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If you're reading this I'm not really using this for publicity, more to keep track of links and quotes I find on TV Tropes.

Death Battle Ideas:

Death Battles that randomly come to mind:

  • Buffy Summers vs Xena
  • Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin
  • Squirrel Girl vs Arale Norimaki
  • Simon Belmont vs Juliet Starling
  • Gurren Lagann vs Megas XLR
  • Killua Zoldyck vs Koro-sensei
  • Master Chief vs Doom Slayer (rematch)
  • Duke Nukem vs Serious Sam
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  • John Wick vs James Bond
  • Jack Cayman vs Travis Touchdown
  • Earthworm Jim vs Sam Gideon
  • Ant-Man vs The Atom
  • David Xanato vs Kiritsugu Emiya


  • Tron Bonne vs DVA
  • Nina Williams vs Christie (DOA)
  • JEHUTY vs Mobile Suit Gundam RX-72
  • Duke Nukem vs Claptrap
  • Lara Croft vs Aloy
  • Eggman vs Wily (rematch)
  • The Doctor vs Rick Sanchez
  • Rick Sanchez vs Funny Valentine
  • Vampire Batman vs Jonathan Joestar

Things I need to keep track of

Life Is Strange:

I think the first game's theme perfectly captures the sleepy, West coast feeling they were going for, while still sounding slightly mysterious. And all with guitars. In short, exactly what you want for a Twin Peaks inspired indie game.

  • BTS's also sounds great. It's just as slow and steady, but rather than belonging to someone who's feeling overwhelmed by what lies ahead, it comes across as more depressed and lethargic, even a little bit desperate. Exactly what we're getting by switching from Max (overwhelmed by responsibility) to Chloe (overwhelmed by the feeling she's well and truly fucked, and going nowhere).

  • "Do we ever find out why Max never responded to her - or has it been that long that they explained it in game and i dont remember....."
    • "I would say it would be guilt. See Max was forced to move because at age 13 if your parents move so do you move, she had no choice in that. However as a 13 year old she likely would not be able to process it properly and she would blame herself and feel super guilty. Guilt can do strange things to the mind and most often it makes you do the exact opposite thing you should be doing to get rid of the guilt. Yes she should have kept in touch with Chloe at such a terrible time in her life but the guilt made it hard for her to make that initial contact, and when that happens the guilt begins to pile up and it gets harder and harder to do what you actually know you should be doing." - why didn't Max stay in touch with Chloe]
  • "There's something about Chloe and Max.. That I miss... but if they keep building the relationship with the Rachel and Chloe.. Just knowing whats going to happen... its already starting to break my heart..." - Jimmy Farva, Life is Strange: Before the Storm Train Song - Through The Cellar Door by Lanterns On The Lake
    • "If you pay attention alot in the first episode there is tons of foreshadowing to both Chloe and Rachel’s fates. The whole scene where Rachel bursts into flames comes to mind but also the fact that Chloe’s spirit animal is the Raven says alot (for reference, Max’s was the blue butterfly which is pretty self explanatory.) This whole prequel is just such a depressing journey (within the overarching context of the story), but even still i couldn’t help smiling at how happy Chloe was with Rachel. Just the whole idea that life was beginning again for her makes me so happy even in knowing what will happen to them both.."
    • "Playing Before the Storm makes the previous Life is Strange game even more heartbreaking because we all know what happens in the end. 😭 Especially when you chose to sacrifice Chloe. Now that we have an insight into Chloe's thoughts, we could see what she really thinks and how she truly feels when Max bailed on her. She misses her best friend, seeing as how she writes "letters" to Max on her journal. In the end, Chloe died feeling alone, unwanted-what with Rachel suddenly "disappearing" and Max leaving her behind. She didn't even get to see her again. 😭💔 It's as though an arrow pierced through my heart and someone twisted it, like the pain wasn't enough. 💔 I have a love and hate relationship with this game. I love it because it evokes emotion, it makes you feel for the characters. I hate it because it makes me cry like a bitch." - - Chanelle
    • "Lol, sorry. :( You're not the only one, though. I cried for the past 2 days, and I feel like crying again, lol. xD I already got over it as well, but when I read Chloe's journal (which is basically her letters to Max), it reminded me of that ending again. 💔 Another thing I noticed was when Chloe was smashing all the stuff at the junkyard, she was able to say "Fuck David." and "Fuck Rachel." but she couldn't bring herself to say "Fuck Max." so she says "Fuck cameras." instead. 😭 UGH THE FEELS! My heart is hurting for Chloe. 😭💔 I don't think I'll be able to play BTS without crying. It's just impossible."
    • "Chanelle Archibeque i feel you so much! this game stays stuck in my head all day along with the songs. so many beautiful moments but majorly sad overall considering the outcome 😞 i think the location of the game really hits you too cause if u look theyre just surrounded by the nature and amazing views. hell even the junkyard looks amazing .-. like damn i wish i lived there 😭"
  • "At this moment, I just let the game behind me and took a cigarette, listening the music and thinking about my friends... Fuck, that game is just like the first Li S: it makes you feel alive, and human, and loving, just like that, when you don't expect it to do." - Youtube comment, Chloe and Rachel Train Scene EXTENDED
  • "This song really describes Chloe and her struggles. "Find somebody to mend you." Would be Rachel Amber. "I feel numb in this kingdom." Could be a lot of things, such as loosing her dad in Arcadia Bay, or loosing Max or Rachel." - The Weidest One, Numbers - Daughter.



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