. This resulted in the Space War, which continued for a year until 2237, when peace was settled between the humans and the Zentradi after the Wasters were defeated. OMNI began to salvage Waster mechs and reverse-engineered them to create the Bellerophons, the second mech to enter OMNI service after the indoctrination of the Variable Fighter-1.

The war had made the UN start the space colonization project in the year 2240 AD in order to ensure the long-term survival of the human race and to solve any potential overpopulation problems. And so, space colonies were made to house human populations near the Earth while a few others are sent out as ships to find habitable planets. Mars was terraformed to establish cities for settlers.

Tensions between the colonies and the UN reached a breaking point that a few of them rebelled and declared independence as the PLANT and the Principality of Zeon. The UN initially responded with economic and military blockades before a rogue mobile armor attacked and destroyed PLANT and Zeon agricultural colonies, which brought on the One Year Bloody War in 2255 AD. During the war, PLANT and Zeon forces were initially able to bring the tide of battle to their side due to a new weapon called the mobile suit.

During the war, a teenager named Amuro Ray changed the face of the war when he became the pilot of the OMNI-made mobile suit called the RX-78 Gundam. This action made OMNI realize that the future of war can be continued through the production and use of mobile suits since they had used mobile armors as their main weapon aside from VF-1s and Bellerophons. Thanks to Amuro, OMNI was able to defeat Zeon while making the PLANT sue for peace. Some dissent continued on Earth and in space, especially in the wake of Operation Stardust. This forced the UN into a conclusion that they needed to create a special force within OMNI to silence dissent against the UN and protect their interests from anti-UN terrorism.

The various power blocs created their mobile suits independent from OMNI, striving to equip their own militaries with mobile suits after realizing the capabilities of mobile suits in warfare since OMNI forces are equipped with VF-1/4s, Bellerophons and GMs.

A war between OMNI and the PLANT raged from 2256 to 2257 after ex-ZAFT commander Rau Le Creuset ordered the attack of Orban colony Heliopolis to seize the prototype mobile weapons. A peace treaty between the two factions was made in 2257, but there were still some hostile groups against the treaty and tried to conduct operations against each other.

Celestial Being, a mysterious organization that appeared in the year 2258 AD, began armed interventions in the name of world peace when the Earth had almost recovered from the aftermath of Operation Stardust. Their actions, although sincere, began to challenge the UN's position that most power blocs began to establish their own special forces unit to fight off Celestial Being mobile suits with a lot of failures. A few traitors in Celestial Being eventually gave the UN military the ability to fight back against them. There were huge casualties on both sides. And even though Celestial Being was able to survive, its members were forced to hide in space in order to rebuild and recuperate while they recruit new operatives to replace their lost manpower.

In 2261 AD, two years after Celestial Being made its debut, the UN Security Council has ordered the creation of the Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force or the A-LAWs as a special force responsible for special operations and law enforcement in both the Earth and colonies to protect UN interests. They were also responsible for eliminating anti-UN terrorist groups/propaganda and for spearheading anti-terrorist and planetary defense operations. However, there are critics who say that the A-LAWs silence anyone who dares to challenge them.

A meteor had landed on the Marquesas Islands's Aidoneus Island in 2262 AD, which was studied by many scientists under Dr. Bian Zoldark. After learning of its alien origin, he warned the UN and OMNI that an invasion similar to the Space War may occur in the future. The A-LAWs censored information regarding the meteor crash and took care of anyone who tried to warn the people about the future invasion. Frustrated, Dr. Zoldark retreated in the Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute's main headquarters in Aidoneus Island, refusing to come out in public for even just a simple interview.

In the meantime, OMNI began to make progress on their Variable Fighters by making research on more advanced fighters for their forces, which began in 2263 AD. New mobile suits were also being made based on the technology acquired from the Celestial Being defectors. Rumors began to persist that a mobile suit hijack operation in the PLANT was done by a black ops unit in either the A-LAWs or in OMNI, but the UN had no comment on the matter so far.

