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YMMV / Strike the Blood

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  • Awesome Music: The opening and ending themes are nothing short of impressive.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
  • Complete Monster: Aya Tokoyogi from the "Fiesta for the Observers" arc is the most depraved and cruel villain in the series. A witch imprisoned for unspeakable crimes, Aya used her daughter/clone Yuuma to free her, only to rip the source of her power away from Yuuma and leave her near death while mocking her as a worthless existence. Aya would proceed to attempt to destabilize the core of the island they were on to kill all 500,000 residents. Her ultimate goal is simply to rewrite the world itself, destroying it, and then recreating it in her own twisted image as a new god.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The Meyer Sisters, Beatrice Basler, Gigliora Ghirardi, Aya Tokoyogi...
  • Genius Bonus: Kojou's familiars are named after stars that are part of the Zodiac signs.
    • Regulus is the brightest star of the Leo constellation, and is Latin for "Little king".
    • Al-Nasl is Arabic for "Arrowhead", fitting for a star that represents the arrowhead of the constellation Sagittarius.
    • Al-Maisan is derived from the Arabic word for "She Who Shines", which may refer to Kanon or La Folia, and fittingly for the constellation Gemini, it is a twin-headed dragon that requires two spirit mediums.
    • Sadalmelik is the name of the fourth brightest star in the Aquarius constellation, and is Arabic for "Luck of the King".
    • Kiffa is derived from an alternate name (Kiffa Australis) for the Alpha Libra star, second brightest of the Libra constellation, who's name in turn comes from the Arabic "al-kiffah al-janūbiyy", meaning "Southern Pan"(of a scale).
  • Growing the Beard: The Labyrinth of the Blue Witch arc, which finally gave us a non-Villain of the Week antagonist in Tokoyogi Aya, who introduces herself by nearly killing Yuuma and Natsuki and starting a process that could potentially drain all magic from the world.
  • Les Yay
    • Kirasaka considers herself Yukina's "friend", but her attitude and way to talk about her sounds more like love, or even lust. Kojou is suitably disturbed.
    • Yukina visibly blushing from seeing a mostly naked La Folia when the latter tries to "heal" Kojou.
    • Kirasaka waking up naked in the same bed as La Folia, which is not helped by the latter's remark:
    La Folia: "Oh, Sayaka, you were wonderful last night."
    • And then there's the punishment game for Yukina and Nagisa, which almost ends up in a kiss after eating the same Pocky, complete with near-orgasming voicing.
    Nagisa: "I almost lost my first kiss to Yukina-chan!"
  • Memetic Mutation: "No, senpai, this is our fight!" Explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon: Tokoyogi Aya when she backstabs and then nearly kills her own daughter, Yuuma.
  • Older Than They Think: With Aria the Scarlet Ammo predating it by three years, Strike the Blood is not the first light novel series starring a male main character with powers related to sexual arousal who partners with an armed Tsundere with abusive tendencies and attends a school in an artificial island in Japan.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: With all the women surrounding Kojou, this was a given amongst the fandom.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Aya Tokorogi could have been a Big Bad that actually poses a danger to the protagonists for several story arcs, but after a threatening debut chapter, she's defeated just as formulaically as the others before her. The character she apparently kills doesn't even die.
    • Motoki is supposed to be some kind of magician involved in something, but from what the anime actually shows, you would assume his powers are "being an extra" and "standing around and talking cryptically". He doesn't even show up often enough to justify being called the Bromantic Foil.

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