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Nightmare Fuel / Spirit Halloween

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It's all fun and games until someone gets spooked!

Seeing as this is the point of their props, almost all of them qualify. Here are a few notable examples.

  • Peek-a-Boo Penny. She's a figure of a blonde girl in a light blue dress, holding gloved hands in front of her face. When activated, she starts reciting the "trick-or-treat" rhyme, but in the middle, she says "Uh-oh." and her shriveled skeletal head pops up quickly from behind her hands with a loud scream. Nobody expects it, and the official video scared a lot of viewers. Sometimes she malfunctions and her head comes popping off!
  • The Deady Bear prop is very unnerving. It's a slumped-over teddy bear holding a knife in his stomach. When activated, it sits up, moves the knife up and down inside it, and moves his head and mouth, all while wailing and laughing in a demonic baby voice, before slumping back down with a bone-cracking sound.
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  • On a similar note. the Deady Teddy. It's a bloody black teddy bear with a skull-like mouth bursting out of its face and a hole in its stomach where its heart has come out, which it holds. When activated, the bear nibbles at it while talking to you.
  • Another one is the Peek-a-Boo Bear. He sings some cute songs, then uncovers his face to reveal sharp teeth and glowing red eyes while speaking in a demonic voice.
  • Lunging Lily. She's a little girl kneeling on the ground holding a teddy bear. When activated, she asks her Mommy to help her several times, then she quickly leaps forward to a standing height. While she resets, demonic voices can be heard. There is a similar one that holds a BRAIN instead.
    • Hell, all of the lunging and pop-up animatronics could count as this. Who DOESN’T get jumpscared by the jumping spiders these days?
  • The Twitching Banshee is a ghoulish woman with choppy hair, glowing eyes, and a mouthful of sharp teeth. Since her jaw, head, and arms are loose, they flop around quite disturbingly while she thrashes at the waist and screams. She also has no volume control. Sweet dreams!
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  • The Haunted Mantle Clock's a bit cheesy in design, but its sinister phrases all invoke the very real fear of mortality and time.
  • Coatrack Monster. It looks like a normal coatrack until the monster uncovers itself and jumpscares you.
  • The Animotion masks. There’s a rabid raccoon, a menacing panda, and a bloody-toothed teddy bear to name a few. They’ll definitely make you think twice before picking up a stuffed animal.
  • There are a couple of props in the shape of high-voltage boxes. When turned on, the alarm will sound. The door will then fly open, revealing severed faces and fingers inside.
  • Spirit now sells video projection DVDs produced by Atmos FX. The jumpscares in “Unliving Portraits” and “Bone Chillers” are enough to keep you up at night.
    • Not very jumpscary, but “Shades of Evil” has a guy get his head ripped off by a zombie and another guy HANGING HIMSELF. Definitely do not buy these for the kids.

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