The Zentradi were not the only beings Earth has come to face with. There were others such as the Boazanians, Campbellians, the Demon Empire, Balmarians and the Baams. But aliens were not the ones threatening the planet as there were rogue scientists who are determined to take over the world. Other organizations began to step in for the A-LAWs, fighting to defend Earth even though it was the former's job to do so.

Our story begins in 2270 AD when A-LAWs forces are deployed in the Human Reform League to lead an anti-terrorist operation against an anti-A-LAWs guerrilla group.

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[up][up]The first one looke very familiar. Just, out of curiosity, do it shoot it's fist like rockets or have beams coming out of chest and/or eyes?

[up]Can't say much beyond the fact that it fit with the standard SRW introductions. And that like like with those, 4 out of 5 references went completely over my head.
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Looks like I did a good job then (Unless I'm wrong).

I did want to put some Alpha Gaiden in it, but I have to see how that'll work. In the meantime, I'll have to announce the franchises involved in the story.

And yes, I have the temptation to put Iron Man in this story.
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Wich Ironman would you use? 'Cause unlike Tekkaman, Ironman doesn't work on anime phisics and not all of his suits can measure up to the moving skyscraper... Unless he start making mechas of his own.

Actually, there is an Iron Man anime... Which, ironically, is even more Real Robot than most comic versions.
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I'm thinking of the Iron Man universe by Jon Favreau with some anime and comics partially cause of the Iron Man Dio armor. Not sure on the Extremis Iron Man armor, I do need to recheck that.

And now I'm rewatching Robotech Shadow Chronicles, that part has given me an idea or two.

I guess next post will be the announcement of what franchises are involved.

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out on a major plot on having a good guy group like a revived Mithril or Mithril being used by another group to protect the interests from evil, but choosing to stay covert. (That may not sound directly right...)
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Skipping a lot of OO's plot, aren't you?

Speaking personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a story that put in Nanoha well. Her setting has some fun possibilities.

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I did make a SRW-style fic called Peacekeepers, except it involves the Gundams of most eras with SRW characters going to be included. So yeah, 00's first season plot is there.

But I wanna have a go with the second season plot this time. cool
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I guess I should announce the next one for the story I'm just planning with working the kinks out, especially with some of my concern is that I may mess up with how some of the franchises/series I want to portray will be done correctly. Although I know all of them, I haven't seen a few due to a lack of sources (e.g. no episodes/manga for me to read/watch). Things may change in the future.

Refer to the Real/Super Robot genres in TV tropes for details on the inclusion of the franchises/series mentioned. Feel free to ask/comment/criticize my choices.

As much as it pains me to do so, I am including Astro Plan for the Type Yi fighters.

Characters/mecha/vehicles/events would be taken from the following:

  • Adratus
  • Another Century's Episode series
  • Armarauders
  • Astro Plan
  • Ben 10 series
  • Combattler V
  • Dexter's Laboratory
  • DC Comics
  • Future Fighters
  • Gold Wing 123
  • Marvel Comics
  • Macross/Macross Plus (Including some from games)
  • Macross II
  • Macross: The Ride/Macross Frontier
  • Macross Ace/Ultimate Frontier
  • Macross: VF Experiment
  • Megas XLR
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 1st/2nd Season/00F/00P: Special Edition (Including some from games, mangas, MSVs and novels)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/Destiny/C.E. 73: Stargazer/Astray series (Including some from games, mangas, MSVs and novels)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam UC series 0079 to Zeta (Including some from games, mangas, MSVs and novels)
  • Originals
  • Patlabor TV/New OVA series
  • Phantom
  • Reideen
  • Robotech/Robotech: Shadow Chronicles (Including Prelude to Shadow Chronicles)
    • Robotech: War & Peace
  • Shogun Warriors
  • SD Gundam G Generation series
  • Super Robot Wars series
  • Taekwon V series
  • Titanzer
  • Tosho Daimos
  • Voltes V
  • Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace

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I'm vaguely considering(and I may just end up putting it out there) a sort of sort of Super Robot Tournament type thing(like the Gundam fight, but with more bots).

