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Jun 30th 2019 at 10:04:42 AM

Judgment: You can buy better darts at the pawn shop. Don't try to beat Ryan without them, unless you have really good timing or feel like wasting an hour.

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AgentKirin <REDACTED> Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jul 7th 2019 at 5:19:19 PM

Viva Piņata: Trouble in Paradise: Don't get cocky while doing the Flutterscotch romance maze on the highest difficulty. You will get exploded on, often within a half-second's distance of the partner.

[panicked honk]
Resileafs I actually wanted to be Resileaf
I actually wanted to be Resileaf
Jul 22nd 2019 at 8:32:10 AM

You need to actually find the option to make it so your spellcasting party members in Baldur's Gate stay back and don't run into melee combat instead of manually pulling them back every time they suicidally charge forward with your front combatants.

NesClassic Meh-meh!? from Flyover Country Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Jul 28th 2019 at 11:30:10 AM

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

  • Deviljho's drool drops your defense, and the game does warn you about this. What it does not tell you is it does this passively, you don't take any hitstun or damage from Deviljho's drool so you probably won't notice that you're suffering from a debuff right away.
  • Speaking of Deviljho, turns out flying monsters aren't the only ones that'll actively move between areas to flag you down if you're doing an Egg Delivery quest.
  • It's hard to notice but Teostra's "the air spontaneously combusts" attack actually telegraphs whether it's targeting near or away from him based on the color of the air. Don't mix them up!
  • Kushala Daora will happily hit you with its giant cyclone if you get staggered by its windbox. Be careful approaching it with melee weapons!
  • Please stop using Stamina Oil on Hyper monsters why did you think it'd help
  • Hyper-boosted attacks will emit a flash and almost always have either more or less startup than their base counterparts. Be mindful of the new timings, especially if a monster starts switching which body parts get the Hyper boost!

SgtRicko from Guam, USA Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Jul 30th 2019 at 7:56:16 AM

Wolfenstein: Young Blood:

  • Some weapons need to be heavily upgraded before they gain any usefulness. The Dieselkraftwerk is the best example; in its base state it does poor damage, has a small blast radius, and is generally only useful for blasting open any particular doors or crates associated with it. Best option for increasing its lethality would be to get the blast radius upgrade along with the cluster munitions, along with upgrading the other parts towards damage increases. Accuracy and Ro F are useless on what is essentially a sticky gel grenade launcher.
  • The Sturmgewehr assault rifle and Schockhammer shotgun lose most of their usefulness once the more higher leveled enemies begin appearing. Heck, I'd personally advise writing off the shotgun entirely, it just doesn't seem to scale up effectively enough.
  • In contrast, the Maschinepistole works great against almost any target, save for the heavy robots. Has surprisingly good range and accuracy too.
  • The Laserkraftwerk is every bit as overpowered as it was in The New Colossus. I'd strongly advise completing Brother I Tower at least halfway just for the sake of grabbing it in the detention lockup, then coming back later when you're more prepared, it's that good of a weapon.
  • I'm not 100% why, but sometimes if you were to successfully sneak through roughly 75% of an area only to get caught near the end, the AI seems to go apeshit, spawning a ton of enemies at random from all directions. Had this result in a couple of utterly BS "ambushes" in the underground sidequests twice. Think it might be due to the game spawning in all of the "alert state" enemies that you missed in the earlier parts of the mission all at once, which makes for some ridiculous odds.

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AmethystLeslie Actual goddamn treasure from NYC (AKA IRL Unova) Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Actual goddamn treasure
Jul 30th 2019 at 9:55:40 PM

Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary:

So I just learned the victory text lines change depending on if the victor character is using their alternate voice pack. I tested it with Ringo and she asks if she's "quieter than usual", which she is, since the ingame shop describes the voice as "docile".

Schezo's alternate voice pack gave me "Disappear...", and given his alt voice is colder and sexier than normal, that might be the last thing you hear before he murders you in cold blood.

