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  • Ear Worm: Every time I TURN AROUND!...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Punky getting her first bra would be this when Soleil famously got a breast reduction at 16 because of gigantomastia.
    • Lampshaded in an episode of Robot Chicken: Punky discovers boys and gets Glomer to give her bigger breasts. Soleil even voices the stop-action Punky.
    • On The Jenny Jones Show, a couple years after she got her breast reduction, Soleil Moon Frye burst into tears, recounting how her classmates had given her the nickname "Chunky Boobster."
    • Punky has the same surname as the protagonist of Brewster's Millions. Read that book and watch the animated episode "Punky's Millions".
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    • Oh, Mandark's personalty is similar to Eddie Malvin's (Funny thing is that both of them are played by the same person).
  • Never Live It Down: Punky Brewster, never heard of it. Oh, it's the show whose actress got breast reduction surgery!
    • Try to find someone who can name a single episode off the top of their head besides either the Very Special Episode where Cherie gets stuck in the fridge or the one about the Challenger disaster.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The notorious "Perils of Punky" two-parter. No child in their right mind tunes into the afternoon reruns of Punky Brewster and expects to see this. Blam.
    • A bit more subtle, but there were a few angsty episodes that worked a number on younger viewers, such as the aforementioned Challenger episode. The abruptness of the cut in the middle of the latter episode is pretty scary. They're in class with Mike (their teacher) saying, "A lady teacher's going up on the shuttle! I'm going to bring my TV so we can watch!" and all of the kids are cheering. Then, the very next thing we see is Punky rushing into her home crying. Wham.
    • "Urban Fear," an episode about a serial killer making his way through Chicago, causing Punky to fear for Henry's life. The entire episode is much darker than the show's usual output, and they never show the killer getting caught.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Soleil Moon Frye (Punky) would later play Roxie King on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and later still, Zoey on The Proud Family.
    • Cherie Johnson later played Maxine Johnson on Family Matters.
    • Carmen Finestra wrote four episodes. Finestra later became co-creator and co-executive producer of Home Improvement.
    • Fred Shafferman, who co-wrote an episode, is best known as co-creator and co-executive producer of Sister, Sister.
  • Tear Jerker: Punky pleading for Brandon to pull through in "I Love You Brandon" (and her subsequent empathy for the passing of the dog of a fellow pet owner); Punky's emotional pain following the disintegration of the Space Shuttle Challenger ("Accidents Happen"); her goodbye to Allen in "Divorce, Anderson Style"; Cherie's catharsis upon visiting her parents' graves in "The Anniversary."
    • In the cartoon episode "Punky To The Rescue," tears stream down Punky's face as she feels that "I guess I wasn't meant to have a family" upon feeling that she and the kids will never find Henry who is lost in the swamp.
    • The aforementioned "Accidents Happen" is a big one, especially since it came out two months after the Real Life Challenger disaster, so the trauma was still pretty fresh. On top of that, it was based on Soleil Moon Frye's own reaction to the incident. TV Guide gave the episode a "cheer" in their Cheers & Jeers page for it helping kids to come to terms with the tragedy.
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  • Ugly Cute: When Glomer turns Margaux's face into a glomley face in "Pretty Ugly" (animated series).
  • The Woobie: Julie (played by a pre-Full House Candace Cameron), from the episode "Milk Does A Body Good."
    • In "The Search," you just want to cradle Punky in your arms when she tearfully confides to Henry "I want my mother!"
    • Punky, especially in episodes like "Changes." Cherie in "The Anniversary". Even Henry, on occasion.


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