The twist is that the robots have sponsors and the like, and it has the smell of a boxing or wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts tournament. Some robots will be similar brands, and look alike(consider it the equivalent of being trained in the same dojo/school and such) like the Mazinger series bots, the Getter bots, etc.

and also Neo Okusaer and Go Okusaer from Godannar. Just because I really like them.

One thing I'm thinking is that some bots won't be piloted by their original pilots, just to keep things fresh and confusing(i.e. some super robots will be piloted by different guys, some real robots will be pilots by different people, and sometimes, Super robots will be piloted by Real Robot pilots and vice versa). Identities won't be revealed right away, so you'll be left wondering who's piloting what.

As for those bots created by Aliens, whether this will be an intergalactic thing, or just limited to earth is not something I've figured out yet(I still need to decided if I'm going to use the Bandai Originals or not, and I've only watched the Super Robot Wars The Inspectors, so my knowledge on that front is limited), but I think this one has potential.

Too much potential. I probably won't be able to do this one either.sad
As a sentient train, I am morally against any kind of de-railing.
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- Quite the interesting proposition you got there. It would certainly be the first SRW fic to have that kind of plot.

And now to how one of the snippets of my story would be depicted in introducing the OCs for this story. Although this can be changed if and when I can go around to publish it. Feel free to let me know how this is for now.

A lone figure began running in the forest. He had a balaclava to cover his face, a beret worn on top and digital camouflage woodland BDUs with a combat vest worn on his chest and combat boots that were not worn out.

"Ha! Ha!"

He ran as hard as his legs could take him, pursued by armed infantry, mobile suits and variable fighters of the United Nation's A-LAWs. His guerrilla unit had almost been wiped out a morning raid. The masked guerrilla had been lucky to get away since he was on a recon patrol. While his G36K assault rifle may have some luck against A-LAWs infantry, the bullets can't damage the mobile suits and the fighters.

"There you are!"

Another armed individual greeted the first one, dressed similarly except that he was armed with an AKMSU assault rifle. He was hiding in a ditch, which was empty of any life except the two masked individuals.

"What happened?"

"Bad, bro. The forward base's been wiped out. And we're among the only ones left alive."

"Good thing I was told by the others to scatter."

A couple of ruck packs were seen near their feet, which contained most of whatever clothes, gear and personal items they can carry.

"So what now?"

"We need to move. Since Mom and Dad were killed for trying to criticize A-LAWs policy, we need to go deeper underground. Our family name's been sullied thanks to their damn propaganda. I don't know how long we can last as guerrillas..."

"Which means we need to get out of the country. Right."

The two began to wear the ruck packs, putting the shoulder straps on. But before they can get out of the trench, they were surrounded by GNX-704T Aheads and GNX-609T GN-XIIIs with their weapons aimed at them. A couple of VF-171 Nightmare Pluses were seen with the mobile suits, already in Battroid mode with their weapons also aimed at the two guerrillas.


One of the Aheads issued a warning by voicing it on speakers for the two guerrillas to hear.

"This is the A-LAWs. You two are ordered to immediately disarm and surrender. I repeat, you two are ordered to disarm and surrender at once."

"What do we do?"

"How the hell should I know?"

"Do we run?"

"You nuts? We'll be mincemeat in minutes..."

Before the two guerrillas could debate any further, several beam shots were fired to take out the A-LAWs mobile suits and variable fighters. Most of them were destroyed since the pilots thought the area was secured.

"What the?"

The guerrillas couldn't see what was happening, but they saw a mobile suit that was moving at the speed of light. It used a blade-like weapon to take out the variable fighters by slicing one of them in half. The second variable fighter was able to put up a fight by firing its Howard GU-14B gunpod at the unknown mobile suit. Eventually, the second variable fighter was destroyed after the mobile suit got up clsoe and fired several beam shots at its chest.

"Are... are we saved?"