Goddammit, Schezo...
NesClassic Meh-meh!? from Flyover Country Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Aug 17th 2019 at 4:45:17 PM

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

  • As a rule of thumb when fighting monsters that necessitate Flash Bomb usage to go smoothly (i.e. Rathalos) bring all the stuff you need to craft more Flash Bombs mid-hunt past the five your inventory caps off at! You can never have too many of them.
  • Most quests come G-Rank are both unstable and spawn the unwanted guests in relatively quickly, which means you should pack Dung Bombs. This isn't the thing learned the hard way- no, the thing learned the hard way was adding Dung Bombs onto all my item pouch sets so that I wouldn't accidentally forget them on a hunt.
  • Poison (and I'm assuming other statuses like Fireblight) can and will kill you if not dealt with properly, this isn't one of those games where damage over time effects cap you off at the bare minimum HP you're allowed to have.
  • Logically, Sonic Bombs affect anything within hearing range while Flash Bombs only affect monsters that are looking in the direction of the flash. Not only should you always chuck a Flash Bomb in front of a monster, but you should make sure they don't move or turn away from it during the split deciseconds it takes to detonate.
  • On the "base" quests where you hunt monsters for the first time, they usually have subquests designed to teach you about body parts on the monster that are worth attacking. With this in mind, the subquests for the first Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian quests (respectively "Ring of the Silver Sol" and "Ring of the Golden Lune") ask that you break their heads. Yes, their heads are hard parts and you'll bounce often attacking them with blademaster weapons... but it turns out what the game is trying to say is that breaking their heads turns them into weak points, similar to Uragaan. You could of sped those hunts up, Nes...

Aug 17th 2019 at 5:19:17 PM

Fallout New Vegas

  • Melee playthroughs are for chumps

ReikoKazama Badger Pride! from Tasmania, Australia Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
Badger Pride!
Aug 17th 2019 at 9:15:15 PM

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled: Even with a turning character, you're not guaranteed to set a good time on Cortex Castle because you are bad at video games.

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Reflextion Forgiven Troping from Nowhere Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
Forgiven Troping
Aug 27th 2019 at 3:29:43 PM

Final Fantasy XIV: Hallowed Ground tends to be a bit... unreliable when it comes to protecting you from damage incurred by Covering another player.

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Journeyman Overlording the Underworld from On a throne in a vault overlooking the Wasteland
Overlording the Underworld
Aug 27th 2019 at 4:19:25 PM

Stellaris: The only first move worth doing is to grab a second alloy forge pronto. You'll always need alloys for maintaining and building your fleet, and in the early game you'll go through 100 of them at a time just expanding your borders to grab more resources.

razorrozar7 I am having much enjoyment! from Oregon Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
I am having much enjoyment!
Aug 27th 2019 at 6:57:09 PM

Chrono Trigger: don't waste your G on a Lode/Silver Sword from Melchior. you get two of them for free if you just wait a bit.

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Medinoc Chaotic Greedy from France
Chaotic Greedy
Sep 5th 2019 at 1:03:14 AM

Dicey Dungeons:

  • The witch's "throw dice" cannot be used to "waste" an enemy's dodge.
    • On the plus side, it cannot be dodged. And you can safely throw burning dice.
  • Don't put the good spells on 6, especially not Hall of Mirrors (nor Magic Missile). Since your only dice-altering spell is Nudge, slot 6 is the only one that has a truly 1/6 chance rather than 2/6 with Nudge.
  • Check the enemy moves before deciding to freeze their dice.

Lessons learned the easy way (by watching a streamer learn them the hard way):

  • Unupgraded boomerang = Bad Idea. In terms of damage inflicted versus received, it's just 1d6 (like a sword), and your HP is more precious than the enemy's.
    • Even the upgraded boomerang sounds like a bad idea if you don't have at least one healing item.

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NesClassic Meh-meh!? from Flyover Country Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Sep 8th 2019 at 10:32:43 PM

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

  • The "automatically shoot enemies that move within view" abilities on Mushroom Kingdom characters will trigger the Smasher's extra turn ability, since it counts as an attack. This will stack on top of their normal turn, effectively doubling their movement distance and in worst case scenarios letting them attack twice in one turn.
  • Related to the above, the AI's not dumb by any means and Smashers will gladly go out of their way to ram into your Sentries (i.e. bombs on wheels that track enemies every turn) just to get an extra turn and more movement distance.
  • AoE attacks will inflict damage to teammates, needless to say.
  • Rabbid Mario's Magnet Dance ability won't always pull enemies in range all the way, make sure you're close enough that you can at least get the point-blank Boomshot shot afterwards if not a melee strike.
  • Peach's Defender ability transfers the damage her teammates take to her. It is not a straight-up shield.
  • Bucklers will actually turn to face you after a successful shot at them, so mind that you didn't move everyone to the same side before deciding to unload.

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