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Tabletop Games
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new postpinnedAsk for Recommendations for Roleplaying Games Here, Please.8Mon, 15th Sep '14 7:48:31 PM
new postMake your own Magic card!12,084 Fri, 24th Oct '14 1:35:33 PM
new postWorld of Darkness (New & Old) - General Discussion Thread1,579 Fri, 24th Oct '14 1:21:43 PM
new postMagic: The Gathering (Unreleased Sets)5,481 Fri, 24th Oct '14 1:13:17 PM
new postPathfinder949 Fri, 24th Oct '14 1:01:05 PM
new postUnified Warhammer Fantasy thread116 Fri, 24th Oct '14 4:00:14 AM
new postAttention Duelists! This is the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG/OCG Thread!14,609Thu, 23rd Oct '14 10:34:35 PM
new postExalted!3,181Thu, 23rd Oct '14 8:01:45 PM
new postMagic: The Gathering (Spoiler-free)5,941Thu, 23rd Oct '14 6:00:15 PM
new postShadowrun405Tue, 21st Oct '14 11:16:24 PM
new postMake your own Yu-Gi-Oh card!1,579Tue, 21st Oct '14 12:55:45 PM
new postWarhammer 40,00020,452Tue, 21st Oct '14 12:45:06 PM
new postFavourite Quotes from your games48Tue, 21st Oct '14 7:29:50 AM
new postOur CMOAs1Mon, 20th Oct '14 5:02:38 PM
new postYour Funniest Tabletop Story1,386Mon, 20th Oct '14 3:49:02 PM
new postThings You are No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG1,991Sun, 19th Oct '14 9:53:59 PM
new postCall of Cthulhu 49Fri, 17th Oct '14 2:44:55 PM
new postThe Magic Deckbuilding/Criticism/Advice thread.1,665Fri, 10th Oct '14 8:08:42 PM
new postEclipse Phase64Fri, 10th Oct '14 1:10:22 PM
new postNobilis1,341Wed, 8th Oct '14 9:03:57 PM
new postCharacters you'd Like to Play411Mon, 6th Oct '14 5:29:37 AM
new postStar War: edge of the empire34Sun, 5th Oct '14 8:00:51 PM
new post5th edition D&D Monster Manual discussion2Tue, 30th Sep '14 4:02:38 PM
new postYour group's jokes.236Fri, 26th Sep '14 11:15:40 AM
new postGotta Catch 'Em All!: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures178Wed, 24th Sep '14 10:12:43 AM
new postThe General D&D thread4,840Mon, 22nd Sep '14 12:40:07 PM
new postCool Names For Weapons?33Sun, 21st Sep '14 10:12:03 PM
new postFirst Time GM Tips?77Sat, 20th Sep '14 12:14:21 AM
new postLessons learned the hard way51Tue, 16th Sep '14 7:25:31 PM
new postCardfight!! Vanguard card game (not anime)14Thu, 11th Sep '14 5:47:36 PM
new postAndroid: Netrunner1Sun, 7th Sep '14 7:41:51 AM
new postGM gripes about players..595Sat, 6th Sep '14 8:19:18 PM
new postThe "bitch about your GM" thread926Wed, 3rd Sep '14 7:32:28 AM
new postWorldbuilding1Sun, 31st Aug '14 8:14:53 PM
new postIdea for a discredited sage?10Tue, 26th Aug '14 1:03:04 PM
new postThe General RP Discussion Thread9Sat, 23rd Aug '14 6:09:09 AM
new postMagic Card-selves Repository53Sat, 9th Aug '14 5:42:53 PM
new postSchlock Troops: The Schlock Mercanry RPG11Sat, 9th Aug '14 8:24:42 AM
new postThe origin of the Thief/Rogue class14Wed, 6th Aug '14 11:27:16 PM
new postUnwritten: the Myst RPG1Wed, 6th Aug '14 8:13:46 PM
new postNumenera5Sat, 2nd Aug '14 5:49:27 AM
new postAnyone just into 40K for the fiction?190Sun, 27th Jul '14 9:47:36 PM
new postLooking for some good sci if RPGs?2Wed, 23rd Jul '14 12:41:22 PM
new postCreating a Tropes page for a Homemade RPG setting-how to do it?4Wed, 23rd Jul '14 5:01:34 AM
new postEsper High (Name Change Pending) - an Online Campaign in planning11Thu, 17th Jul '14 5:47:53 PM
new postPathogen: The Infected207Wed, 16th Jul '14 4:29:03 PM
new postMetagaming10Mon, 30th Jun '14 8:23:08 AM
new postThe Monster thread3Wed, 25th Jun '14 4:55:05 PM