The said mobile suit landed after the A-LAWs mobile suits were destroyed. It had a blue and white finish with some kind of tarpaulin that covered the missing left arm. The guerrillas looked at the mobile suit and noted that its original right eye was destroyed, having a red, glowing red eye as a replacement, which was salvaged from a MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type.

"It looks like it."

A young man of East Asian descent began to wake up, who had been sleeping on top of a unusual red motorcycle with storage boxes on the rear sides and at the back of the bike, which usually earned some interested looks from bystanders. Clad in the uniform of Mihoshi Academy in Macross Frontier's Island 1, the young man watched the artificial sky while lying down.

"Ah, there you are. For a minute there, I almost thought that you were like Sleeping Beauty."

The Asian man woke up and saw a blonde man with pointed ears leaning near his face.

"Don't do that, Mikhail. What if you frickin' kissed me?"

"I think I won't do that, Marc." Mikhail Blanc, Mihoshi Academy student and part-time pilot contractor for the PMC Strategic Military Services or SMS, grinned at him. "Unless if you're a woman."

Marc Liu wanted to give Mikhail the finger, but simply decided to ignore him since school was already over.

"Whatever man, I'm leaving. Good luck with your... side job later or whatever."

"Don't you want to know who's coming?"

"I don't know. Or it's maybe I don't care."

Marc got the motorbike helmet on his lap, flipped down the visor and started the bike. He then drove towards the downtown core of Island 1.

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[up] Can't say much, the 'fight' scene look a bit dry and weird and I don't think anyone would talk about his/hers parents deaths like that since both know how it happened.
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Well it's the start anyway. tongue

The next one should hopefully be okay. Now that I've watched both Macross Frontier movies, things are a bit interested and complicated with for instance, Sheryl having a plot with Grace in the first movie's opening. I'll go and think of something. The meantime, I don't know if this is okay. I just hope some interest may be generated. Or not. We'll see. I apologize for some stuff that some people may not like since I put some "action" in this for now with interactions on the ground. Later snippets will show real/super robots versus the Vajra.

I'll try and put some real/super robot stuff in the next snippet.

Sheryl Nome, the known pop idol from Macross Galaxy, and Grace O' Conner, a known personality from the same Macross fleet for being Sheryl's manager, had just exited a civilian spacecraft after arriving at the Frontier Spaceport. They had just been escorted by Frontier Spaceport Police (FSP) privately to another area before they directed them to enter a VIP corridor to the main lobby of the spaceport. Two FSP officers followed behind them for security precautions due to Sheryl's celebrity status.

"You must be the DOMS bodyguards we're suppose to meet?" Grace greeted a young man of East Asian descent who waited inside the empty corridor after the doors were opened up by FSP officers, who hid most of his facial features behind a pair of Neo-style shades. He wore a black windbreaker with velcro loops sewed on the jacket's arms, which had patches of various kinds placed on them, alongside jeans and black Adidas GSG 9.2 boots. He also sported a black buzzcut haircut.

"Yes. Marc Liu of the Dana O'Shee Military Service." Marc greeted Grace, who bowed a bit to show courtesy. "I'm assigned to be Ms. Nome's bodyguard while she's in Frontier."

"Do you mind if I ask for some identification?" Grace politely asked. "It's for precaution at least. We've been advised by the FSP and my agency's security chief prior to arrival in Frontier."

"Of course." Marc knew he was being watched by FSP for any sudden moves. So he carefully took his wallet from the rear pocket of his jeans and showed Grace his DOMS ID.

"All right..." Grace used her eye implants to scan the data on Marc's ID, ranging from his name to his date of birth and DOMS ID number. "Okay." The blue-haired woman nodded to Sheryl. "This young man checks out. He's officially your bodyguard in Frontier."

Sheryl smiled at Grace and nodded.

"I assume that Ms. Nome's here for the upcoming concert?" Marc asked Grace, moving ahead as the party floated down towards the other side of the corridor with gravity turned off.

"Yes." Grace replied. "Aside from the concert, she's also due to shoot some commercials with Dex Labs, judge a Miss Macross contest and assist in the preparation to shoot the Birdman movie."

