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The Croods

Each of The Croods gets a moment one at a time that establishes their personalities. First is Grug, who goes out to scare off smaller animals, only for the rest of the family to come out before he can even give them his signal, establishing him as a seldom-respected patriarch who's default behavior falls under "Anger Born of Worry" for his family in a world that could end them at any moment. Eep is the first to leave the cave without her father's warning, basking in the openness beyond the cave and complaining about being in there "forever", showing that she is exasperated by her father's paranoia and would prefer a life more fulfilling than simple survival. Sandy is introduced running out in all fours and biting at a giant bug with no fear while her mother Ugga comes out to get her and to go back into the cave so that Grug could warn them, establishing the former as a Wild Child and the later as a dutiful wife and mother who is willing to go along with Grug's precautions. Thunk is the only one who waits for Grug's signal, only to point out how confusing it is that the whole reason why he gives the signal is to make sure that dangerous animals aren't about (even though Grug's signal is itself an animal noise), Thunk being the dutiful and loyal son inspite of Grug's faulty logic. Gran announces "still alive" to the chagrin of an openly disappointed Grug, calling him fat when he quips that the day's "still early". This establishes that Gran is The Gadfly to Grug's authority, Grug in-turn having little respect for her back.

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