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YMMV / Super Heroine Chronicle

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  • Acceptable Targets: One of the regular enemies are dancing fat otakus that you have to beat the crap out along the way.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: This game averts it as there are stages where you are forced to use certain characters who, chances are, players may not even have used them/are underpowered compared to your more powerful characters.
  • Game-Breaker: A somewhat Awesome, but Impractical version exists with Claude. To gain a level, a character just needs to reach up to 100 experience; the higher the level the character is compared to the enemy, the lower the experience gain. Claude however can consistently gain 10 exp for healing one ally adjacent to him. Have the monster attack the ally, and Claude can just heal said ally, end the turn, and rinse and repeat. It's possible, with a lot of patience, to have Claude at level 99 just by healing allies over and over again.
    • Hibiki is another one, as a result of having THE highest physical attack stat of all the playable characters ins the game.
  • That One Level: Stage 28 is cited as one for forcing you to use many characters considered Lethal Joke Characters, as mentioned above under Complacent Gaming Syndrome.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: While she isn't all that bad compared to the other units, Laura's Schwarzer Regen doesn't really have a lot going for her except for the AIC buff that reduces all incoming damage by 80%, however It Only Works Once. The problem lies with the other IS girls being so much better that there's not really a lot going for hernote 

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