"The upcoming movie shooting huh? Sounds interesting."

"Which is why my agency chose DOMS to be Ms. Nome's bodyguard, given your reputation back in the 21st Century."

"I'll try my best to live up to DOMS' reputation, Ms. Grace."

The party eventually arrived at the end of the corridor with gravity being turned back on. They allowed everyone to get back on the ground, albeit at a slow pace. Marc placed the earpiece on his right ear while watching Grace talking to Sheryl a bit, asking if she should cancel the press conference due to concerns that the pop star may be tired from the jet lag and the fold travel.

"Ready?" Marc faced Sheryl, who had received a transmission that the lobby was all clear.

"Of course I am." Sheryl smirked at Marc. "I'm Sheryl Nome after all."

"Well good to hear." Marc raised an eyebrow before he got the double doors to open, only to be greeted by flashing lights from the cameras of the mediamen (and some women) waiting for Sheryl to appear in the press conference.

Sheryl began to exit the VIP corridor, going to speak to the reporters. The spaceport officers were standing in front of her to prevent any fans from approaching her. Grace and Marc stood behind her, the latter eyeing the lobby to see men in shades, black suits and red ties with black Oxford shoes on.

They're from the Frontier Police Bureau's Presidential Security Division. Marc saw that the PSD officers were also accompanied by a brown-haired woman with a mole on her face. She was wearing standard OMNI officer's uniform with a blue side cap, which was another type of headgear allowed by OMNI aside from the peaked cap.

Unless if I'm mistaken, that's Lieutenant Cathy Glass. Daughter of President Howard Glass. Wonder why she's here?

"May the Father of Understanding guide us."

A black screen. Some names appeared on it, which included Teiwaz, Gaut, Fulla, Freyja and Wōdanaz.

"Let us begin this meeting." boomed the voice of Wōdanaz. "I have been informed that Fairy 9 has made a successful trip to Frontier, Freyja."

"Yes, of course." Freyja replied. "She'll be under the protection of both DOMS and the PSD in the duration of her stay."

"Excellent." Wōdanaz said. "I will assume that things are under control there, Teiwaz?"

"It is, Master." Teiwaz told Wōdanaz. "I've planned things on my end to make sure Fairy 9's concert will not be interrupted."

"That's great!" came the excited voice of Fulla. "Otherwise it would have been just a waste of time." She then giggled at the end.

"It seems that our enemies may be on the move." Gaut spoke up next. "I've confirmed some intelligence reports that they could be trying to make contact with Fairy 9 anytime before and after the concert."

"The thing is we don't know where they are, considering that they've hidden themselves pretty well after the satellite attempt was foiled years ago." Fulla reminded Gaut.

"Fear not." Teiwaz tried to reassure Gaut. "I'll get my men to track down anything unusual regarding Fairy 9 and her presence in the next few days."

"Excellent work, Teiwaz." Wōdanaz's voice boomed next. "Well, if there's nothing else, then we can conclude this meeting for now..."

Wōdanaz stayed silent for a minute before he said "May the Father of Understanding guide us."

"May the Father of Understanding guide us."

Frontier Chief of Staff Leon Mishima stretched from his seat after taking his VR glasses off, ensuring that the lights are turned on. He sports an all-white uniform jacket (with bluish/purple collars and sleeves) and pants and a black shirt.

"Now things should be interesting with Ms. Nome around."

"On behalf of the Frontier government, I thank you for gracing us with your presence."

The media had some pictures taken of Cathy shaking hands with Sheryl with Grace standing next to her. Marc had just been told via earpiece that DOMS has a van and a couple of sedans ready as escorts.

"Ms. Grace." Marc approached Grace from the back, whispering to her. "We have a vehicle ready for her."

"Thank you." Grace smiled to him before she spoke to Sheryl, telling her that the van is ready for her.

Marc excused himself and went ahead, exiting the spaceport's arrival lobby and waited nearby with some of the Sheryl fans camping outside just to see and greet her. He sighed and wondered if these people need to get a life at all.

