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  • Crosses the Line Twice: The Dead Ringer is a telephone made out of skin. Its earpiece has an ear on it, and the mouthpiece is made of a jaw.
    • Some of the props and costumes are downright offensive. In addition to cultural appropriation, they have also made fun of the mentally ill, I.e. calling an animatronic human in a wheelchair a “creature”.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Rosemary, Pumpkin Nester, the Broken Spine Girl, and the Jumping Spiders are all very popular props.
  • Nightmare Retardant: A few props fail to be scary because they are cheesy, but some fail because they make no sense.
    • The Convulsing Nurse is a nurse whose arms have been cut off and attached to hooked chains, but her face doesn't make much sense. She appears to be wearing some sort of mask, and the first aid box is supposed to imply that her face and fingers have been removed, but it doesn't look convincing. Her general lack of hair also detracts from the realism.
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    • The Deady Teddy is ridiculous when you think about it. Why on earth does a plush teddy bear have a skull and a heart? And why is he eating it?
    • Wheelchair Granny takes this to a whole new level. Her animation is biologically impossible, and her voice and the phrases she speaks are far from intimidating.
    • Almost every Morbid Enterprises prop qualifies due to their off model appearances, crappy voice acting and very poor quality overall. These very reasons are most likely why their props have been dropped from being sold in Spirit’s stores and reduced to being online only on Spirit’s website and sold at cheaper Halloween stores.
    • The Walking Zombie Girl might have been creepy, but her audio totally ruins the effect, due to chipmunked laughter and unintelligible speech.
    • The Creepy Roaming Bear makes absolutely no attempts to hide its roaming base, unlike the dolls, and the fact that the subject couldn't be squeezed into a robe or dress makes it questionable why they even tried to pull it off.
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    • It is literally impossible to talk without a head.
  • Quantity Versus Quality: Tekky Toys props are generally considered to have great ideas and animation, but some buyers avoid them due to several of their props being prone to malfunction or damage. Demonica had to be redesigned to allow it to work for more than about five uses, but even the new version had lots of problems.
    • While the light-up eyes are there so people don’t bump into them in the dark, the repetitive flashing kind of dulls the whole scariness factor. Especially since some of the animatronics are humans or animals.
    • Did we mention that some animatronics don’t even have volume controls? Good luck sleeping after that...
  • The Scrappy: Props that don't work well or just have a terrible execution.
    • One of the least popular props they've ever sold is the Wheelchair Granny. Many would think she'd be a redo of the Wheelchair Psycho and lean forward while grunting as if trying to get you with her cleaver, but they thought wrong. What she does is impossibly move up and down in her her seat, while she speaks fairly tame phrases in an annoyed tone. The motors on her rising mechanism are very loud, and the drool coming out of her mouth looks like something else.
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    • A lot of the pumpkins and zombies are extremely fragile.
    • Sometimes you can hear the animatronics’ gears running.
  • Squick: Most of their props are gory or unsettling. Sometimes counts as Nightmare Fuel.

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