new postFree RPG day!6Wed, 25th Jun '14 10:33:19 AM
new postMake Your Own D&D Setting! (Or major setting detail) (Or not D&D)17Sat, 21st Jun '14 1:18:14 PM
new postDungeons And Dragons 5th Edition Announced!887Fri, 20th Jun '14 11:28:41 PM
new postDice53Mon, 16th Jun '14 5:45:41 PM
new postIronclaw15Fri, 13th Jun '14 12:07:36 PM
new postRisus1Wed, 11th Jun '14 4:17:26 PM
new postTMNT and Other Strangeness1Mon, 9th Jun '14 9:57:28 PM
new postIn development Codex Metroid Space Pirates: A fanmade Warhammer 40k Co44Mon, 9th Jun '14 5:57:52 PM
new postWeapon Ideas For A Genius Bruiser?19Mon, 9th Jun '14 7:09:34 AM
new postLegend of the Five Rings25Fri, 6th Jun '14 8:48:53 PM
new postThe Ultimate Weapon?10Tue, 27th May '14 6:47:01 AM
new postMutants & Masterminds62Sun, 25th May '14 9:50:18 PM
new postSavage Worlds is pretty rad.6Wed, 21st May '14 4:13:42 PM
new postComparing Superhero RPGs7Mon, 12th May '14 5:58:00 PM
new postEconomics5Mon, 12th May '14 5:50:35 PM
new post"You all meet in a tavern..." How to start a campaign130Sun, 11th May '14 10:01:09 PM
new postStar Wars d2011Sun, 11th May '14 4:40:12 PM
new postHobby Board Games46Sun, 11th May '14 1:50:51 AM
new postCyberpunk: Playing a believable characters7Tue, 6th May '14 9:30:18 PM
new postRunning a horror game set in an anime universe1Tue, 29th Apr '14 10:25:55 AM
new postsmash up1Mon, 28th Apr '14 7:50:05 PM
new postN.E.W./O.L.D. (sci-fi and fantasy role-playing games)1Mon, 21st Apr '14 2:58:19 PM
new postBattleTech38Mon, 21st Apr '14 2:17:02 AM
new postLegend Game System (by Rule of Cool Gaming)204Sat, 12th Apr '14 5:12:29 PM
new postSpycraft6Wed, 9th Apr '14 5:25:27 AM
new postGaming and Politics3Fri, 4th Apr '14 7:19:28 AM
new postSo, How Do I Begin?5Mon, 31st Mar '14 5:28:57 PM
new post"Buying" Dice (General vs Specialized, Outlier Sub-Systems)8Tue, 25th Mar '14 2:51:13 PM
new postSong of Ice and Fire RPG4Tue, 18th Mar '14 6:32:00 PM
new postYuGiOh Troper Format Thread126Fri, 7th Mar '14 7:14:54 AM
new postDemon the Descent, Blue/Orange Morality, and how it can work6Wed, 5th Mar '14 9:10:17 AM
new postSo I'm running FATE Core. Help me out, TVTropes!17Wed, 19th Feb '14 10:33:49 AM
new postBest Tabletop RPG To Start With?19Thu, 13th Feb '14 5:29:44 PM
new postHow do I fix this? (Newbie GM)17Thu, 13th Feb '14 2:59:33 PM
new postChronopia1Sat, 8th Feb '14 6:07:13 AM
new postRisk59Fri, 31st Jan '14 10:33:42 PM
new postAdvice for playing Palladium15Mon, 27th Jan '14 7:58:25 PM
new postInteresting Crowdsourcing Projects (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc)9Sat, 25th Jan '14 7:11:48 PM
new postWarhammer Fantasy Battle61Fri, 24th Jan '14 2:15:13 PM
new postWitch Girl Adventures5Sat, 11th Jan '14 3:53:09 AM
new postBlue Rose5Fri, 10th Jan '14 1:37:48 AM
new postMagic: the Gathering - Characters10Tue, 17th Dec '13 11:09:12 AM
new postNeed Help Making A Mecha RPG33Mon, 9th Dec '13 4:57:27 AM
new postFan Retcons to Warhammer40K73Tue, 12th Nov '13 6:43:58 AM
new postMy Werewolves Are Different2Mon, 11th Nov '13 1:45:49 AM
new postParanoia23Sat, 9th Nov '13 8:01:28 PM
new postGood Starting RPGs47Sat, 9th Nov '13 5:22:09 AM
new postGeneral BESM Discussion Topic9Tue, 29th Oct '13 5:28:10 PM
new postThe Wheel Of Time RPG4Mon, 28th Oct '13 9:03:01 PM
new postWhat would you be?4Thu, 24th Oct '13 3:16:56 PM
new postWhat characters could possibly survive in the 41st millennium?427Tue, 22nd Oct '13 9:18:12 AM
new postDomhain Sceal 2nd Edition299Sun, 20th Oct '13 8:28:24 PM
6 pages in this list
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