Here goes...

A few seconds later, Sheryl stepped out of the arrivals lobby. This made the fanboys shout, yell and jump to get her attention. She simply smiled at them, waved and said her hellos while telling them to watch her concert debut in Frontier.

"INCOMING!" Marc and the PSD officers heard in their earpiece that someone is coming towards Sheryl with the intent of harming her.

"You murdered Lilith Amagi!"

Marc went to stay in front of Sheryl, seeing a young man ran towards Sheryl. He was a Caucasian in his late 20s with blonde hair, wearing a white shirt and a black vest jacket, jeans and running shoes. He had a cream pie in hand, ready to toss into the pop idol's face. The DOMS contractor didn't know if he had other weapons with him, but he decided to step in and protect Sheryl.

"GET DOWN!" Marc shouted, gripping the man's right hand and twisting it to make him drop the pie. In a few seconds, Marc forced the offender to get on his knees by kicking the back of his legs. Marc was assisted by a couple of FSP officers when they pinned the offender down on the ground, one of them giving Marc his plasticuffs as he cuffed the man's wrists behind his back. The offender was pinned down by the FSP officers, pushing his arms and legs since the blonde man was trying to resist arrest.

"That was quite a handful." Grace whispered. She saw that Sheryl was a bit shocked that she would be accused of "murdering" her friend from her music school days considering Lilith sacrificed her life to save the pop idol's life.

The PSD officers blocked the media and the fans from getting near Sheryl or the arrested offender, the latter being turned over to a couple of uniformed FPB officers after they searched him and found a retractable cutter.

"No comment! No comment!" Grace shouted to the media personnel. Marc assisted Sheryl in leaving the area, escorting her towards the parked gray Luxgen7 MPV and the two black Ford FG G6E sedans. All of them were sporting Japanese-style license plates while having LHD-type configurations. Except for the red motorbike Marc brought with him

"Sheld. Luke." Marc greeted Sheld Foley and Luke Lezerd, two DOMS contractors who had waited for Sheryl to arrive. Like Marc, they didn't wear suits as they opted to wear their usual clothes. Sheld had a blue (and black and white) jacket worn over a white polo shirt and blue shirt with Luke wearing a white coat (with black collars and sleeves) and blue dress shirt.

"I trust things are alright?" Luke asked Marc.

"They are. But we need to hurry."

"Right." Sheld opened the rear passenger door of the Luxgen7 to allow Sheryl and Grace to get in.

"Thank you so much." Grace thanked Marc, who nodded in return. He ran towards the parked motorbike, hopping on and getting the helmet from the rear storage bin. Once Marc wore the helmet, he turned around and saw Luke entered the leading FG G6E sedan and gave him the thumbs up. Marc assumed that Sheld was at the secondary FG G6E sedan.

Let's go.

Marc revved up the bike and gave the thumbs up to Luke before he drove off from the driveway, leading the convoy towards the direction of the downtown core.

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I must inform you that the next snippet has a reference to another game franchise. That is all. Oh well, can't fit the robot action yet. Dangit! I promise it'll really come later.

Clad in a white hoodie jacket that had its hood covering most of Marc's head with the shoulder strap of a brown sling bag placed on his right hand, running shoes and jogging pants, he began to conduct parkour maneuvers early in the morning in Frontier after leaving his apartment as part of his morning exercise. It's even nicer that it was in the weekend, which means that he didn't have to worry about school.

The DOMS contractor began to run in the downtown core, ranging from vaulting over stacked boxes left behind in the sidewalk corner to a gap jump over a hole on the sidewalk since there was a lack of safety fences to barricade it. He also did an underbar when he was running in a park to get to another part of the downtown area. It wasn't much, but it's a start

The most exciting thing Marc wanted to do was to do a wall run. To do this, he went to an alley and did a wall run so that he could grab the ledge on top and climb it. Marc continued to do the same thing until he eyed some fire escape stairs leading to the rooftop.

He shrugged and decided to run up, going to the top. While it had a good view, Marc didn't just stop there. He began his parkour trek over the rooftops of Frontier, running and jumping from one rooftop to another until he was adjacent to the hotel where Sheryl was staying until her obligations in Frontier were finished.

Marc stared at the hotel and removed his hood to exposed his hair and head to the elements. He wondered if Sheryl was doing alright.

"I hope Ms. Nome's doing fine."

Shrugging his shoulders, Marc continued his trek. He kept on running and jumping while running towards a building that had a wooden beam hanging on the side.

"Wake up, Sheryl. Today's your concert, remember?"

Sheryl woke up, yawning while telling Grace that she needed to stretch. Now let alone, the pop star stretched her muscles before she went to the balcony of her room in the penthouse, getting a nice view of the downtown core.

"Am I seeing someone familiar?" Sheryl blinked her eyes twice when she swore that she saw Marc looking at another part of the downtown core while standing on the rooftop of an adjacent building in front of the balcony.

"What the?" Sheryl murmured. "It's that bodyguard from DOMS!"

She began to call for Grace to come see her in the balcony. But by the time Grace came, Marc was gone.

Marc was slowly walking on the wooden beam before he slowly crouched on the beam. He had been taught by good mentors to not lose concentration while doing this, otherwise he would have fallen to his death. The East Asian teen sighed and concentrated.

"So the A-LAWs are in force once again." Marc swore that he saw an A-LAWs chopper was coming to approach him from the west. He didn't have any time to waste. So he jumped from the beam, arms wide open as Marc began to fall towards the ground.

By coincidence, he fell in a pile of hay in a parked truck. Since not much people was around in the morning, this allowed Marc to get away from public scrutiny in case someone was starting to ask question on why Marc was getting out from a pile of hay.

"Are you sure you saw that nice young man out there?"

Grace asked Sheryl if she saw Marc doing parker moves on the rooftop in Frontier.

"Of course I did!" Sheryl shouted. "You think I was joking? I swore that I saw him jump..."

Grace sighed. "Well I don't see him anymore. Right now, you better get ready for the concert in the afternoon, Sheryl."

Poor girl. She's still tired that she's probably hallucinating or something.
"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
New snippet for Neon Knights.

5:00 PM, Bay Tower Base, training room

Shinji did some light stretching, wondering about the new combat instructor Commander Farron had mentioned.

And, just as some badass music started playing out of the speakers, Shinji laid eyes on his new instructor and freaked so much that he started swearing. ďThatís it, Iím calling bullshit. Iím not expecting fair, but this is unfair on a level thatísÖ. itísÖ itís hax, I tell you, itís fucking hax.Ē

[Gurren Lagann OST: Nikopol]

The tall, lanky beastman grimaced at Shinji and flexed his claw-tipped fingers. ďSucks to be you, then. My name is Viral. Iíve never been one for complicated lectures, so Iím going to keep this simple. Your assignment is to spend the next five minutes doing everything in your power to keep me from mopping the floor with your face. No rules. Timer starts now.Ē

With that, Viral bared his sharklike teeth and lunged at Shinji, swiping directly at the twelve year-oldís face.

Due to training with his father Adell, and also having three years of training at NERV, Shinji managed to compose himself quickly and ducked, before aiming an uppercut at Viralís chin.

However, Shinjiís earlier declaration of the battle being hopeless for him had been quite accurate, as Viral had him completely outclassed in every single way - strength, reflexes, speed, and endurance.

After a couple of minutes of getting tossed around the room, Viral dragged Shinji to his feet. "Get up, you naked ape. I don't know what's going through your head, but if you want to protect anyone, you'd better start fighting back!"

Shinji's eyes flashed open, and he remembered why he was there in the first place.

Mom... Dad... My friends - Gate, Mari, the guys here at NERV... Senator Teppelin... That's right. I'm here because of them. I came here so that I could keep everyone safe!

Shinji clenched his teeth and kicked Viral in the groin - which had minimal effect since the latter was wearing a cup - and was released, before going on to punch the beastman in the stomach and the gills.

Possible conclusion of the fight later on.
Neon Knights, continuation and conclusion of the above scene.

The hit to his gills stunned him for a moment, but Viral quickly shook it off and backhanded Shinji across the room. "You managed a half-decent hit - for a naked ape cub - and found a vulnerability for you to exploit. Not too bad. Now that I've gauged you a bit..."

Shinji remembered fear as Viral's grin became truly shark-like. "Let's take this up a notch."

And then Shinji got his butt kicked. Again.

A few minutes later, an exhausted and lightly bruised Shinji sat across from Viral on a bench.

"Given that you're just a kid - and a human kid at that - you've got promise. A few years of training, sooner or later you might even be good. Now then, the other pilot should be arriving in three... two..."

The door opened, and in stepped Mari. With a smirk three miles wide, a confident swahher, and a clear amount of bloodlust in her eyes, she loudly declared, "Mari Illutrious Makinami has arrived on the field of battle! C'mon fish-face, let's rumble already!"

Then she spotted Shinji, and it was as if someone had flipped a switch. "Oh hiya there Shinji! Sorry I didn't tell you the reasons behind my transfer here earlier. Plan A was to glomp you against a wall and gush about it, but then Doc Kishitani - he's my caretaker by the way - reminded me that some amount of restraint was in order (top secret stuff and all that) so I just kinda didn't mention it. But yeah! I'm the pilot for Evangelion Unit-05 - and don't let that 'interim' designation fool you, Leeroy and I can are just as battle-capable as the other Evangelions... and as the Neon Knights! So it looks like you were sparring with the beastmen fella, eh? Damn, sorry I missed it. Still, you're in stellar shape so you must've done pretty well -"

"Hold it. You named your Evangelion.... Leeroy?"

Mari stopped, her mind back on Viral instead of Shinji. And then she smiled in a way that was... actually kind of terrifying.

"Yes. Yes I did. But not quite really. For you see, the full name of my mecha is none other than LEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!! JEEEENNNNNNKINNNNNNNNNS!!!!"

And with that, she lunged at Viral and decked him in the face. "Enough chatter! It's time we fight like girls! And pussies! And fish!"

Showing only irritation with the girl trying to pound his face in, Viral punched her in the gut and flung her off of him. He snarked, "Never heard that one before."

Then, on his feet, he regarded Mari for a moment. "Where the boy is a cautious fighter who prefers playing defense, you're a crazed berserker who couldn't care less for thinking things through."

"Well DUH! Attacking is the only strategy I need!"

Already back to her feet, Mari tried to charge him again, only to get a knuckle sandwich, with enough strength to send her flying across the room. "Your persistance and determination are commendable, but brute force alone will only get you killed!"

By this point, it was clear to Shinji that throughout the entire sparring session, Viral had been holding back tremendously. And given the stories he'd heard about beastmen - the infamous Viral in particular - odds were, he still was.

When Mari landed, it was on one of her arms, and it wasn't a soft landing either. There was an audible crack. "Holy SHIT you broke my arm! FUCK that hurts!"

However, she wasn't crying, nor did she appear upset.

As she got to her knees, and then her feet, she started laughing. "Hehehehe.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You broke my arm! Nobody's ever managed to do that before! You can actually kick my ass!"

Viral sneered at her. "Tch. Goddamn Blood Knight. Enthusiasm for battle isn't a bad thing, given what you're training to be, but this is absurd."

Mari laughed again. "You say that like it's a bad thing. Absurd is fun!"

After a moment to catch her breath, Mari attempted another lunge, aiming more for the neck than for the face.

Before she could connect, however, Viral took advantage of his superior size and reach and sent her into the floor with an axe kick, knocking her out.
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Quite interesting snippet there.
"Exit muna si Polgas. Ang kailangan dito ay si Dobermaxx!"
Thanks! I've got the rest of the chapter (or a good chunk of it, anyway) more or less planned out in my head, but I'm really struggling putting pen to paper, so to speak.

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